Healthy Green Acne


Healthy Green Acne

Acne is a nightmare for many people. It looks quite fair in the distance, but it is full of acne in the near future, which makes many beautiful women lose confidence.

To share with you three Chinese acne treatment methods, this is undoubtedly the healthiest and greenest acne treatment method!

  Method 1: Goji berry, white pigeon meat porridge, pigeon meat, drooling when you think about it, this is really a good way to get acne.

  The principle of acne: This method of acne has the effects of nourishing yin, moisturizing, detoxifying and detoxifying, and reducing swelling and swelling.

It is suitable for those with acne on their skin.

  Production steps: white pigeon meat, 80 grams each of rice, 25 grams of wolfberry, prepared with fine salt, sesame oil, and MSG amount.

Chop the white pigeon meat into pieces, wash the rice and wolfberry, put the three ingredients into the casserole, simmer the porridge with simmered fire, and then add the appropriate amount of MSG, sesame oil, fine salt, etc.Eat it.

1 dose per day, divided into 2 servings, 6?
7 doses for 1 course.

  Method 2: Homemade purslane juice acne mask Acne principle: purslane has the effect of clearing heat and swelling, dampening and itching, especially for some acne, purulent and other purulent skin diseases.efficacy.
  Production steps: This method is relatively simple, take an appropriate amount of Portulaca mash and mash the juice and stick it to the acne-prone area. Of course, you can also add an appropriate amount of honey and stir evenly before applying the surface.15?
After 20 minutes, you can clean it with water.

  Method 3: Principle of self-made tincture cream: This tincture cream has the effects of resolving phlegm and relieving cough, relieving lung heat, and is suitable for distiller’s grains, acne and nose.

  Production steps: clean the fresh loquat leaves (8000g), remove the hair and add 7000ml of water to cook. After boiling for about 3 hours, you can filter to remove the residue, add an appropriate amount of honey, and concentrate into a paste.G?
20 grams daily 2?
3 times.



The rose is a red chrysanthemum, which has fallen leaves for the Rosaceae.

The stems are prickly, and the flowers are purple and white, similar to rosettes and rose.

Generally useful ingredients for candied fruits, pastries and other food.

Petals and roots are used for medicinal purposes. Purple roses are often used for medicinal purposes.

  The taste is sweet, slightly bitter, and the aroma is warm.

  Ingredients contain a small amount of volatile oil and yellow crystalline frying, kneading, gallic acid, pigment and so on.

The main component of rose oil is alcohol compounds.

  Function and Qi, blood circulation, wind and paralysis, fatigue and pain relief.

Roses and whole plants are astringent, and can be used for women with more menstrual periods, under the vaginal discharge, and enteritis, chancre, and intestinal red bleeding.

  [月经过多]  玫瑰花根9克,鸡冠花9克,水煎去渣,加红糖服。  [月经不调]  玫瑰花根6-9克,水煎后冲入黄酒及红糖,早晚备服1次。  [赤白痢疾]  玫瑰花去蒂,焙燥研细末,黄酒送服。1 per serving.

5 grams, 2-3 times a day.

  [肝胃气病]  玫瑰花研细,开水冲服,每服1.5 grams.

  [新久风痹(急、慢性风湿痛)]  玫瑰花9克,红花、当归备6克,水煎去渣,热黄酒冲服。  [跌打损伤,吐血]  玫瑰花根15克,用黄酒或水煎,一日分两次服。

Fear can make you sharper

Fear can make you sharper

People always want to avoid the feeling of “fear” and think it will bring unpleasant feelings.

However, colleagues from the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto in Canada found through research that: when you are scared, open your big eyes and lock your brows when you are disgusted . these basic expressions of fear, in addition to being able to express emotions, also protect yourself.

  Researchers have found that when the subjects showed panic expressions, their eyeballs protruded and their nostrils were widened, so that they could better perceive the dangers around them, because opening the large eye sockets and accelerating eyeballs opened up people’s vision, andThe bulging eyes make it possible to see the details of the object more clearly, and at the same time, the enlarged nostrils increase the airflow into the nose.

When they put on a disgusted expression, it is just the opposite, with their eyes narrowed, their nostrils tightened, and their lips slightly narrowed, which is equivalent to closing the sensory channel and turning a blind eye to the objectionable things.

  Therefore, fear can increase the sensitivity of sensory perception, and can obtain multiple aspects of information more effectively in a dangerous environment.

The expression of fear is actually a state of preparation for dealing with dangerous situations, and it has an important role in adapting to the environment.

So, try to express your fear!

Seven kinds of fruits should not be eaten in summer diet

Seven kinds of fruits should not be eaten in summer diet

Summer has come to us vigorously. At this time of the year, it is the time when the product is the most abundant, especially the assortment of fruits.

While the fruit is not yet available in large quantities, the editor reminds you first that some fruits must not be eaten too much, otherwise you will easily get sick.

  Eating more fruit is very beneficial to human health, especially in the summer, young girls like to eat a variety of different types of fruit, which can cool down the summer, and can help digestion and weight loss.

However, not all fruits are suitable for large consumption.

The following 7 kinds of fruits should be eaten in summer.

  Bananas Bananas are glutinous and delicious fruits. Some people eat bananas in large quantities at one time.

As everyone knows, this is very bad for your health.

Banana contains trace elements such as magnesium and potassium. Although these mineral elements are necessary for human health, if they are repeatedly repeated in a short period of time, it will cause the magnesium and potassium content in the blood to increase sharply and cause potassium in the body.The proportion of sodium, calcium, magnesium and other elements is out of balance, which is harmful to health.

In addition, eating more bananas will cause dysfunction of the body and excessive emotional fluctuations due to greatly reduced gastric acid secretion.

Therefore, bananas should not be consumed in excess.

  Apples Apples have a sweet and sour taste, are rich in nutrients, are easy to eat, and can treat a variety of diseases, so they are generally loved by people.

But if you eat too much or overeating apples, you can also bring a lot of ills.

 This is because apples are rich in sugars and potassium salts, of which 100 mg of potassium per 100 grams of apples, and only 14 mg of sodium, the excessive disparity between potassium and sodium can overcome the disadvantages of heart and kidney health.

In particular, patients with hypertension coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, nephritis, and diabetes have increased the burden on the heart and kidneys and are not good for health.

Therefore, it is not advisable to consume apples in excessive amounts, and the general consumption amount is 1-2 per day.

  Among the fruits, the sweetness of persimmon comes first. It is called “the sweetest fruit”, and the persimmon cake made of persimmon is even sweeter.

Persimmons are not only delicious, but also nutritious.

 But persimmons also have shortcomings, and too much food is also harmful.

Persimmon contains a certain amount of tannin (inorganic acid), and the content of persimmon skin is higher. When eating persimmons, the mouth is astringent.

  Tannin has a strong astringent effect, and it is easy to combine with gastric acid in the stomach, thereby coagulating into agglomerates, and the combination of synthetic acid and protein is prone to cause precipitation.

  Hawthorn Hawthorn is sweet and delicious, has the special effect of digestion and accumulation, and is one of the best fruits to increase appetite and help digestion, but too much is harmful and unhelpful.

Excessive consumption of hawthorn can hurt people because hawthorn is rich in vitamin C and fruit acid.

From the point of view of food medicinal properties, hawthorn is sweet and sour.

There is a record in ancient medicine: “Hawthorn is broken and it is not advisable to eat more.

Eat more gas and damage teeth.

“Hawthorn is a product that breaks qi to accumulate stagnation. People who are usually weak in spleen and stomach or who are taking qi supplements such as ginseng should not eat it.

Children are in the period of changing teeth. If often eaten in large quantities, it is not good for tooth growth and affects appetite.

  Lychee Lychee is a unique fruit unique to southern Washington. It has a very delicious and delicious taste.

But litchi should not be eaten too much, otherwise it may suffer from litchi disease.

 Because most of the monosaccharides in lychee are fructose, fructose must be catalyzed by segmented enzymes after being absorbed by the body. It can be converted into glucose for energy or stored into glycogen for storage and oxidation by tissue cells.

 If you consume too much lychee at one time, too much fructose will cause the blood glucose (blood glucose refers to the concentration of glucose in the blood) to be much lower than normal and cause hypoglycemia.

Therefore, litchi disease is an acute disease caused by hypoglycemia, manifested in the early morning, often with sweating, cold limbs, fatigue, abdominal pain, laxatives, etc. as the early symptoms, and then suddenly twitching and coma.

 If left untreated, they can die within hours.

Children, especially, should pay attention not to eat more, otherwise they will seriously affect their health.

  Peach nutrition is characterized by high iron content, and also contains protein, sugar, calcium, pectin, etc., especially suitable for people with anemia.

The pectin contained in peach can promote resonance peristalsis, so it can prevent constipation.

 Although the peach is delicious, it should not be eaten too much. Eating more can cause acute gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea.

  Watermelon Watermelon tastes sweet and cold. Whenever the summer heat is thirsty, and your heart is upset, you can eat some watermelon to relieve the heat; but eating more is not good for your health.This is because, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, watermelons are cold, and excessive consumption is likely to cause stomach colds, abdominal distension, and decreased gastrointestinal digestion.

  In addition, watermelon is extremely rich in sugar. If you eat more watermelon, you will replenish a lot of sugar. The excess sugars will become tiny in the body, making the body fluids into an acidic environment and affecting human health.Absorption of protein, minerals, etc., causes nutritional imbalances.

Five tea drinks to relieve dry eyes

Five tea drinks to relieve dry eyes

Everyone should have encountered dry eyes. If you are an office worker and have dry eyes for a long time, it is likely to seriously damage your eye health.

How can I relieve eye fatigue?

What kind of tea can relieve it?

  1, chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum tea amount, boiling water blending.

Chrysanthemum vitamin A is an important substance to protect the health of the eyes and a good medicine for treating various eye diseases in Chinese medicine.

Chrysanthemum tea helps people to be sober-minded, their eyes are bright, and it is very hot to the liver. The dryness of the eyes caused by excessive eyes has better effect.

People who often feel dry eyes, especially those who use computers, can drink more chrysanthemum tea.

  2, Mingmu flower tea practice: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, wolfberry, each 3 grams.

Boiling water brews every second.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying, nourishing liver and kidney.

  3, wolfberry tea practices: the right amount of wolfberry, stir with boiling water.

  Efficacy: This Chinese wolfberry tea has the effect of nourishing the liver.

The content of carotene, vitamins b1, b2, c and calcium, iron and other trace elements in wolfberry is very high, which is a very good food for the eyes.

We can make wolfberry tea long to solve the symptoms of computer eyes dryness and soreness.

  4, Qi Ju Mingmu tea practice: use 30 wolfberries, 5 chrysanthemums, 1 black tea bag into the cup, add boiling water for 10 minutes.

  Efficacy: It has health effects such as nourishing liver, eyesight, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, solid essence and so on.

More suitable for people who work hard and face computer work for a long time.

  5, chrysanthemum wolfberry tea practice: 10 chrysanthemums, 5 nasturtiums, 5 grams of cassia seeds, 3 grams of medlars, boiling water 3?
5 minutes.

  Efficacy: Chrysanthemum clears heat and detoxifies, nourishes the liver, clears the eyes, clears the eyes, and is especially effective for the liver and fire, and the dryness of the eyes caused by excessive eye use; Golden Lotus clears the throat and soothes the throat, nourishes the liver, eyesight, and CassiaThe effect of treating eye diseases is very significant; Chinese wolfberry tonics the liver, nourishes the kidney, and improves eyesight.

It is very helpful for eyes with soreness, fatigue and vision loss caused by long-term use of computers.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help everyone in maintaining their eyes.

Pharyngeal discomfort alert to nasopharyngeal cancer

Pharyngeal discomfort alert to nasopharyngeal cancer

Mr. Long from Leshan has been feeling pharyngeal discomfort for a half month, with a slight double feeling of swallowing, accompanied by hoarse voice.

An examination was performed at a local hospital, and no clear diagnosis was made due to limited local inspection equipment.

Taking a business trip, Mr. Long came to the ear, nose, and throat clinic of a large hospital in Shandong. After an expert inspection, he knew that he had cancer!

  Experts said that during the examination, he found that Mr. Long re-inserted the enlarged lymph nodes, so he suggested that he perform a fiber laryngoscope for further examination.

  Under the Japanese Pentax fiber nasopharyngoscope television camera system, inspection revealed that there was 0 above the right nasopharyngeal canal.

3 to 0.

The small 5 cm bulge has a smooth surface with scattered bleeding points around it, and the vocal cord activity on the right side is slightly worse. At this time, Professor Zhuang suspects that the patient is an early stage of malignant tumor and needs a biopsy.

With the consent of the patient, the biopsy result was keratotic undifferentiated carcinoma of the nasopharynx.

  Mr. Long, who was frightened by “cancer”, knew after expert explanation that he belonged to the early stage of cancer. Many patients can recover. Only then he let go of his heart.

  Experts point out that throat discomfort and hoarseness are one of the symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinomatosis. Because the early symptoms are not obvious, patients should go to a professional hospital for a standardized examination once they feel uncomfortable.

In addition, he also reminded the majority of patients that even if there is cancer, as long as they seek medical treatment in a timely manner and reasonable treatment, the cure may be great.

  Early detection and early treatment are key experts to remind everyone that most people with local nasopharyngeal cancer are 30-60 years old. Because the location of nasopharyngeal cancer is relatively hidden, it is also related to the eyes, ears, nose, throat, skull base, and brain.The important organs such as nerves are adjacent, and it is easy to infiltrate or metastasize to adjacent organs under the mucous membrane, so the symptoms are variable or not obvious, and they are often neglected by patients or doctors.

Many patients often go to internal medicine, neurology, ophthalmology for medical treatment, and after many setbacks, they go to the ENT department.

Because the early symptoms are more complicated, it is easy to be misdiagnosed or missed, which should cause people to be vigilant!

  In addition, many symptoms may be early signs of tumors, such as nosebleeds with tinnitus, very early signs of nasopharyngeal cancer, hoarseness, throat discomfort, and early signs of throat cancer.

In case of ear, nose and throat discomfort, you should go to the distance hospital in time for relevant examination and confirmation.

  Prevention of nasopharyngeal cancer In people’s daily life, it is very beneficial to take preventive measures from the following aspects.


Nasopharyngeal diseases should be treated in a timely manner and standardized to prevent long-term complications from damaging the tissue and malignant changes of the tissue.

Avoid ground pollution as much as possible.

Because the nasopharynx is the only way for outside air to enter the lungs, harmful gases first invade the nasopharynx before entering the lungs.


Quit smoking and drinking.


Pay attention to the diet structure, do not favor partial food, eat more vegetables, fruits and other foods containing a lot of vitamins.

Eat less or no salted fish, cured meats, etc.

Different tanning methods for true and false whitening_1

Different tanning methods for true and false whitening

Tanning is also true or false!

I don’t know if you noticed it. Sometimes when we are exposed to sunburn or sunburn, it is only ten minutes before our skin tone becomes dull and dark.

My heart was worrying, but after cooling down with a spray of ice, the skin turned white again and spontaneously.

This situation is called false tanning.

It’s really tanned, it’s not so easy to whiten.

From the true and false of tanning, we can judge the amount of melanin in the body, and the whitening method is naturally different.

  Why is tanning true or false?

It turned out to be a little trick of melanin.

Melanin has the effect of protecting the skin. If the skin is stimulated by ultraviolet rays, the melanin that originally exists in the body will gather, forming a shield to protect the skin and resist the damage of ultraviolet rays.

When the danger is over, the melanin gradually spreads out, thereby forming a false tan.

If the sunburn or sunburn occurs three or four days later, it is that UV-activated melanocytes have produced new melanin. Such suntanning is true, and it is not easy to whiten.

  The appearance of false tans indicates that the body is strewn with aged melanin.

It is impossible to quickly eliminate aged melanin with whitening essence or whitening mask. It is necessary to strengthen the skin metabolism daily and steadily remove the old melanin that stays in the stratum corneum.

Whitening products containing salicylic acid, fruit acid, and A acid derivatives are recommended for continuous use.

  Really getting tanned, we need to grab time with melanin.

It takes about three or four days for new melanin to form. During this period, the use of interrupted, reducing whitening products, preemptive suppression, and neutralization of immature melanocytes is the best whitening strategy.

However, eliminating and reducing whitening products are generally acidic, irritating and penetrating the skin. If the skin is sunburned, the first task is to cure the sunburn. At least wait until the redness disappears before using the whitening product.

  Poor people’s three whitening methods1, distiller’s grains + warm water, use a moderate amount of warm water to remove the frozen distiller’s grains (be careful not to make them too thin), and then apply them on a wooden board for 8 minutes, but try it on your handAllergies are bad!

  2, sweet wine brewing, take an appropriate amount of sweet wine brewing, and also grind the rice inside, and then put the compressed mask or mask paper to let it absorb, a whitening mask is complete!

OK in about 10-15 minutes?
Remember to try it out!

  3. Sake lotion. Sake that we usually drink when we eat Japanese food is also a good helper for whitening.

After washing your face, you can directly apply sake to the face with cotton pads. After it is absorbed, you can apply skin care products such as night cream. It is cheaper and easier to find. Sisters may wish to try it.

However, because these all contain alcohol, you still have to try it first, and you have to avoid the eyes.

  Whitening principle: Because they have gallic acid in them, that is, the yeast must be pitera, so they have whitening effect?

No distance without friends

No distance without friends

Some people say that the closest relationship is always the most fragile. The relationship between friends is a kind of interpersonal relationship. Although there is no flesh and blood connection, there is something that cannot be replaced by family relationships. Maybe in lifeAt some instant you will find that the best friend around you was like a copy of yourself at that time, so that you have a feeling of spiritual interaction, but when there is such a heart, you think your good friend knows you well,There are many things that should not be concealed from your improvement, and even some days he suddenly alienated you and made you feel inexplicable. Maybe you would do a lot of things for him, but he didn’t appreciate it very much . the mutual concern among friends isNeedless to say, but everyone has their own way of life. If everything doesn’t distinguish between you and me, will it also surround friendship with some awkward situations?

  True friends are like the ratio of cool white openness to sweet love. Friendship falls into a dull bland; enumerated with a warm family relationship, friendship is inevitable.

Love is like wine, and affection is like a thick soup. Friendship can only be white.

But a person with dry mouth and dry mouth needs the most glass of water for heart and lungs. When a person is in distress, the hand stretched out by a friend is often better than the kiss of a lover and the comfort of a loved one.

Water is the main element of life, and friends are the basic pillars of life.

  The ancients said: “The gentleman’s friendship is as light as water.

“You don’t have to bear the vows of the sea, you don’t have to guard against the changes of” Three Twilights and Four “, you don’t have to pay attention to the politeness, and you don’t have to worry about worrying about it. A friend is the one who is willing to be your audience but does not disturb your heart.

It’s okay to talk on the phone, to talk to the East until the East becomes white, and you can tell the trouble and distress as much as you can.

You appreciate his patience, he thank you for your trust, and then you take each other’s way.

  Everyone in the city is like a hedgehog. Friends should be able to sense the warmth of each other while avoiding mutual harm. You don’t need to identify a friend to share all your joys and sorrows with you.

Enjoy each other happily, set aside when you are busy, have a party when you are free, and say hello when you need it. Friends are so simple.

  Everyone needs a free space. Psychologist Hall believes that the spatial distance maintained by both parties in interpersonal communication is a manifestation of interpersonal relationships. Studies have found that the distance between intimate relationships (parents and children, lovers, couples) is 18 inches.The distance between personal relationships (friends, acquaintances) is generally 1.


4 feet, the social relationship (between ordinary people) is generally 4?
12 feet, the distance for public relations (strangers, subordinates) is 12?
25 feet.

  Speaking this theory, it is not that I also agree with friends and acquaintances that the distance should be controlled at 1.

5?It’s so accurate between 4 feet, but the distance that I can interact with people is indeed a manifestation of human attitude towards objects.

  Friends and acquaintances often establish a close friendship instead of comrades-in-arms through communication, in terms of thoughts, tastes, and other aspects, because they are connected or complementary. In front of them, I will not deliberately conceal my vices, or talk franklyAll my own shortcomings, so friends, acquaintances can and can only intervene is only part of my life.

For parents who live together day and night under one roof, their loved ones must know a series of life details such as whether I wake up early, brush my teeth, or wash my feet before going to bed. Therefore, they are more involved in my life. Such a closeness cannot be compared and replaced by any friend.of.

  For me, if I think of myself as a set and the two types of people above as two other sets, then both sets intersect with me, and the two sets neither contain me nor coincide with me, IThe part where I never intersect with them is my personal space. It belongs to me and is the most personal part of me.

  Whether for friends or parents, my private space will never be open, they can appreciate from a distance, because although it is hidden but not compact, although it is a small space, I need and must fill it with freedomIn fact, this is important for everyone.

  I always divide my friends into three categories when I do n’t like my friends. The first category is the best. I know each other very well, and I confirm that I can share our sufferings with each other.

The second type is better. Under certain conditions, people who know something can say something that they cannot say.

The third category is friends who meet each other.

  I would like to define the name of friends as my first type of friends, because we are the closest, most destined, and really talk about everything, we will all try to think of each other, but I do not welcome my friends to attract my private life,Maybe more often, a friend is out of concern for the purpose of caring about you and fears that you will be harmed. If you do n’t like it, it ‘s best to give him a hint first, but if he still does n’t understand, you can ask him to talkTalk and express yourself properly.

  Some people regard good friends as themselves, and believe that there must be no secret between good friends. In fact, there is a limit to “nothing to say”. There are such things happening around, two particularly good girls, eat the sameLive, as good as one person, they know each other well, because they are too familiar with each other and they do n’t distinguish between you and me. They tell each other ‘s secrets as their own, which seriously affects the normal life of friends and makes it difficult for friends to have relationships.Maintain it, so even for your best friend, keep some of your personal secrets properly. Do n’t try to publicize your private life to prove your sincerity to your friends. Do n’t expect your friends to help you with any personal issues.It is up to you to face it bravely.

  If two good friends can be like-minded in their careers, caring for each other in their lives, but relatively independent in their private lives, and do not disturb each other’s favorite life, then this is a noble friendship. I believe this is what we are.The realm to be pursued as a friend of others.

  What about saying no to friends?

  Last month, my college classmate Jinhui was short of money due to business failure. I lent him the 50,000 yuan I could support him.

Jinhui was very touched. He knew that I was helping out, so he called every night to vomit bitter water. I came back from work late every day and spent two or three hours chatting with him to relieve boredom.He started to talk about my family’s affairs, and he had to comment a few words on everything up and down, and he had to inquire about the big and small things.

At first, I felt that he was in a bad mood. As long as he asked, I would call it more or less two sentences, but one day I came home late, and he and my wife couldn’t stop talking about it from my mouth.My family’s affairs caused my wife to think that I had an opinion on her.

To make matters worse, he would come to me in the middle of the night and ask me to accompany him to the bar. Such a day lasted for nearly a month. I couldn’t stand it anymore. The lives of my wife and children were also affected, and I complained a lot.

I think I can cut a knife for a friend, but I can’t protect myself, and I can’t help him anymore.

One day, I also had a hard time with him. After all, he was my friend. He knew me very well and understood that I didn’t like the way he got along with him.

  It’s really hard to say “no” to a friend, but as long as it’s not “seeing to die”, a friend’s words must be understandable.

Coarse salt hot compress actually has so many effects

Coarse salt hot compress actually has so many effects

Coarse salt hot compress is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine method. It can help to regulate the body. When the hot material contacts the skin, it can expand blood vessels, promote local blood circulation, and temporarily relieve fatigue and pain.

If Chinese medicine is added to the crude salt, it can reduce inflammation and swelling and promote blood circulation.

  What’s the use of hot salt compresses?

  1. The pain of lumbar and leg joints in the elderly is prone to joint and waist and leg pain in the middle age, and the possibility of lumbar disc herniation is ruled out. Most of them are due to stagnation of qi and blood caused by wind cold and wet invasion, and the patient’s body will be heavy.Obvious pain, accompanied by numbness of hands and feet.

Because the cold air invades the meridians, the qi and blood will not run smoothly, which will cause sore joints and limbs.

  You can prepare 30 grams of moxa windproof, 500 grams of salt and 15 grams of dried ginger. Put all the above materials in a gauze bag and wrap it. Put a plastic wrap on the outside and heat it in the oven for two minutes. Take it out and apply it directlyApply on the affected area twice a day for 30 minutes each time. This method has the effect of dispersing cold and analgesics, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and can help treat periarthritis, waist pain, joint pain and so on.

To avoid scalding the skin when applying heat, try to put a towel on the skin.

  2. Gynecological inflammation such as dysmenorrhea and gynecological women are most afraid of dysmenorrhea, and dysmenorrhea will cause chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and dysmenorrhea, and even cause abortion and infertility. This is mainly caused by eating a lot of cold food or a little coldof.

You need to prepare appropriate amount of wormwood, motherwort dried ginger, and 500 grams of coarse salt. Put them together in a gauze bag and heat them in the oven for two minutes. Put them directly in a small bucket.

Motherwort has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, while contracting the uterus, diuretic and swelling, and can regulate gynecological diseases.

  3, conditioning the human body cold and bloating For the spleen and stomach deficiency and people with frequent abdominal pain and diarrhea, you can use hot compress to prepare, prepare 500 grams of coarse salt, an appropriate amount of ginger wormwood leaves and pepper, apply on the lower abdomen with the above method.
  4. Shoulder joint stiffness and stiffness are prone to shoulder and neck aches and stiffness, periarthritis, and cervical spondylosis for people who have been facing the computer for a long time. This is mainly because maintaining a posture coupled with cold shoulders results in local blood.Poor circulation.

You need to prepare 500 grams of coarse salt, appropriate amounts of saffron safflower and Sichuan dome, etc., put them together in a gauze bag and heat them in the oven for three minutes to apply directly to the painful area. This method has the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and expelling cold and dampness.

  Warm reminder Although the use of coarse salt hot compresses has certain benefits, it is not suitable for all people. It cannot be used for patients with dermatitis, acute dermatitis and acute vascular diseases. In addition, the skin has wounds, freshly healed skin and obvious swelling.And can not be used when excessive pain.

Nutritional value and health function of eggs

Nutritional value and health function of eggs

Absolutely, domestic and foreign nutritionists and medical scientists have made new comments on the nutritional value and health function of eggs.

To sum up, there are five main aspects.


hzh{display:none;}  一、健脑益智。  Lecithin, triglycerides, cholesterol and yolk in egg yolk.

It has a great effect on the nervous system and physical development.

After being digested by the body, lecithin can release choline, which can reach the brain through the blood.

As a result, the mental decline of the elderly can be avoided, and the memory of multiple age groups can be improved. Therefore, whether it is adolescents or middle-aged and elderly, to maintain good memory, just eat one or two eggs every day.

  Second, protect the liver.

  Protein in eggs has a repairing effect on liver tissue damage.

Lecithin in egg yolk can promote regeneration of liver cells.

It can also increase the amount of human plasma protein, enhance the body’s metabolic function and rabbit epidemic function.

  Third, arteriosclerosis.

  American nutritionists and medical workers use eggs to inject atherosclerosis. They get eggs, walnuts, and lecithin from pig liver, and they eat 4 to 6 tablespoons of cardiovascular patients every day.

After 3 months, the patient’s serum and plasma decreased from 1,000 to 180 mg.

This research result has attracted the attention of the world medical community.

Successive methods have been used in clinical practice in various countries, and all have achieved satisfactory results.

  Fourth, prevent cancer.

  Vitamin B2 contained in eggs, vitamin B2 can break down and oxidize carcinogens in the human body.

Trace elements in eggs, such as selenium and zinc, also have anti-cancer effects.

According to an analysis of human cancer mortality worldwide, it has been found that cancer mortality is inversely proportional to selenium intake.

In areas where residents have high levels of selenium or eat foods rich in selenium, the overall cancer mortality rate is lower than in those places where residents have less selenium.

  Fifth, delay aging.

  Eggs contain almost all the nutrients that the human body needs, so they are called “ideal nutrition stores”.

The so-called “complete protein model” of nutritionists, one of the longevity experiences of many longevity elderly people, is to eat an egg every day.

Many health medicinal diets spread in Chinese folk are also inseparable from eggs.

For example, Ho Shou Wu boiled eggs, eggs boiled pig brain, egg porridge and so on.

  Eggs are ideal natural food for human beings, but science should also be paid attention to in eating.

For the elderly, eating eggs should be done by boiling, lying, steaming, and dumping.

Because fried, fried and fried though delicious.

But it is more difficult to digest.

For example, after processing eggs into salted eggs, the calcium content will increase significantly, then 55 millimeters per 100 grams will increase to 512 milligrams, which is about 10 times that of fresh eggs. It is especially suitable for osteoporotic middle-aged and elderly people.