Keep your heart and family medicine box with you at the turn of winter and spring

Keep your heart and family medicine box with you at the turn of winter and spring

Entering Guangzhou in the early spring, the cold weather is steep and the climate change is prolonged-the day before yesterday was obviously about 20 ° C in spring, but the temperature dropped suddenly by 10 ° C overnight, as if “flashing” back to the winter.

The reporter learned from the hospital that this changing weather directly caused a sudden increase in patients with coronary heart disease.

“The number of outpatients has increased by at least 20%, and the beds in the inpatient department are full.

“Professor Liu Feng from the Department of Geriatric Cardiology, Guangzhou First People’s Hospital.

  So how to protect your heart in the winter and spring alternate season?

The experts made the following suggestions: 1.

Pay attention to indoor temperature: The proper room temperature is of great significance for preventing angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

Always open windows for ventilation; do not turn on electric blankets, heaters, and heaters overnight, preferably at 1?
After 3 hours, turn off the machine when the proper temperature is reached; keep the room temperature at 15 ° C?
18 ℃; The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 7 ℃.


Keep warm: Wear warm clothes, hats, and feet to keep out of cold air when you go out. The key is to prevent upper respiratory infections.


Maintain a peaceful mood: reduce psychological stress; don’t demand too much of yourself; avoid excessive tension, excitement, excitement or depression.


Scientific exercise: avoid emotional excitement before and after exercise; do not eat enough before exercise; exercise in a gradual and consistent manner, do not exercise normally, do not suddenly press with hands; exercise should avoid wearing too thick, affect heat dissipation, increase heart rate.


Please be unobstructed: pay attention to the habit of regular bowel movements; drink plenty of water, it is best to drink a glass of water before going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning; increase outdoor activities according to your physical condition, promote manual peristalsis; elderly people can do itAnal Lifting Exercise, 30?
50 is appropriate.


Scientific diet and regulating nutrition: Limit animal feces and high cholesterol foods; eat foods high in protein, vegetables, fruits, etc .; pay attention to low salt in the diet; eat foods with more vitamins.


Avoid smoking, drink less in moderation: smoking can cause vasospasm.


Get enough sleep and don’t overeat at dinner.


Have a small family medicine kit: include aspirin, nitroglycerin, antihypertensive or hypoglycemic drugs.

The small medicine box should be carried with you. When an acute event occurs, you should call the rescue phone with nitroglycerin under your tongue.

8 recommended antihypertensive medicated soups for hypertension

8 recommended antihypertensive medicated soups for hypertension

In addition to adherence to medication for patients with hypertension, they also usually make some delicious soup instead, which is not only an enjoyment of life, but also an auxiliary effect.

  Laver buckwheat soup: 1 piece of laver, 2 pieces of celery, 1 piece of tomato, 10 pieces of horseshoe, and half of onion.

Slice celery, slice tomatoes, slice horseshoes, and shred onions.

The above are also boiled as soup and seasoned.

  Kelp Cassia Soup: 30 grams of kelp, 15 grams of grass Cassia.

After the kelp is fried for 1 hour in the casserole, it is then fried for another hour.

Drink soup with kelp.

  Kelp bird’s nest antihypertensive soup: 25 grams of kelp (shredded), 25 grams of bird’s nest, 25 grams of laver, 3 pieces of tofu.

The above soup is seasoned with green onion and ginger salt, and finally a small piece of tofu is cooked.

  Ginseng soup: 2 sea cucumbers, 2 scallops, 20 grams of kelp, 20 grams of prunella.

Sea cucumber scallops are soaked overnight.

Cut scallop kelp into a thin stew, stew 7 bowls of water to 3 and a half bowls, and pour the prunella grass juice into the scallop soup to taste.

  Jellyfish soup: 250 grams of jellyfish, 20 grams of tender jellyfish, boiled together for soup, take daily in the morning and evening.

  Jellyfish Achyranthes Antihypertensive Soup: 250g of jellyfish, 50g of mussels, and 50g of Achyranthes bidentata.

  Binaural soup: white fungus, black fungus 10 grams each, rock sugar 30 grams.

The same as the soup above, eat fungus soup, 3 times a day.

  Pork loin anxuan soup: 2 braised pork loins, 25 grams of kelp, cook soup together.

Can cure high blood pressure dizziness and headache.

  After taking the above 8 kinds of medicated diet, do not stop the medicine without authorization. Always check your blood pressure and find that the constant value of medicated diet and medicine is used.

Important tips for practicing yoga

Important tips for practicing yoga

Yoga is a systemic glandular exercise. There is no age limit and anyone can learn.

Yoga is a systemic glandular exercise. There is no age limit and anyone can learn.
In addition to working in the office, there are several points to pay special attention to when practicing at a fitness club or at home: 1. There are no special regulations on the diet of the practitioner.

One half of the stomach can be filled with food, one quarter can be filled with water, and the remaining quarter can be left vacant, that is, you should not eat too much to avoid feeling heavy and lazy.

Do not avoid it for an hour before or after practicing yoga, and try to avoid it for two hours after a meal.

  2. Warming up is important.

Don’t do difficult movements at the beginning to avoid sports injuries.

It is best to do some yoga warm-ups first, step by step, to avoid being frightened.

  3. Relax as much as you can during the exercise. You can withstand a little soreness in your body, but don’t use excessive force or force action.

  4. Don’t laugh or talk while practicing. Breathe intently.

Maintaining regular, deeper breathing helps your body relax.

  5. It is best to practice every day. After finishing a complete yoga movement, remember to lie down and have a rest.

  6, should be practiced in a quiet, well-ventilated room.

The indoor air must be fresh and free to inhale oxygen.

You can also practice in the air, but in a pleasant environment, do not practice in high winds, cold or dirty, smoky air.

Do not practice near any furniture, stove, or interventional practice to avoid accidents, especially when doing head and handstand, and do not practice under electric fans.

Sitting and lying in winter to prevent back wind

Sitting and lying in winter to prevent “back wind”

Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “immortals are afraid of wind behind their heads.”
Since then, the person no longer has a headache, and it is said that “the immortal is hard to stop the wind behind him”.
The reason why there is a “weakness” behind the head of humans is that there are two important acupoints behind the head: Fengfu and Fengchi.
  When sitting and lying, you must guard against “the wind behind your head”. “Su Wen · Wind Theory” states: “The wind is good and the number changes . The ancients also think that the wind is invisible and sexual, such as a double-edged sword.
The wind of gentle wind and rain is good for people. The wind of violent storm and rain is harmful to all things. This kind of extraordinary wind is the disease.
In the subsequent Chinese health literature, there are many similar statements, such as “sheltering from the wind, such as avoiding arrows,” which means that the evil is all-pervasive, which shows that it hurts people.
  Pay attention to avoiding evil spirits in daily health. There are two sentences in “Tang and Song Sanitary Songs” that are very practical: “Sitting to prevent wind from coming to your head, you can’t live in the wind.
Even drunk and satiated in the wind, the wind became a disaster.
“Since ancient times,” the gods are also afraid of wind behind their heads. ”
Having said that there were people suffering headaches in ancient times, Peng Zu (the legend that he had lived through the Xia Dynasty to the end of the Yin Dynasty and lived more than 800 years) found that there was a hole in the place where he slept right behind his head, and he asked him to plug it with something.
Since then, the person no longer has a headache, and it is said that “the immortal is hard to stop the wind behind him”.
  Work fatigue According to the points of Fengfu and Fengchi, there is a “soft rib” in the back of the head because “the gods are afraid” because there are two important points in the brain: Fengfu and Fengchi.
  Fengfu Point is 1 inch above the middle of the hairline in the back of the head, and is the weakest place to suffer evil.
Fengxie enters from the wind house, and it is most likely to hurt the yang in the human body. It is easy to have symptoms such as headache, chills, sore throat, and stiff neck and neck, which can seriously cause “partial dryness” (half body after stroke).
  There are two depressions on the outside of Fengfu, each of which has a depression. These two points are the wind pool.
Fengxie attacking people from the wind pool often makes people feel bitter and dizzy (evil is in the surface and half), and it is also prone to many colds and other colds.
Therefore, since ancient times, “the wind house and the wind pond can be found, and typhoid fever disappears for a while”, which shows the importance of these two points in treating typhoid fever.
  In the winter, cold winds in the south begin to catch attention.
In addition to being unsuitable for direct blown by the outside wind, in fact, you can also press the acupuncture points to prevent it.
When reading a book or using the computer for too long and feeling tired, you can’t prevent the thumbs of both hands from reaching the Fengchi acupoints on the sides of the hairline on the back of the brain, and push them up and down until they are slightly sour and warm.
At this time, you can feel refreshed.

Have you fallen into the trap of skin care ingredients?


Have you fallen into the trap of skin care ingredients?

In the online forum, there are many experts who feel very professional. They easily come up with the modified product composition table and start to analyze whether these skin care products are good or not.

In fact, many times, the ingredient list does not necessarily determine the only criterion for the quality of a certain skin care product, nor is it the final criterion. This is just a reference data.

  Nico’s well-known beauty expert, his blog is known as the most influential beauty blog in China, and author of beauty books “Follow Nico Beauty” and “Nico Beauty Collection”.

  Ingredients are naturally very important for choosing skin care products. When identifying new products, I first need to see if they contain effective ingredients. I will try them out only after I have determined that there are no major problems with the ingredients.

Initially, it was guaranteed that my own skin would not be a big problem.

The reason why we look at the ingredient list is to see if there are some effective ingredients that can achieve the effect stated in the promotion, but just looking at the ingredient list can tell whether a skin care product is good or bad.

  Do you surround the trap of “mysticism”?

  In reality, many people surround the “Nominalism” misunderstanding of skin care products. Now the Chinese-English ingredient list can be easily searched online.

The ingredient theory is like the flu. More and more people do ingredient analysis on the Internet. Many netizens only judge the quality of a skin care product based on the ingredients.

As a result, this often happens. Some people will say that this bad ingredient is added to the Antare Pay, and this product is completely denied, but it does not take into account whether it is excellent in actual use.

  After mixing the ingredients, the effect will start to change, but in fact, the ingredients will start to change after mixing. You must know that some bottles of skin care products have an irreplaceable effect. If you cancel the XX bad ingredients, the entire skin care product balance will be affectedBreak, maybe those ingredients that should work are not working.

Just looking at the ingredient list, it is easy to say that this ingredient is not good, that ingredient is not good, and it is not accurate.

  For example, sodium hydroxide, which many people say is harmful and will corrode the skin, is actually not that simple.

NaOH is commonly known as caustic soda. When you hear this word, you will literally feel harm to the skin, but you don’t know that in cosmetics, strong alkalis such as NaOH and KOH are commonly used raw materials.

  Furthermore, the concentration of ingredients is a problem.

  At present, most brands will list the complete ingredient list of skin care products on the packaging, but you don’t know the concentration ratio.

The same ingredients, if the concentration ratio is slightly different, the formulated skin care products will be very different.

That’s why skincare companies dare to announce it without worrying that you can make the same skincare with this ingredient list.

This ratio is a trade secret of skin care product manufacturers, and it is impossible to disclose it to you. Not to mention that ordinary netizens are not capable of testing this ratio, and even professionals are hard to reproduce a skin care product 100%.

  It’s really biased to rely on mastery of ingredients and to judge the quality of skin care products before they are useful.

For example, a moisturizing skin care product contains hyaluronic acid, and its concentration must reach a certain ratio to have a good moisturizing effect.

If the concentration is low, even if it is contained, it is not very useful.

  The composition level, the highest secret removal concentration in the beauty industry, and the composition level are also secrets that will not be revealed in the composition table.

Because the ingredients are also graded and classified.

Especially for plant extraction, due to different solvents, different extraction methods, and different degrees of purification, the same name in the ground may mean completely different functions.

The same is “hyaluronic acid”, there are different grades as high as tens of millions and as low as millions, and there are differences between large molecules and small molecules. Finally, they appear in different brands, and the moisturizing effect is reflected in actual use.It cannot be the same.

The same is “soluble collagen”, the size of the molecules can also have different moisturizing effects on the skin, of course, the price of raw materials is also quite different.

The same is “lavender essential oil”, but different types and different origins will have completely different skin care effects on lavender in the end.

  The order of addition of ingredients and the method of production also have a great impact. In addition, the order of addition of ingredients and the method of production are different, which directly affects the final product.

To give a very vulgar example, I really like to eat braised pork in Shanghai.

But giving me the same ingredients to make a plate of braised pork did not add to the taste of the chef.

Because I do n’t know how much the oil is to be burned, how long it takes to stir fry, and how much water is needed to simmer. Obviously, it should be stewed as many times as possible.

These manufacturing techniques are the secrets of the manufacturers, so even if you use a lot of formulas with the same ingredients, you can’t make the same skin care products.

This shows that in addition to the concentration of ingredients, the manufacturing process of skin care products is also very important.

  The limitations of the ingredient list can be seen. There are many limitations of the list. The list cannot tell us too many secrets.

But if you do n’t look at the ingredient list, you will have more restrictions and consumers will be more confused. After all, this is the only relatively reliable source of information on the product.

So only by understanding these limitations can you choose the right product for you.But it is not easy to distinguish the quality of a skin care product from the ingredients list alone.

I hope that readers can come out of the asynchronous area on the Internet, so that aluminum alloy is only a part of the reference for choosing skin care products. Selecting skin care products based on their own skin texture and actual use effects is the best policy.

Should I praise the child for being pretty?

Should I praise the child for being pretty?

Many parents are puzzled on the question of “should they praise the appearance of their children”. With more praises, children are more likely to be proud and complacent and have no one in their eyes; less praises, or even no praises, the children cover up the quagmire of inferiority.

What exactly is the best way for children to grow up?

  If your child is very beautiful, a netizen says that she never keeps compliment to her daughter and always says something beautiful to her beautiful daughter.

The daughter is also very beautiful in heart, every day tells others that she is a little beauty, and enjoys herself in her own creation.

After the age of two, basically the style and color of the clothes and shoes are set by the daughter herself. Each time she takes her daughter to the mall and lets her daughter choose. Otherwise, the mother picks it, and she will basically say it is serious.

Daughter now refuses clothes without flowers, black pants, socks, etc., and has a soft spot for skirts.

If one day she thinks she is dressed beautifully, she will say to her mother, “Mom, when you go out, people will say,‘ wow, what a beautiful little girl like this ‘, right?

“Then I went back and forth in front of the mirror and twisted.

She started researching her mother’s cosmetics, eye shadow, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and cream.

She often paints like an adult. In addition, she also likes to wear mother’s necklaces and other jewelry.

  Parents blindly praise their children blindly, which leads to the child ‘s swell of love and beauty, and also behaves in a “precocious” tendency, like “little adults”.

  If your child looks ordinary, Jenny is a little girl who always loves to lower her head, she always feels that she is not beautiful enough.

One day, she went to the jewelry store to buy a green bow. The owner kept admiring her for wearing a bow. It was very beautiful. Although Jenny didn’t believe it, she was very happy.Didn’t care.

  Jenny walked into the classroom and met her teacher head-on, “Jenny, you are so beautiful with your head up!

“Said the teacher caressing her shoulder.

  That day, she was praised by many people.

She thinks it must be the credit for the bow, but when you look in front of the mirror, there is no bow at all, it must have been lost when you touched the jewelry store.

  If this kind of compliment appeared earlier in her life, then the little girl’s life would be happier than it is now.

  People have praised how your child is beautiful. A Chinese woman mentioned in the article that she visited a foreign friend’s house. There was a little girl in his family. The Chinese aunt praised her for being beautiful and gave her a gift.

The next day, the parents asked her to apologize to the child. The woman wondered: “Why apologize?

“The parents said,” It is wrong for you to praise my daughter for being beautiful. We inherited it from her, not from her own efforts.

If you praise her like this, she will think that she is inherently superior to others, this kind of psychology is not good for the growth of the child.

“The aunt later solemnly regretted the little girl.

  First, this foreign couple’s approach is worth promoting.

Let your children understand that their looks are “earned for nothing” and there is no reason to be proud.

You can tell your child: “You can do other things well, you should be proud of what you work hard for!”

Four major plans for beauty at the same time save money


Four major plans for beauty at the same time save money

Now, this is not the time to spend a lot of astronomical numbers for maintenance.

People today know how to use the least amount of money to get the maximum beauty effect.

Today, let ‘s take a look at the four major beauty methods that can both beautify and save money!

  Beauty and money: Skincare articles ★ Say goodbye to acne, use toothpaste to remove acne, the best choice is pure white toothpaste.

It really works. Toothpaste functions like a clay mask. Not only can it absorb excess oil, the anti-inflammatory formula inside it can make the acne red fade.

  ★ Hiding Wrinkles To hide the small fine lines on my face, I will use some vaseline on a wooden board.

Vaseline oil has a strong moisturizing ability, which can increase the moisture penetration around the eyes and temporarily alleviate the condition of dry lines. ★ Swollen eyes saver Wet tea bag can deal with swollen eyes, but make sure it is the kind of tea rich in caffeinePackage, otherwise it won’t work.

  Beauty and money: Make-up articles ★ Liquid eyeliner trick Actually, what brand of liquid eyeliner is not so big, so if the stars do not account too much on this, why are you fighting?

  ★ Light up your smile. Using a toothpaste can also make you look good, and it also saves you a lot of time and money from the dentist.

  ★ Home-made moisturizing foundation If your budget for purchasing foundation is not high, you can add a little moisturizing cream to your new foundation.

It will make your skin shiny.

Beauty and money: Hair Salon ★ Let the essence make the best use and make a hair mask every week, it is better to let the essence stay on the hair for more than one second each time you wash your hair.
  ★ Easily change three hairstyles in a day?

  In fact, this is not difficult. When you get up in the morning, use a curler to curl your hair into large curls. Then, at noon, heat your hair and put a high horsetail behind your head. If you want to attend a dinner at night, use that type of Japanese chopstickIt’s okay to put your hair up, simple and beautiful.

  ★ Return of hair color Hair that has been damaged by long-term hair accessories will always gather gloomy and lack luster. You can use 1/4 cup of white vinegar in the water of washed hair, so that it will show the most natural luster!

  Beautiful and Save Money: Nail Art ★ Extend the Life of Fingertip Nail Polish “Whether you do your housework, wear gloves”, Heather Hidley tells you so.

  ★ The most important outer coat is “After returning home after making a perfect nail, be sure to apply another layer of transparent nail polish, so that you can strengthen the color of the nail polish and make it last longer.”

  ★ Replace nail polish “If the nail polish in the bottle dries, you can replace some nail polish in it, but don’t be too right”!

  This time, I will provide a comprehensive cheat sheet for saving money, so that you can achieve the same beautiful effect with a small amount of silver.

Save money and beautiful, skin has mystery.

It’s easy to love, but difficult to get along

It’s easy to love, but difficult to get along

Marriage is a matter of its own. The Marriage Law cancelled the unit certification and the pre-marital inspection, which caused people’s doubts about the issue of “big marriage”.

Regarding this phenomenon, Chen Wei believes that his very famous and famous marriage expert Chen Xinxin believes that marriage is not a business of the unit, not a hospital, but a personal matter.

Everyone must be responsible for their choices.

Everyone has a responsibility to have a real understanding of the subject before marriage.

  If you marry him or her without even realizing that your marriage partner “contains a second wife” and “big marriage”, it is very rash and irresponsible to you, so you must bear the correspondingResponsibility.

  The state is no longer mandatory, which makes many people likely to opt out of premarital inspections.

Chen Wei believes that such people generally have such a mentality: firstly, they are extremely eager for marriage, but they are afraid that they may have problems affecting their marriage, so they choose to give up; secondly, they believe that they know each other very well and do not need to undergo a marriage check.

  In fact, both ideas are irresponsible.

You must not consider your own future simply because you are cheap and greedy with happiness.

I believe that everyone who really treats love and marriage healthily hopes that their marriage is long-lasting and harmonious.

  This requires everyone to take it seriously before entering the marriage.

Marriage is a personal matter, and individuals have the right to handle it arbitrarily.

But at the same time, it needs to be handled reasonably.

But we must not evade corresponding responsibilities because of this individuality.

  We need to be accountable to each other and to the marriage itself.

Do you really understand him (her)? Consultant Chen Wei introduced that many young people are very confident in their love.

And this self-confidence comes from their self-confidence.

But it must be noted that love often blindfolds your eyes, and you often change some of their opposite personalities and consider them “cool”.

But after getting married, you may find that this is not the case at all.

  You will find that his (her) laziness makes you intolerable, and you will find that her (his) delay is uncomfortable.

You will find that he (she) has so many weaknesses. It turns out that he (she) has such a big gap with the person you want in your dreams.

Chen Wei said that he had received such a case, and a girl married a man he liked despite the opposition of her family.

She considers him the best and coolest man in the world.

He lived very freely and detached, optimistic, without sorrow.

She felt that following him, she had no sorrow.

  But after getting married, the kind of free and easy in his eyes gradually became idle, he was not motivated, did not work hard, and supported her all day without guilt and shame.

So she didn’t think he was an ideal companion for the rest of her life, but she couldn’t turn back.

  In response to this situation, Chen Wei analyzed that before you get married, you must know the person you want to spend your life with, and you must be sure you are willing to tolerate some of his shortcomings.

In fact, proper tolerance is very normal and necessary. Some people said it well: “I can’t bear emotional grievances. Where can I get affection for?

At the same time, we must pay attention to communication.

  Men and women sometimes do not want to communicate, but lack the courage to communicate. After all, there is a big gap between “love” and “accommodation”.

Two people should try to look at the problem from the perspective of each other. Don’t be too stubborn. Don’t be completely stanceless and flexible.

This habit is very useful for emotional communication.

Therefore, young men and women should form such a habit before marriage, transforming their transition to love.

  Marriage is the station of life At the end, Mr. Chen Wei warned young people who lingered outside the door of marriage: do n’t imagine marriage too ideally, where there will be thorns and bumps; do n’t make marriage sovereignty the grave of love.

  ”It is a station in life, a process in which both parties grow together.”

When choosing a spouse, an unloved person should consider whether there is love between the two, and never blindly; when deciding to marry, consider it more rationally, because marriage is a gradual step in life and at the same time it will change the future life.Be mentally prepared.

  Marriage means willing to take care of the other. When the spouse encounters setbacks, you must help him or her carefully until he or she can stand up again; when the spouse has achieved success, you will use him or her) Is proud, and encourage him or her to create another peak.”Everything has a good start, and there must be a satisfactory result, and the combination of two feelings and happiness can only be happy”!

  Love is romantic and marriage is reality. Chen Wei said that such cases are often encountered during the consultation process.

When two young people are in love, they are very harmonious and rarely quarrel with red faces. They always cook together, wash dishes, and are very warm.

After marriage, things changed, and men’s energy was more focused on their careers.

  Because he believes that men should be the first.

As a result, he became more and more romantic with the girly desire.

When women get married, their psychological focus shifts to the family. Whenever the husband comes home from work, she always wants to repeat the romantic scene of working together.

But her husband was very tired and could not get interested.

As a result, the contradictions between them gradually expand, and the quality of marriage is also very unsatisfactory.

  Chen Wei believes that the sweet feeling in love will dazzle to a certain extent, and make you look forward to the future too much.

Among them, there are more women.

Women are naturally more romantic than men, more fanciful, and less courageous to face reality. Therefore, when they encounter changes, it is difficult to adapt to them at once, thus causing family conflict.

So, before you get married, you must realize that love is romantic and marriage is real.

  You must have the courage to face the problems in real life.

Only after understanding the life philosophy of “love easily and get along with each other” can you enter the palace of marriage.

After marriage, both parties must understand and considerate each other, and do not force others to do what they want.

Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng appeared in Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Strategy Seminar

Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng appeared in Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Strategy Seminar

On December 2, the 2018 Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Strategic Cooperation Seminar was grandly antiqued at the Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou.

The top domestic experts and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss in-depth topics such as modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical innovation and research, and new policies in the pharmaceutical industry, providing valuable intellectual support for the new core competitiveness of the “post-100 billion” era.

  Guangyao Group has another amazing “red pot”!

  During the conference, the guests crossed the “space-time tunnel” carrying numerous imprints of Guangyao and went to an individual booth with rich corporate cultural characteristics to learn more about the star products of Guangyao Group. The booth that attracted the most attention was the antique booth in front of them-Baiyun Mountain Sanqi powder.

  Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng powder was collected from its own acres of Panax notoginseng GAP plantation base with an investment of 5 billion yuan in Wenshan, Yunnan. It is the first of its kind to use fingerprint technology to strictly control quality.

Guests experienced the taste of Sanqi powder in Baiyun Mountain on the site, tasted the food made from Sanqi powder, and learned about the “past and present” of Baiyun Mountain Sanqi powder. Numerous guests praised Baiyun Mountain Sanqi powder.

  Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng powder at low temperature and ultra-fine activity. On the basis of ultrafine pulverization, Baiyunshan and Huang innovatively merged its core technology of “cold pulverization”, successfully overcoming the “easy and rough” powdering of Panax notoginseng.Score retention puzzle.

  Compared with the traditional pulverization ratio, the ultra-low temperature pulverized Sanqi powder has a finer particle size and a more uniform distribution. The physical and chemical properties of the Sanqi powder being pulverized are stable, and the destruction of the effective ingredients in the Sanqi powder is reduced.

  The smashing process of Sanqi powder in Baiyunshan is carried out under low temperature conditions, and the pulverization time is strictly controlled. Micro-nano-level ultra-fine powder. The organic components of Sanqi powder are not volatile during the processing, and the effective ingredients are completely retained, which is more conducive to full absorption by the human body.

  Baiyunshan Sanqi powder has five advantages1. Raw material Baiyunshan Sanqi powder is raw Sanqi powder, which was collected from Yunnan Wenshan, which owns an investment of 5 billion yuan. It has its own acres of Panax GAP plantation base.37 quality.

  2. The first ultra-micro and low-temperature crushing technology in the production process, strict control of crushing time, micro-nano-level fine powder, and effective ingredients are completely retained.

  3. Quality control standard The first product in the same category adopts fingerprint technology to strictly control quality.

Accurate detection, stable control of the type and content of active ingredients in Panax notoginseng powder.

  4. The international standard drafters Bai Yunshan and Huang TCM collaborated with Kunming University of Science and Technology, Macau University of Science and Technology and the Chinese Medicine Resource Center of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences to prepare the “Traditional Chinese Medicine-Panax notoginseng”, the first since the establishment of the International Organization for Standardization Chinese Medicine Technical CommitteeItem Chinese herbal medicine ISO international standard.

  5. Academician leads the country ‘s first Panax notoginseng Q-labeling study. Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng Q-labeling, which was personally led by Liu Changxiao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the father of Chinese pharmacokinetics, is the first in China.Marker research, based on the fingerprint technology of traditional Chinese medicine, realizes the innovation of the evaluation mode, and at the same time, it can further supplement the process standardization and quality traceability of Panax notoginseng powder, setting a new benchmark for the industry!
  The pursuit of great health products has become a healthy consumption trend.

At present, in the OTC pharmaceutical market, Panax notoginseng has become the first category in the field of Chinese medicine decoction pieces, and the market is huge.

The advantages of Baiyunshan Sanqi powder in brand, product quality, service quality, market resources, marketing team and other aspects will definitely help it become the leading brand in the Sanqi powder market and win consumers’ favor.

This article only represents the author’s opinion, and does not represent the opinion of the old Chinese medicine health network. If it involves copyright issues, please contact the administrator to delete it!

How to have a degree in outdoor fitness

How to have a degree in outdoor fitness

A survey by the American Medical Center also pointed out that the effect of sauna-day running is greatly reduced.

An excellent runner can run the entire distance in less than two and a half hours at about 10 ℃, but the speed will slow down at a temperature above 25 ℃ 2.


This is because the cool environment puts less stress on the body and the physical exertion will also be transformed.

In summer, there are more inhalable particles such as dust in the air than in other seasons. Due to the shortness of breath during exercise, people may absorb more into the body, which is extremely bad for the lungs.

In progress, Covilant suggested that continuous aerobic exercise should not be performed outdoors in hot, humid weather.

  The sauna is sweltering and steep, and some people will sweat with a little activity. At this time, sports seem to become a kind of “torture.”

  However, for some people who like sports and have long-term exercise habits, the weather will not be a factor hindering their exercise.

At this time, you can use some non-sweat sports instead of running and other sports, reducing the effect of exercise is more obvious.

The US “News Weekly” has written that non-sweat sports can prevent or reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, and there are many possibilities for human health.

The following are recommended for you.

  Lift your head to balance and walk forward with a small bag of rice or a book on your head. To maintain balance, you can hold it by hand.

Feel this feeling of vertical middle stress and time it.

This exercise has a good effect on shaping the spine and improving the shape.

  Lie on your arms and legs with your arms and legs slightly apart, turn your palms to the ceiling, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and focus on the body that is completely empty after each exhalation.

Then from the toes to the top of the head, tighten a little and relax the muscles, and carefully feel each transition.

For shoulder and head muscle movement, use rotation instead of tightening.

This is an effective exercise to develop a soft body, which is very relaxing and can also relieve tension.

  Labor fitness experts at Harvard University and Stanford University in the United States have done a special study on the relationship between housework and health, and listed energy consumption tables for housework.

About 60 calories are consumed in 15 minutes for sweeping; about 190 calories in 1 hour for hand-washing; about 180 calories in 45 minutes for ironing; about 150 calories in 30 minutes for cleaning the window; 120 calories in 30 minutes for vacuumquantum.