Maternal seven-day healthy weight loss package


Maternal seven-day healthy weight loss package

Once I gave birth, I stood on the scales and weighed on the scales. I watched the numbers slamming up and rushing.

The abdomen brings a series of sequelae: bucket waist, butterfly arm, elephant leg. The excess meat covered in the body is simply the thorn in the woman’s eyes, how to see how to feel.

銆€銆€Is the price of welcoming a new life bloated from here?

Can fish and bear’s paw really not have both?

In order to drop the number of the scales, the jaws are tightly sweated in the gym, and the belts are tightened in front of the food.

Losing weight has become a persistent undertaking for mothers.

Therefore, we have made a weight loss book for all the mothers who love beauty, let us carry out the weight loss business together!

銆€銆€It is an art to eat a 7-day weight loss package. How to eat and lose weight is a matter of learning.

Diet is a critical moment in the weight loss process, and many new mothers are more willing to choose a scientific and reasonable way to restore slim body.

Here, there is a small series of weekly weight loss recipes from the hands of diet experts, called moms reference.

銆€銆€Package 1 Monday breakfast: 1 packet of low-sugar three-in-one oatmeal, 1 tbsp of raisins, 1/2 cup of skim milk: 1 wholemeal bread, lemonade lunch: noodles (1/2 bowl of noodles, 5 clams,A small amount of seaweed) Dim Sum: Skimmed milk 1/2 cup dinner: 1/2 bowl of rice, 100g of grilled squid, 1/4 cup of carrot, 1 set of fried green vegetables 1 2 breakfast: 1 piece of whole wheat toast, hammel 1/2One, skim milk 1 cup snack: small steamed bread 1 chuck meat, lemonade lunch: preserved egg lean meat flour rice porridge 1 bowl, boiled vegetables 1 small dish, small tomato 10-12 snacks: broccoli salad (lettuce, broccoli, red onion, pine nuts), lemonade dinner: mushroom chicken noodles (1/2 bowl of noodles, 2 mushrooms, 3 pieces of mustard, 60g of chicken), stir-fried vegetables 1 small dish set 3 Wednesdays breakfast: 1 bowl of milk porridge, cantaloupe1 / 2 Dim Sum: 4 pieces of high-fiber biscuits, lemonade lunch: 5 sushi (seaweed, rice, egg skin, carrot, cucumber), miso soup 1 bowl (tofu, dried fish) Dim Sum: Whole wheat toast2 pieces of orange sauce, lemonade dinner: 1/2 bowl of pasta, boiled greens 1 small dish, corn soup set 4 stars鏈烣our breakfasts: 1 omelette, 1 cup of soy milk snack: 1 whole wheat bread with peanut butter, lemonade lunch: spring rolls (bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, dried beans, chicken shreds) Dim Sum: Fruit Jelly (Strawberry, kiwi, apple) Dinner: 1/2 bowl of rice, 1 small dish of boiled vegetables, shrimp tofu (30g of shrimp, 30g of tofu, 1/4 of carrot, a small amount of green beans) Package 5 Friday breakfast: millet1 bowl of porridge, 1 boiled egg, 4 to 5 pieces of peanut gluten: 1 cup of fruit yogurt: comprehensive vegetable soup, 2 whole wheat biscuits, lemonade dessert: 1 small steamed buns, 1 cup of skim milkDinner: 1/2 bowl of flour rice, 50g steamed squid, 50g of cooked asparagus, corn meat puree, 1 set of bananas 6 Saturday breakfast: 1 pack of low-sugar three-in-one oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of raisins, 1 cup of skim milk1/2 orange orange, 1 piece of whole wheat biscuits, peanut butter, lemonade lunch: seafood noodles (1/2 bowl noodles, 4-5 shrimps, 2 fish slices, 20g white sea cucumber, 2-3 eggs), eggs1) Dim Sum: 1 apple, 2 high-fiber biscuits Dinner: 1 pear, vegetable beef stew package 7 sunday breakfast:璋? tablespoons of breakfast, 1 cup of low-fat yogurt, 1 set of raisin oatmeal, 1 cup of skimmed milk, 10-20 of dumplings, 1 dessert of apple: 2 chicken cakes, 10 small tomatoes12 tablets of dinner: Spaghetti 1/2 bowl warm reminder: This menu can help mothers have a good start, the dishes are easy to cook and balanced.

The nutrients in the recipe are designed to provide the right amount of nutrients.

Indian Yoga and Chinese Qigong


Indian Yoga and Chinese Qigong

In the deep forests of India, there are often Hindus, Jain’s ascetic monks, sitting cross-legged under the shade of the trees or the spring water, naked, binocular, and guarding the original “control desire, diligence, sitting, stopping”Religious code.

Although they live on the edge of food for a long time, the living conditions are extremely bad, but the life expectancy is often higher than ordinary people.

Some of them have been swaying in the past, and they are still burning.

It is said that “their fountain of their lives is derived from yoga.”

銆€銆€Yoga is a health and fitness practice in India with a long history.

It is a valuable legacy of Indian medicine, health care, and longevity.

According to the ancient Indian ruins excavated at the beginning of this century – the excavation of Mohenz Daluo, the ancient Indian working people began to practice yoga as early as 5,000 years ago.

For thousands of years, Indian yogis have been eloquent, have been through generations, accumulated a lot of experience, and created a variety of different genres.

Previously, the popular yoga practice in India can be roughly divided into yoga meditation, yoga hard work and yoga gymnastics.

銆€銆€The meditation method is the oldest method of yoga practice.

The most authoritative “Vedas of the Book of God” of Hinduism puts the meditation method as “contemplation, introspection, trigonometry, and seven-point divine”.

It can be seen that it is a practice of practicing internal strength.

After modern medical equipment testing, the basal metabolic rate of the human body is reduced, the blood circulation is accelerated, the oxygen consumption is reduced, and the oxygen concentration in the lung is increased.

After practicing, the nerves and body of the person can get a full rest.

銆€銆€Indian yogis have a saying: “The life span of a person is closely related to the rhythm of breathing.
“, the dog breathes 50 times a minute, can live for 14 years; like breathing 20 times, can live for a hundred years; snakes breathe 2-3 times, can live for 500 years; people breathe 14-16 times per minute, can live for more than 100 years.
Therefore, the yoga meditation method pays special attention to the practice of tempering.

Young workers who have practiced for many years have mastered a yoga shock skill and can breathe once in a few minutes.

His yoga teacher, the famous Indian yoga master Pan Sharma, although he is over 90 years old, can be buried underground for hours without suffocation.

The Indian medical community believes that “Sharma is armed with a kind of artificial hibernation, such as the promotion of transformation, can greatly benefit humanity.

Yoga hard work is another practice.

It is mainly controlled by a practicing yogi (similar to other Qigong’s luck), which gives the body a ability to resist the external external attack.

A yogi with deep skill can slash and hammer, the crescent knife is on the top (the map), and even walking on the burning red charcoal.

There is a pupil who is under 12 years old. After only one year of practice, he can jump barefoot on the sharp broken glass pile without any damage.

An old man can lift 70 kilograms of weight with his own hair.

Even more peculiar is that a yogi can use a wire on his eyelids and a 20-kilogram lead.

銆€銆€Yoga gymnastics is a new type of yoga that was born in India at the end of the 19th century.

Based on modern gymnastics, it appropriately increases the imitation movements of fish, snakes, tigers, deer, etc., supplemented by tempering, sitting and other internal exercises.

This kind of yoga gymnastics that combines the best combination of static and dynamic work gradually reveals its unique vitality and is loved by young people.

銆€銆€Governments of all countries have begun to attach importance to the development of the yoga industry. There are various yoga centers of various sizes across the country, and a large number of yoga teachers are trained annually for the country.

Indian radio, television, newspapers and periodicals have also actively cooperated with the introduction of the effects of yoga and publicized the research results of yoga.

Last year, the Indian Ministry of Education announced that 320 central primary schools nationwide must include yoga as a compulsory course, and the government appointed an experienced yoga teacher to teach.

All the large, medium and primary schools in Chandi Digar, Punjab, North India, have promoted yoga meditation.

Practice has proved that yoga has a significant effect on improving children’s physical health and triggering the development of brain intelligence.

銆€銆€Since 1976, the All-Indian Academy of Medical Sciences has carried out clinical research on yoga, and has conducted extensive research in a variety of disciplines such as psychology, neurology, anatomy, regeneratives, surgery, and gynecology.

A survey of the results of more than 10,000 patients has shown that patients with diabetes suffer from “incredible improvement and recovery.”

銆€銆€The miracle of Indian yoga has attracted worldwide attention. Many countries have provided various advanced instruments and equipment to the Indian government, and sent experts to India to specialize in yoga.

At present, yoga centers have been established in more than 40 countries around the world.Some well-known scholars in some countries have written, written, and conducted academic discussions on yoga.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. J. Sellek said: “Yoga is no longer the acrobatic witchcraft, but a science of human health care.

“China and India are both ancient civilizations with a long history.

Before the Indian yoga rehabilitation in China, there was already Qigong in China.

The Qigong hard work evolved from the internal work of Qigong, as well as other martial arts stunts, has long been known as the Five Continents and caused by the people of the world.

Chinese vocabulary such as “Kung Fu” and “qigong” has become a foreign word in foreign countries and has been used by countries all over the world.

China Qigong has achieved fruitful results in the schools of martial arts and the study of ancient qigong theory.

During the long years of friendly exchanges between India and India in the millennium, Chinese Qigong and Indian Yoga exchanged and complemented each other.

銆€銆€As early as the end of the Western Han Dynasty, through the continuous introduction of Buddhism into the local, Indian yoga meditation was also increasingly spread.

The double-seat method widely used in qigong every year is derived from the 鈥渟quatting method鈥?of Indian Buddhism.

銆€銆€It is worth recalling that the Indian yogis visited the friendly messengers of the Indian people more than 2,000 years ago.

According to the “Old Tang Book”, “When the ancestors, the Brahman offered music, the dancers went backwards, and the foot danced with a knife blade, and fell on the ground to lower the eye, in the face, and planted in the back, boastingThe latter set up their belly, and the finale was not hurt.

“The ancient Indian yogis’ superb skills have made a wide impact.

銆€銆€Of course, the influence of Chinese Qigong is also left in Indian yoga.

In the eighteenth century AD, Indian yogis had replaced a yoga sit-in figure.

In the picture, seven mysterious centers are marked on the human body.

After investigation, the position is exactly the same as that of the previous ancient meridian theory. The mudball palace, the court, the heavy building, the palace, the gas sea and other acupoints on the second line are completely consistent.

Some people think that this picture is the best testimony of the Chinese qigong family’s reciprocation and exchanges with Indian yogis.

銆€銆€An Indian friend said well: “The development of Indian yoga and Chinese qigong has contributed to the promotion of the friendship between India and China.

If Indian yogis and Chinese qigongs can join hands in the scientific research of yoga and qigong, they will contribute to human contribution.


Remember these top ten dietary recommendations for patients with ulcerative colitis


Remember these top ten dietary recommendations for patients with ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic condition characterized by inflammation of the large intestine, accompanied by asymptomatic and seizure phases.

The disease is not caused by diet, but the symptoms are definitely affected by your diet.

Although diet can not achieve the effect of treatment, maintaining the following eating habits will help the recovery of ulcerative colitis.

Dietary recommendations for ulcerative colitis 1. Choosing the right meat as a source of protein is essential in the body, but poor protein sources are not conducive to colitis patients.

Choose fish, skinless chicken, not red meat.

Aunt will theoretically increase the chemical medium of the fungicide.

Since ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory disease, it will cause control to be minimal at all.

Salmon, especially certain omega-3 fatty acids, can also reduce mortality.

2, do not eat too spicy spicy food spicy food will stimulate the already inflamed colon.

When there is ulcerative colitis, the food is better to be lighter.

Drink enough water to keep body fluids. Choosing low-fiber foods is very beneficial to the recovery of gastrointestinal diseases.

Includes avocados, bananas, potatoes, and pasta.

3. Ingesting vegetables and fruits in an appropriate manner is difficult to digest due to raw fruits and vegetables, so it causes extra abdominal distension, flatulence and stomach pain during digestion.

Ripe fruits and vegetables are more tolerant than raw fruits and vegetables, and peeled fruits are more tolerant than unpeeled fruits.

It is a good choice to steam rice with water from fruits and vegetables, so that you can take in fruits and vegetables, and you can also ensure that some of the lost nutrients are re-acquired in rice.

4, eat less meals, prepare more healthy snacks, suggest that patients with ulcerative colitis with symptoms of eating and drinking should eat less and eat more, and eat slowly, avoiding the use of a large amount of food that is fast to eat, so that the body system is overburdened and does not hinder standing at home.Some small snacks that are healthy and easy to digest, you can do a few mini meals with conditions.

5, avoid alcohol, coffee and carbonated drinks coffee and alcohol have a stimulating effect on the stomach, will increase the stimulation of the stomach, leading to increased symptoms of induction and pain.

At the same time, it is far away from carbonated beverages, because the kinds of beverages are very likely to cause distortion of gas in the gastrointestinal system, leading to the occurrence of flatulence and the like.

6. Doing a diet diary is a good option to keep a food diary to help you see what might make your ulcerative colitis symptoms worse.

Different people may be sensitive to different foods, sometimes coffee, sometimes corn, and sometimes alcohol, but different for everyone.

Make a diary and see what is causing or exacerbating your symptoms.

7, do not eat high-fiber beans and vegetables like broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables and beans may aggravate the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, because these foods will make your digestive system difficult to digest.

A low-fiber diet helps reduce abdominal pain and other ulcerative symptoms of colonic inflammation.

But it’s important not to cut out the nutrients.

“If you are worried about what to eat, please pay attention to my headline number or leave a message.

8, to avoid over-processing foods to avoid highly processed foods makes sense.

A laboratory study found that dairy products that are widely used in the manufacture of ice cream, artificial flour, bread and many other processed foods, as well as extended shelf life emulsifiers, can cause inflammation.

Avoid high-sugar foods and greasy foods, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors of sugar-free foods. If you have ulcerative colitis, it is best not to eat them, which can lead to diarrhea.

9, do not excessive intake of dairy products sometimes lead to dairy products will lead to increased ascending peristalsis, increased gas, causing complications and exacerbating worsening diarrhea.

Therefore, especially during the onset of ulcerative colitis, a temporary dairy diet is necessary.

Although ulcerative colitis is not caused by food allergies or intolerance, many people with ulcerative colitis find that they cannot tolerate certain foods and choose to avoid them.

10. Appropriate methods to supplement nut fiber and low levels of nuts and seeds are good sources of nutrition, but most people with ulcerative colitis must chew them well or mix them properly.

If not, they may be severely irritating to the digestive system, making the ulcerative colonic symptoms worse.

It is a good choice to replace nuts with nut flour.

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4 large fruit and vegetable detoxification king


4 large fruit and vegetable detoxification king

Detoxification is a good way to slim down and brighten. Why not do it?

In the hot summer, when fruits and vegetables are in the way, try the detox diet.

Look at what the 4 big fruit and vegetable detoxification kings are.

銆€銆€Litchi detoxification modern medical research proves that litchi has the function of tonifying the kidney, improving liver function, accelerating the discharge of toxins, promoting cell formation, and making the skin tender and so on. It is an ideal fruit for detoxification and beauty.

銆€銆€Lemon clear lungs, blood, lemon can lose weight?

The high alkaline performance of lemon relies on cough and phlegm, and promotes spleen and effectively helps the lungs to detoxify.

The vitamin C with antioxidant effect of lemon can effectively improve the problem of poor blood circulation and help the blood to detoxify normally.

銆€銆€Bitter gourd stimulates immunity. Can bitter gourd lose weight?

There is an active protein with obvious anti-cancer effect in bitter gourd. This protein can stimulate the defense function of the immune system in the body and remove the toxic substances in the body.

Especially for women, eating bitter gourd is also beneficial.

銆€銆€Can you lose weight by eating cabbage and eating cabbage?

Cabbage contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can promote intestinal wall peristalsis, help digestion, prevent dry stool, promote bowel movements, replace toxins, not only treat constipation, but also help nutrient absorption.

The old Chinese medicine detoxification beauty herbal tea link URL: http:// www.


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Cervical erosion is not a sickness?

Does cervical erosion require treatment?

Cervical erosion is not a “sickness”?

Does cervical erosion require treatment?

The term cervical erosion has been renamed many times by countless experts, but there are always people in the outpatient clinic who have heard that they have had cervical erosion. They feel that they have suddenly been thundered, crying and crying to find a doctor. If they ask, they will always say that they are physically watching.The place that I have not seen has already rotted, it is not a minor illness.

Cervical erosion does not necessarily cause illness, and this naming is just a misunderstanding of history.

The surface of the cervix consists mainly of two types of epithelium: a stratified squamous epithelium close to the vagina and a single columnar epithelium close to the cervical canal.

The single-layered columnar epithelial granules, because of the thin, underlying blood vessels, appear deeper red, not as smooth as the squamous epithelium, so it is artificially described as “smashed”, the more standardized term should be called “columnar epithelial ectopic”.
What do you need to check for cervical erosion?

If the secretion is abnormal, tiny amount of impurities, abnormal color, odor, and itching, it should be checked for pathogens: leucorrhea routine, BV test, mycoplasma, chlamydia, even gonococcus, bacterial culture, etc.

In addition, the area bordered by squamous epithelium and columnar epithelium is more susceptible to HPV virus. Prolonged volts may lead to precancerous lesions or cervical cancer, so cervical cancer screening should be done regardless of cervical erosion.

Cervical TCT + HPV high-risk classification test, can find a small number of cervical spondylosis complications, especially after the intercourse bleeding, bloody vaginal discharge patients must go to the hospital for detailed examination.

Does cervical erosion require treatment?

Since smashing is not a disease, of course, no treatment is needed for smashing.

Why are patients sometimes treated?

Co-infection: Infection with pathogens such as mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and candida, and acute inflammation, treatment for infection.

Excessive secretion: individual patients do not have infection, only because of cervical hypertrophy, columnar epithelial ectopic area, daily secretion of a large amount of mucus, affecting life, it is recommended that Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation, clinical hot and humid bet and spleen deficiency wet type of patient complications, after taking Chinese medicine, the symptoms can be greatly improved. If it is not enough, it is recommended that legal physical therapy can destroy some glands and effectively reduce secretions.

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Eat five more foods to gain weight


Eat five more foods to gain weight

The most popular thing in society today is the word weight loss. If someone says that they want to gain weight, it may be considered by some to be alternative.

However, although the slim figure is popular nowadays, it is not too beautiful to be too thin, and sometimes it looks a bit scary.

So how to increase fat for people who are over-thinned, the following can be solved: how to increase fat – eat more than 1 gram of protein or 1 gram of protein only produces 4 kcal content, and 1 gram can produce 9 kcalTransition, so eating a little more is equivalent to eating a lot of acetic acid or protein.

Vegetable oils contain more traces than fats of the same weight, because fat, in addition to a few, still contain water, protein, and fibrous tissue.

Someone said: “I don’t eat fatty meat, only vegetarian oil, can avoid obesity.

“It is a misunderstanding that half of these hard fruit foods such as melon seeds, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, and summer fruits are almost small.”

Some people who like to eat these snacks also eat a lot of jealousy.

Some vegetarian dishes, the cooking oil is getting bigger and bigger. When cooking, the oil is good for the sake of good looks. The various kinds of “boiled fish”, “boiled meat” and “spicy crab” are replaced by “oily cooking”.”It is impossible to avoid the excess oil.”

銆€銆€Glucose is digested into flavones (glucose, fructose, galactose) and then absorbed into the blood. Some of the tissue is directly used by the tissue to produce energy for the body’s needs, and some are stored in the cells. If there is excess monosaccharide, it will change.The mascot is in the body.

Carbohydrate-containing foods include food, beans, milk, fruit, dried fruit, and vegetables.

銆€銆€In the past, when the standard of living was low, the side food was poor. It was common for the average person to eat four and a half pounds of staple food per meal. Now the standard of living has improved. The side food is good, and the staple food is still over 4 and a half pounds.

Some people eat too much fruit, especially those with high sugar content (banana, persimmon, grape, lychee), which also increases the intake of carbohydrates.

銆€銆€How to increase fat – eat more “oil” food because aunt is a taboo for weight loss, and in order to prevent weight gain, it is necessary to involve less food with high levels of uncle.

But for those who want to gain weight, of course, they should eat more. The oil is called “濮? in medical terms. Vegetable oil and animal oil are feces. Vegetable oil is pure feces. The main feces of fat meat is also found in lean meat., internal organs, eggs, milk, soy products, and even food, some vegetables.

銆€銆€How to increase fat – eat more protein-containing food protein is also a kind of production capacity, if you eat more, the energy you eat exceeds the body’s needs, and it is still stored.

Protein-containing foods are mostly meat, eggs, milk, soybeans, food, vegetables and fruits, and a small amount of protein.

銆€銆€Protein-rich foods (meat, eggs, milk, soy) all contain high fat, and these foods eat more and eat more.

Metabolites of protein are excreted from the kidneys. Eating more protein will increase the burden on the kidneys. Metabolites that exceed the excretion capacity of the kidneys can cause “nitrogenemia” and are harmful to the body.

銆€銆€How to increase fat – eat more snacks + dessert Some people like to eat snacks, drink sweet drinks, especially when they feel bored or eat too much snacks while watching TV.

Almost all of the carbohydrates, protein and traces in snacks.

銆€銆€Eating snacks is equal to eating energy. Some snacks have high energy. Some hard fruit foods contain more oil, bananas, pistachios, cashews, potato chips, puffed foods containing more starch, candy, dried fruit, preserved fruit, sweet drinks and more sugar., beef jerky, fish fillets contain more protein, the energy produced can not be consumed, it will be stored in the form of cockroaches.

銆€銆€How to increase fat – drink more beer is a high-conversion beverage, 1 gram of alcohol can produce 7 kilocalories, second only to the conversion of manure, although the alcohol in beer is only about 3%, but there are 11%Sugar content, and the amount of beer to drink for half a year.

銆€銆€The transient produced by a bottle of beer is equivalent to the transient produced by 100 grams of grain. Drinking a series of drinks is equivalent to eating more food, and the excess energy is stored in an accidental form.

Liver and liver protection, identify Chinese medicine

Liver and liver protection, identify “Chinese medicine”

璇尯锛氬吇鑲濅腑鑽埆婊ョ敤銆€銆€鐢熸椿涓湁浜涙湅鍙嬫病鏈夋壘瀵瑰吇鑲濅腑鑽紝缁撴灉鍙嶈€屼細浼よ倽锛屾渤鍗楃渷涓尰闄㈡秷鍖栦笓绉戜富浠诲厷涓嫟鍦ㄤ复搴婁笂閬囧埌杩囨偅鑰呰嚜宸辩敤浣曢涔屾场姘村拰鐓播鍏籐iver, but cases of liver damage caused by excessive use.
銆€銆€Although Polygonum multiflorum is a traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing the liver and nourishing yin, it is divided into two types: Shouwu and Shouwu. The Shouwu Runchang has a good effect on liver and liver, but it has certain hepatotoxicity.For high-dose applications, doctors are generally cautious in clinical practice to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
銆€銆€If you use liver medicine without knowing one or the other, it is easy to cause damage to the liver.
銆€銆€Therefore, when you choose to use traditional Chinese medicine, you can’t just look at the efficacy of the drug, and don’t buy medicine to raise the liver. If you want to find some experience, you must ask the specialist to see it and determine the dosage and time before using it.
銆€銆€Coup: Yanggan tea plus a cassia seed to raise liver, you can soak some simple and effective Chinese medicine liver tea.
Professor Dang Zhongqin recommended several herbal tea formulas to help clear the heat, nourish the liver and strengthen the spleen.
The simplest and most common liver tea is chrysanthemum tea, with 15 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of wolfberry, boiled water, liver and nourishing effect, suitable for all people.
銆€銆€People with bitter mouth, thick thick tongue and yellow greasy can use 25 grams of Yinchen and 6 teas of jujube; while those with red eyes, bitterness, upset, and constipation can use 15 grams of cassia seed and 10 grams of chrysanthemum to drink tea.
Among them, the latter two medicinal teas are more suitable for liver disease patients in the early stage of liver disease.
銆€銆€In addition to making tea, some medicines can also cook porridge, such as using cassia seed 10 grams of water to cook the right amount of juice, and 60 grams of rice together to cook porridge, add porridge after the porridge, the porridge can clear the liver, eyesight, laxative,It is suitable for people with dizziness, insomnia, dreams, tinnitus and backache caused by liver and kidney deficiency.
銆€銆€In addition, dry mulberry (or fresh mulberry) and glutinous rice with porridge, take 30 grams of mulberry (60 grams of fresh mulberry), 60 grams of glutinous rice, the porridge can nourish liver yin, nourishing blood and eyesight.

Office workers’ “time gap” exercise


Office workers’ 鈥渢ime gap鈥?exercise

[Walking or cycling to work]If the company is close to where you live, such as walking or cycling for half an hour, it is recommended to walk or cycle to work, which can save a part of the toll and exercise to your body.

But how to encounter special weather, some kind of snowy weather, heavy rain, it is still safer to use public transportation.

[Using Somatosensory Games to Exercise at Home]There are many somatosensory games that support a lot of exercise methods, such as playing table tennis, tennis, bowling, yoga, dancing, and exercising in your own way.

But be careful not to affect the downstairs, because these sports are more starting point, and do not exercise for too long, to avoid being affected the next day.

[Go to the gym]For qualified friends, you can choose to go to the gym regularly.

In the gym, there are usually professional coaches to guide, and you can arrange your own exercise courses according to the coach’s designation.

Step by step to exercise your body.

[Regular activities at work]When you go to work, don’t sit in front of you in the same place. You can get up and move activities every hour and every hour. You can do exercises for your health and exercise activities to promote blood circulation in all parts of your body.

Be careful to exercise your eyes, do eye exercises, or look to the distance to relieve eye fatigue.

[Doing regular exercise on weekends]Because I usually go to work more often, I may work overtime.

In this case, you can make good use of the weekend time, you can go hiking with the whole family, go to the park and get in touch with nature.

Friends who like sports can go to a game, some play a football with a good friend, or play a basketball and so on.

[Scheduled physical examination]The body should be exercised well, and it should be prevented. Regular physical examination is very important.

If there are hidden dangers or potential problems in your body that need to be treated as soon as possible, you should not drag them back.

May Day travel with your old man?


May Day travel with your old man?

When the host’s words mentioned travel, the participants were all young and strong.

But have you ever thought that when you are doing a good time outside, the old man at home has lost your company and had to watch TV while watching TV.

They may be quietly expecting that they will also be in your “May 1” travel plan this time.

However, some elderly people refuse to travel if they consider the body or do not want to drag their children.

Have you ever thought about traveling with the elderly at home on holiday?

Are the elderly in your family willing to travel with you?

銆€銆€My old man said “no” to the tour. Ms. Huang’s 37-year-old company employee has been around the children since she had a child.

The old man has just retired and has not had time to enjoy it. He is busy helping us bring the children.

Now that the child is in elementary school, we should also think about it for the elderly who have worked for a lifetime.

銆€銆€A few days ago, my husband and I invited my father and mother to go out together on May 1st. As a result, my parents actually said “no” in unison, saying that they can’t go out and are unhappy, and they are not happy with the young people during the holidays.Watching TV at home is fun.

We talked to them a few times, and parents are stuck.

I don’t understand, they really don’t want to go, or they are afraid of dragging us down.

I talked to Lao Zheng about letting my son come forward and hope to convince them.

Because of their parents’ age and body, they should be able to go out and move around and enjoy the fun of playing with their children and grandchildren. I hope they can understand our heart.

銆€銆€Three family members will open a travel meeting. Xie Xin, 29-year-old staff, my wife and wife are both new Shanghainese.

Although I have been married for almost a year, some elderly people have not seen each other because they are far away.

銆€銆€”May 1″ is a good time to travel. I always wanted to take my wife to Beijing for a trip, but my wife planned to go home to see her parents. For two reasons, I can go to Beijing with her parents.Anyway, the old man has never been there.

The idea was immediately recognized by the wife and sought the advice of her parents. The old man also felt that he had the best of both worlds and agreed to get down and booked a ticket from Nanning to Beijing.

銆€銆€I saw that my wife was talking and laughing with her parents every night on the phone. I was psychologically unbalanced. Actually, my parents did not go out to travel, and they were not far from Shanghai. We left them.It seems that I can’t say it when I go out to play alone.

A plan to travel with three people and six people suddenly came out.

The wife felt strange at first, but later thought about it. It was a good opportunity for the four elderly people to meet. The two parents could also ask for a good question. Although they may not be used to it, it is only five or six days after the trip. The length of time is just right.
銆€銆€Unexpectedly, my parents have some psychological obstacles, afraid of language barriers, fear of different living habits, fear of that, and later, my wife came out to convince the two old people, and let them come to Shanghai a few days in advance, and thenLet’s go to Beijing together.

銆€銆€Now everything is arranged.

I believe that the three family members will definitely get along very well during the festival.

If conditions permit, we may arrange this in the next Golden Week.

銆€銆€”Tears” reminds me of my parents. Lu Jie is 25 years old. Network maintenance Since the Golden Week, I have been making full use of it. From near to far, I have traveled all over the country. But to be honest, I never thought about it.If you want to bring your parents, isn’t it just to be comfortable? The old man’s thoughts are always different from ours. Physical strength can’t be eaten. Bringing them, it seems to bring a burden.

銆€銆€However, this “May Day”, I have contacted the travel agency early, and brought my parents to Hainan to play.

When I talked to my parents about this a few days ago, they were very surprised. I didn’t expect that my children who used to be wildly used to think about taking them on a trip. When I told them, I had already helped them sign up.After the expenses were paid for them, my mom almost shed tears.

銆€銆€Why do I suddenly think of bringing my parents, and I have to start from this Spring Festival Evening.

I don’t know if you still remember Feng Gong and Zhu Jun’s “Laughter and talk about life”. Zhu Jun always wanted to tease Feng Gong, but Feng Gong never cried. Later, the two big men shed tears for the same topic, that is, they are individual.Mother, when Feng Gong products “her old man is 86”, I can’t help but feel tight, my mother is 56, but I don’t seem to have any mothers who have already passed into old age.

Although I don’t like this lyrical program, the impression this time is extremely profound. I seem to suddenly wake up. Everything must be put in the heart.

銆€銆€Traveling later, as long as the elderly are willing, I will think of bringing the old man, not just the one-time joy.

Optimal combination of health


Optimal combination of health


One bottle of milk per person per day, one bottle of milk after breakfast or one hour before going to bed, to develop the habit of drinking milk.

Calcium in milk, reported in the literature, atherosclerosis, hypertension, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. are related to calcium deficiency.

Because lactase lacks people who can’t drink milk, they can change to yogurt.


One egg per person per day is about one or two eggs, and the egg yolk contains about 280 mg of plasma, which is just right for a person’s physiological needs.

Lecithin in egg yolk reduces blood viscosity and prevents plasma deposition.

The essential amino acids provided by eggs are very suitable for human body needs.


Eating beans and soy beans and soy products every day can not only solve malnutrition, supplement the protein needed by the human body, but also prevent excess nutrients. It does not increase fat like meat.

Among them, soybean is the crop with the highest protein content and the best quality among the existing crops.


Creating conditions for eating sea fish, marine fish, fish oil is rich in a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which has the effect of lowering blood fat. Among them, polymorphic acid combined with cholesterol in the blood can reduce accumulation, lower blood viscosity, effectively eliminate intravascular fat deposition, and is a blood vessel.”Scatter of the scavenger.”


Eat more poultry meat, eat less pork and meat, the protein in poultry meat is animal protein, which is an essential nutrient for the human body.

However, pork is under-resourced and contains more saturated fatty acids.

Therefore, nutritionists are in favor of eating more chicken, duck meat, not pork can not eat, just eat a little pork, good for health.


It is best to eat 500 grams of vegetables per day (including 50-100 grams of fruit). In addition to rich in vitamins and minerals, vegetables and fruits are also rich in substituted fibers.

It can prevent constipation, reduce the damage of harmful substances in the feces to the intestinal wall, prevent intestinal cancer, and also prevent obesity and improve metabolic metabolism.


Mushroom foods should be quantitatively supplemented with mushrooms, mushrooms, black fungus and other mushroom foods. The protein content is higher than that of common vegetables, the proportion of essential amino acids is appropriate, and there are many trace elements and other essential substances. Long-term consumption can make good.Health effects.


Salt, a double-edged sword Many studies have shown that salt deficiency does not work; but high-salt diets are worse for human health.

High salt is one of the culprit leading to stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.

High sodium is especially obvious for high blood pressure.

In addition, a high sodium diet will cause calcium loss.

Change the “salty and fresh” bad eating habits, and strive to achieve a monthly intake of 500 grams of salt in a family of three.


Control of high-sugar and high-fat diets According to physiologists, if you add an additional spoonful of sugar (15 grams) a tablespoon oil (15 grams) per person per day, you will gain 10 kilograms a year.

It’s not enough, it’s more harmful.

The average adult takes 2 tablespoons per person per day (about 30 grams); obesity, hyperlipidemia and other patients take 1 tablespoon per person per day.


The food can not be less abundant, and the per capita food intake is getting less and less.

If the long-term cumulative intake is insufficient, the heat energy that can be supplied exceeds the accumulated 55%. The human body can only generate heat from the protein, which causes the child’s growth and development to stop; the adult is weak and can’t lift the spirit.

In addition to diabetes, diabetes, the daily food intake of adults should generally be 300-400 grams.