Indian Yoga and Chinese Qigong


Indian Yoga and Chinese Qigong

In the deep forests of India, there are often Hindus, Jain’s ascetic monks, sitting cross-legged under the shade of the trees or the spring water, naked, binocular, and guarding the original “control desire, diligence, sitting, stopping”Religious code.

Although they live on the edge of food for a long time, the living conditions are extremely bad, but the life expectancy is often higher than ordinary people.

Some of them have been swaying in the past, and they are still burning.

It is said that “their fountain of their lives is derived from yoga.”

銆€銆€Yoga is a health and fitness practice in India with a long history.

It is a valuable legacy of Indian medicine, health care, and longevity.

According to the ancient Indian ruins excavated at the beginning of this century – the excavation of Mohenz Daluo, the ancient Indian working people began to practice yoga as early as 5,000 years ago.

For thousands of years, Indian yogis have been eloquent, have been through generations, accumulated a lot of experience, and created a variety of different genres.

Previously, the popular yoga practice in India can be roughly divided into yoga meditation, yoga hard work and yoga gymnastics.

銆€銆€The meditation method is the oldest method of yoga practice.

The most authoritative “Vedas of the Book of God” of Hinduism puts the meditation method as “contemplation, introspection, trigonometry, and seven-point divine”.

It can be seen that it is a practice of practicing internal strength.

After modern medical equipment testing, the basal metabolic rate of the human body is reduced, the blood circulation is accelerated, the oxygen consumption is reduced, and the oxygen concentration in the lung is increased.

After practicing, the nerves and body of the person can get a full rest.

銆€銆€Indian yogis have a saying: “The life span of a person is closely related to the rhythm of breathing.
“, the dog breathes 50 times a minute, can live for 14 years; like breathing 20 times, can live for a hundred years; snakes breathe 2-3 times, can live for 500 years; people breathe 14-16 times per minute, can live for more than 100 years.
Therefore, the yoga meditation method pays special attention to the practice of tempering.

Young workers who have practiced for many years have mastered a yoga shock skill and can breathe once in a few minutes.

His yoga teacher, the famous Indian yoga master Pan Sharma, although he is over 90 years old, can be buried underground for hours without suffocation.

The Indian medical community believes that “Sharma is armed with a kind of artificial hibernation, such as the promotion of transformation, can greatly benefit humanity.

Yoga hard work is another practice.

It is mainly controlled by a practicing yogi (similar to other Qigong’s luck), which gives the body a ability to resist the external external attack.

A yogi with deep skill can slash and hammer, the crescent knife is on the top (the map), and even walking on the burning red charcoal.

There is a pupil who is under 12 years old. After only one year of practice, he can jump barefoot on the sharp broken glass pile without any damage.

An old man can lift 70 kilograms of weight with his own hair.

Even more peculiar is that a yogi can use a wire on his eyelids and a 20-kilogram lead.

銆€銆€Yoga gymnastics is a new type of yoga that was born in India at the end of the 19th century.

Based on modern gymnastics, it appropriately increases the imitation movements of fish, snakes, tigers, deer, etc., supplemented by tempering, sitting and other internal exercises.

This kind of yoga gymnastics that combines the best combination of static and dynamic work gradually reveals its unique vitality and is loved by young people.

銆€銆€Governments of all countries have begun to attach importance to the development of the yoga industry. There are various yoga centers of various sizes across the country, and a large number of yoga teachers are trained annually for the country.

Indian radio, television, newspapers and periodicals have also actively cooperated with the introduction of the effects of yoga and publicized the research results of yoga.

Last year, the Indian Ministry of Education announced that 320 central primary schools nationwide must include yoga as a compulsory course, and the government appointed an experienced yoga teacher to teach.

All the large, medium and primary schools in Chandi Digar, Punjab, North India, have promoted yoga meditation.

Practice has proved that yoga has a significant effect on improving children’s physical health and triggering the development of brain intelligence.

銆€銆€Since 1976, the All-Indian Academy of Medical Sciences has carried out clinical research on yoga, and has conducted extensive research in a variety of disciplines such as psychology, neurology, anatomy, regeneratives, surgery, and gynecology.

A survey of the results of more than 10,000 patients has shown that patients with diabetes suffer from “incredible improvement and recovery.”

銆€銆€The miracle of Indian yoga has attracted worldwide attention. Many countries have provided various advanced instruments and equipment to the Indian government, and sent experts to India to specialize in yoga.

At present, yoga centers have been established in more than 40 countries around the world.Some well-known scholars in some countries have written, written, and conducted academic discussions on yoga.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. J. Sellek said: “Yoga is no longer the acrobatic witchcraft, but a science of human health care.

“China and India are both ancient civilizations with a long history.

Before the Indian yoga rehabilitation in China, there was already Qigong in China.

The Qigong hard work evolved from the internal work of Qigong, as well as other martial arts stunts, has long been known as the Five Continents and caused by the people of the world.

Chinese vocabulary such as “Kung Fu” and “qigong” has become a foreign word in foreign countries and has been used by countries all over the world.

China Qigong has achieved fruitful results in the schools of martial arts and the study of ancient qigong theory.

During the long years of friendly exchanges between India and India in the millennium, Chinese Qigong and Indian Yoga exchanged and complemented each other.

銆€銆€As early as the end of the Western Han Dynasty, through the continuous introduction of Buddhism into the local, Indian yoga meditation was also increasingly spread.

The double-seat method widely used in qigong every year is derived from the 鈥渟quatting method鈥?of Indian Buddhism.

銆€銆€It is worth recalling that the Indian yogis visited the friendly messengers of the Indian people more than 2,000 years ago.

According to the “Old Tang Book”, “When the ancestors, the Brahman offered music, the dancers went backwards, and the foot danced with a knife blade, and fell on the ground to lower the eye, in the face, and planted in the back, boastingThe latter set up their belly, and the finale was not hurt.

“The ancient Indian yogis’ superb skills have made a wide impact.

銆€銆€Of course, the influence of Chinese Qigong is also left in Indian yoga.

In the eighteenth century AD, Indian yogis had replaced a yoga sit-in figure.

In the picture, seven mysterious centers are marked on the human body.

After investigation, the position is exactly the same as that of the previous ancient meridian theory. The mudball palace, the court, the heavy building, the palace, the gas sea and other acupoints on the second line are completely consistent.

Some people think that this picture is the best testimony of the Chinese qigong family’s reciprocation and exchanges with Indian yogis.

銆€銆€An Indian friend said well: “The development of Indian yoga and Chinese qigong has contributed to the promotion of the friendship between India and China.

If Indian yogis and Chinese qigongs can join hands in the scientific research of yoga and qigong, they will contribute to human contribution.


How to carefully enjoy sex life after 45 years old

How to “carefully enjoy” sex life after 45 years old

A couple’s relationship in their 20s is like a gel, but when the husband reaches the age of 45, his wife suddenly loses his sex in his eyes. When his wife is embarrassed to mention sex, he always opens the subject.
They rarely have sex, and the original intimacy has become indifferent.
銆€銆€The other couple entered the age of no doubt, and the sex life changed too – becoming more beautiful.
Of course, they don’t play in bed like newlyweds, but they agree that the other side has become “more sexually attractive” in their own eyes.
銆€銆€How to explain these two very different situations of increasing love?
A psychologist and sex counseling expert said in a nutshell: “The key is understanding and mutual understanding, because when people reach middle age, the physical, lifestyle and sexual reactions of both men and women have changed.
“It is rich for women. Some changes are caused by menopause, while thick menstruation is the result of decreased estrogen secretion.”
The average age of women’s menopause is 50-54 years old, but the process begins around 45 years and lasts for 4-5 years.
In this “quasi-menopausal period”, women’s vaginal tissue became thinner and drier than the original lubrication, which made the original sexual pleasures become uncomfortable and even painful.
Without understanding these physiological changes, women may complain that their husbands are rude and avoid sexual life when they are having sex, and the husband mistakenly believes that the wife no longer loves himself.
銆€銆€Men also undergo changes in hormone secretion, testosterone that causes libido, reaching maximum secretion during their 20-30 years of age, and then gradually decreasing (a study shows that from 20-60 years old, every 1/4 years is reduced by 1/4).
After comparing 77 married men aged 45-77, a sexologist in New York reported that sexual interest, sexual desire, and sexual intercourse decreased with testosterone (but not necessarily affecting “satisfaction”).
Mainly due to the reduced blood supply to the penis, their “erection” is not as strong as the entertainment network.
銆€銆€However, all of the above changes should not affect the sexual life.
For example, a woman who feels vaginal discomfort can solve the problem by changing her sexual position or using a susceptibility lubricant sold by a pharmacy; the man’s 鈥渆rection鈥?is not as strong as it was, and it turns out that he does not prevent him from reaching orgasm.
A urologist and anyangshu treatment expert said: “If you divide the degree of erection into 0-10 degrees, you will wake up with 6-7 degrees.
Experts also believe that these changes actually help to improve the relationship between husband and wife and sex – if they are good at using it.
銆€銆€Here are the tips for the best sex life after 45 years of age: 1.
Coordinating the rhythm: A physiologist describes 鈥溾€榮exuality’ is fast and fierce when young, burning like a firecracker, and letting it go.
“A man in his 20s reaches orgasm 2-5 minutes after the start of sexual intercourse; his wife may take more than 20 minutes to reach its apex.”
As men enter the middle-aged rhythm from slow to slow, due to slower blood supply to the penis and reduced muscle elasticity, men in their 40s and 50s need more room to reach orgasm, and the intensity of the map is not as good as before.First, the husband’s sexual rhythm will be closer to his wife’s, and he will be able to taste the pleasures of sexual intercourse as she does.
For the woman, because her husband is “synchronized” with her, her reaction will undoubtedly be more heated.
According to a foreign study, women in all ages are the most difficult to reach orgasm when they are in their 20s, and 40-44 years old is the easiest – and the difference is very large.
It can be seen that middle-aged men are more concerned about their sexual pleasures and also increase their sexual happiness.
Supplementary action: When most people see their wives undressing, they naturally “erect” in their 20s.
But after the age of 45, it is not enough to rely on visual stimulation. They also need the kiss and warmth of their wives to get into the sexual excitement.
According to this, marriage and sexologists believe that if the middle-aged boyfriend shifts his attention from 鈥渟eeing鈥?to 鈥渄oing鈥?in the preparation stage, that is, paying more attention to tactile stimulation (such as conversion, kissing, rubbing, touching sensitive parts),Sexual life can be significantly improved.
Balancing the “warp board”: A man recalls: In the early days of marriage, sex is his initiative; but 20 years later, his wife is often a “founder.”
This is because the different changes in hormone secretion make the sexual impulses of both sides tend to balance.
We know that both men and women secrete testosterone and estrogen. As they enter middle age, men’s testosterone secretion decreases, and the proportion of estrogen increases, making him more willing to “follow” rather than “initiate” to his wife.Leadership” can’t be loved.
On the contrary, the female’s estrogen secretion decreased and the proportion of testosterone increased, so she showed more active self-confidence in sexual intercourse.
According to a survey conducted by the University of Chicago, couples aged 25-29 love at least 2-3 times a week, 11% of whom are more than 4 times, and those aged 40-44 areOnly 30% of people can maintain this level, and 45% answer 鈥渁bout three times a month鈥?(partly because of fatigue and child care).
However, the proportion of boyfriends in their 40s who exceed the age of any age group is considered to be the result of love and physical satisfaction.
銆€銆€As the frequency of sex decreases, spouses need to realize that each time sexual intercourse is precious, it should be the time for both right and active to participate and share.
Therefore, a strong-coupled couple always emphasizes frequency more and pays more attention to quality. Zhu Siman said: “Those who are in their 40s will remember this time or that time, and the young couples will always beBlurring: “When sex is no longer a commonplace, every time you obviously become important to you.”In short, sexual life after the age of 45 requires a series of adjustments, but it is inevitable and normal for people to understand change, and for couples who work together to deal with them, happiness may be more than ever, and theirSexual life in the 40s, 50s, and even older is still perfect and fulfilling.