May Day travel with your old man?


May Day travel with your old man?

When the host’s words mentioned travel, the participants were all young and strong.

But have you ever thought that when you are doing a good time outside, the old man at home has lost your company and had to watch TV while watching TV.

They may be quietly expecting that they will also be in your “May 1” travel plan this time.

However, some elderly people refuse to travel if they consider the body or do not want to drag their children.

Have you ever thought about traveling with the elderly at home on holiday?

Are the elderly in your family willing to travel with you?

銆€銆€My old man said “no” to the tour. Ms. Huang’s 37-year-old company employee has been around the children since she had a child.

The old man has just retired and has not had time to enjoy it. He is busy helping us bring the children.

Now that the child is in elementary school, we should also think about it for the elderly who have worked for a lifetime.

銆€銆€A few days ago, my husband and I invited my father and mother to go out together on May 1st. As a result, my parents actually said “no” in unison, saying that they can’t go out and are unhappy, and they are not happy with the young people during the holidays.Watching TV at home is fun.

We talked to them a few times, and parents are stuck.

I don’t understand, they really don’t want to go, or they are afraid of dragging us down.

I talked to Lao Zheng about letting my son come forward and hope to convince them.

Because of their parents’ age and body, they should be able to go out and move around and enjoy the fun of playing with their children and grandchildren. I hope they can understand our heart.

銆€銆€Three family members will open a travel meeting. Xie Xin, 29-year-old staff, my wife and wife are both new Shanghainese.

Although I have been married for almost a year, some elderly people have not seen each other because they are far away.

銆€銆€”May 1″ is a good time to travel. I always wanted to take my wife to Beijing for a trip, but my wife planned to go home to see her parents. For two reasons, I can go to Beijing with her parents.Anyway, the old man has never been there.

The idea was immediately recognized by the wife and sought the advice of her parents. The old man also felt that he had the best of both worlds and agreed to get down and booked a ticket from Nanning to Beijing.

銆€銆€I saw that my wife was talking and laughing with her parents every night on the phone. I was psychologically unbalanced. Actually, my parents did not go out to travel, and they were not far from Shanghai. We left them.It seems that I can’t say it when I go out to play alone.

A plan to travel with three people and six people suddenly came out.

The wife felt strange at first, but later thought about it. It was a good opportunity for the four elderly people to meet. The two parents could also ask for a good question. Although they may not be used to it, it is only five or six days after the trip. The length of time is just right.
銆€銆€Unexpectedly, my parents have some psychological obstacles, afraid of language barriers, fear of different living habits, fear of that, and later, my wife came out to convince the two old people, and let them come to Shanghai a few days in advance, and thenLet’s go to Beijing together.

銆€銆€Now everything is arranged.

I believe that the three family members will definitely get along very well during the festival.

If conditions permit, we may arrange this in the next Golden Week.

銆€銆€”Tears” reminds me of my parents. Lu Jie is 25 years old. Network maintenance Since the Golden Week, I have been making full use of it. From near to far, I have traveled all over the country. But to be honest, I never thought about it.If you want to bring your parents, isn’t it just to be comfortable? The old man’s thoughts are always different from ours. Physical strength can’t be eaten. Bringing them, it seems to bring a burden.

銆€銆€However, this “May Day”, I have contacted the travel agency early, and brought my parents to Hainan to play.

When I talked to my parents about this a few days ago, they were very surprised. I didn’t expect that my children who used to be wildly used to think about taking them on a trip. When I told them, I had already helped them sign up.After the expenses were paid for them, my mom almost shed tears.

銆€銆€Why do I suddenly think of bringing my parents, and I have to start from this Spring Festival Evening.

I don’t know if you still remember Feng Gong and Zhu Jun’s “Laughter and talk about life”. Zhu Jun always wanted to tease Feng Gong, but Feng Gong never cried. Later, the two big men shed tears for the same topic, that is, they are individual.Mother, when Feng Gong products “her old man is 86”, I can’t help but feel tight, my mother is 56, but I don’t seem to have any mothers who have already passed into old age.

Although I don’t like this lyrical program, the impression this time is extremely profound. I seem to suddenly wake up. Everything must be put in the heart.

銆€銆€Traveling later, as long as the elderly are willing, I will think of bringing the old man, not just the one-time joy.

9 daily weight loss methods successfully lose weight and refuse to rebound


9 daily weight loss methods successfully lose weight and refuse to rebound

Weight loss rebound is the most unsatisfied to lose weight, but weight rebound is one of the most difficult problems in the weight loss process.

So, is there any way to lose weight, so that after losing weight, the weight will not come back again?

If you want to lose weight without rebounding, you must do 9 points.

銆€銆€1, adhere to exercise: after successful weight loss still have to adhere to exercise.

You can lift dumbbells to make the arm muscles stronger and the shoulder lines more beautiful. You can also do some yoga exercises to continue to lose weight and beautify your body. Therefore, swimming is also recognized as a bodybuilding method.

銆€銆€2, fixed dose: morning, afternoon and dinner should be eaten, just to consider how to balance the calorie intake, may wish to ask nutritionists to tailor weight loss recipes for you.

銆€銆€3, beware of fast food products: away from instant noodles, burgers, fries . high-conversion foods, because that will only increase excessive calories.

銆€銆€4, reduce the intake of starch: too much starch will cause too much, but the body needs a considerable proportion of starch in order to function properly, if you do not eat, face and other starchy foods to lose weight, it is best to correct, becauseLong-term decline can lead to malnutrition, acidosis, osteoporosis and dizziness.

銆€銆€5, do not eat 3 hours before going to bed: try to take early dinner time, and choose a more digestible food.

If you need to work overtime, you would rather pause your work for an hour. In addition to supplementing your energy, you can also reduce your chances of losing weight and gain weight.

銆€銆€6, wonderful bath salt: you can choose some of the granular salt bath salt, from the bottom of the leg from the bottom up, use the medium force to massage the body in a circular way, to the body slightly hot, then rinse with warm water, can promote bloodCycle, increase metabolism.

銆€銆€7, wipe slimming cream: after bath is the best time to use slimming cream, firming cream, because the whole body’s capillary pores slightly open, is conducive to fecal cells to absorb the weight loss of the product, is also a good way to lose weight.
銆€銆€8, promote lymphatic circulation: slimming weight loss method, the body’s lymphatic circulation will affect the normal detoxification function, the hernia cells will begin to accumulate, you can rely on appropriate massage to promote lymphatic circulation.

銆€銆€9, aromatherapy: the prerequisite is to consult qualified and experienced aromatherapist, to help you mix the appropriate essential oils, through the sense of smell to achieve weight loss goals.

For example: fennel, sage, juniper, orange and grapefruit all have the functions of weight loss, drainage and stimulation of the circulatory system.