[Can poplar mushrooms be eaten]_Edible_Hazard

[Can poplar mushrooms be eaten]_Edible_Hazard

Poplar mushrooms, as the name suggests, are mushrooms that grow next to poplars, and mushrooms that grow next to pine trees are called pine mushrooms. I believe that many people have a certain understanding of mushrooms. Some mushrooms cannot be eaten randomly because they haveIt may contain highly toxic substances. After eating, it will cause the human body to react with time, and some may even be life-threatening. Let ‘s take a look at what poplar mushrooms can eat.

Can mushrooms grow on poplars?

How to distinguish poisonous mushrooms is not when poisonous mushrooms are bright, and some are the same as ordinary mushrooms.

Of course, silver turns black when it encounters toxins.

Most poisonous mushrooms are bright.

Most poisonous mushrooms have weird shapes and bright colors, but poisonous mushrooms can only be identified by experts.

For safety, it is best to eat only those common edible mushrooms.

Poisonous mushrooms cannot be measured with silver needles. I want to know if the mushrooms are poisonous. I have a good trick here. Put the mushrooms in water and cook them at the same time. If the ginger turns black, it means that the mushroom is poisonous and does not change color.poison.


Growth zone.

Edible non-toxic mushrooms are mostly grown on clean grass or pine and oak trees. Poisonous mushrooms often grow in dark, penetrating, dirty areas.



The surface of poisonous mushrooms is bright in color, including red, green, black, and purple. Especially purple is often highly toxic and easily discolored after picking.



The non-toxic mushroom cover is flat, the umbrella surface is smooth, the bacteria surface is not round, the lower part is sterile, the poisonous bacteria cover is convex in the center, the shape is weird, the bacteria surface is thick and hard, the fungus has a fungus ring, the fungus handleEither or thick and easy to break.



The picked fresh wild mushrooms tear the stalk, and the non-toxic secretions are as bright as water (individually white), and the fungal surface tears and does not change color; the toxic secretions are thick and red-brown, and they are easy to change color in the air after tearing.



Non-toxic mushrooms have a special scent, and poisonous mushrooms have weird odors, such as spicy, sour, and offensive.



When picking wild mushrooms, you can use the onion to wipe the mushroom cover. If the green onion turns green, it proves poisonous, otherwise it does not change color.


Cook to try.

When cooking wild mushrooms, put a few rushes, cook with a little garlic or rice, the mushrooms are cooked, the rushes turn into turquoise or purple green, it is poisonous, and the yellow ones are not poisonous; the garlic or rice is poisonous, and it remains the same colorIt is non-toxic.

Chemical identification.

Take the collected or bought suspicious mushrooms, remove the juice, and after soaking it with paper, add a drop of dilute hydrochloric acid or white vinegar immediately. If the paper turns red or blue, it is poisonous.

[Cough, drink chicken soup?

】 _Cough 呛 _Benefits

[Cough, drink chicken soup?
】 _Cough 呛 _Benefits

Everyone often coughs in life. The causes of cough are very complicated. In most cases, the cause of cough is obvious. For example, when a cold or cold accidentally occurs, the patient will have cough symptoms.Respiratory diseases and lung diseases can cause continuous cough, so the cough should be treated according to the cause, so can you drink chicken soup during this period?

Can you drink chicken soup for cough?
Do not drink chicken soup for cough.

Tonic should be avoided at this time.

Cough is a protective reflex action of the human body to remove secretions or foreign bodies inside the respiratory tract.

Despite its advantages, long-term, long-term cough can cause respiratory tract bleeding.

Correctly distinguish between general cough and cough variant attacks to prevent misdiagnosis.

Cough type should be distinguished in the treatment of cough. Western medicine and Chinese medicine are all acceptable, but diet therapy is the best.

Chicken soup has far more than a positive psychological effect on cold patients, because chicken soup can help suppress inflammation and excessive production of mucus in the body.

Researchers explain that winter is usually a cold, especially when the flu is high.

Unlike common colds, flu attacks come fiercely, and the usual symptoms are pain, high fever and fatigue, accompanied by cough, nasal cavity blockage, and sore throat.

After being attacked by the influenza virus, the human body secretes a large number of mucosal substances.

Studies have shown that chicken soup can inhibit the production of mucous membranes.

If you have a cold heart disease, you need to have a strong physique and a certain number of ways to recuperate.

Guidance: Usually try to drink ginger tea method, replace the tea with ginger and brown sugar in an appropriate amount of water, which can effectively prevent colds, which helps improve the body’s disease resistance, use hot water every night (the temperature is too hot to notUntil you endure) Soak your feet for 15 minutes. Pay attention to the amount of water when you soak your feet so that your feet do not turn red after soaking. It can also prevent colds.

Also exercise your body frequently, and the bedroom should be ventilated frequently.

Scientists’ research on the efficacy of chicken soup shows that chicken soup plays a role in alleviating cold symptoms such as nasal congestion and sore throat, improving the body’s immune function, and ultimately helping patients overcome the cold.

Chicken meat contains a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body. It is rich in nutrients and can significantly enhance the body’s resistance to cold viruses. Chicken meat also contains certain special chemicals that have the function of enhancing blood circulation and nasal secretion.This has a good effect on protecting the patency of the respiratory tract, removing respiratory viruses, and accelerating the healing of colds.

Tremella has the effects of strengthening essence, nourishing kidney, intestines, nourishing stomach, nourishing qi, and blood, strengthening heart, strengthening body, nourishing brain, refreshing, beauty, skin rejuvenation, and prolonging life.

For the treatment of lung cough, dry cough and other diseases.

Therefore, eating chicken with cold and white fungus soup should be no problem, just pay attention to any food can not be taken in large quantities, a balanced diet is the most scientific.

[Best time to eat cod liver oil]_Eating time_How to eat

[Best time to eat cod liver oil]_Eating time_How to eat

It is known that after the baby is born, different nutrition needs to be given at different stages. Cod liver oil is used on the baby after six months. Because the baby’s body development grows rapidly after six months, there will be a change in the day, so after six monthsYour baby can not only add nutritional products such as cod liver oil, but also add complementary foods. Eat more nutritious foods. Combining cod liver oil is more conducive to absorption.

When is the best time to take cod liver oil? A 6-month-old baby grows rapidly and needs extra vitamins as a supplement.

The content of vitamins A and D in breast milk and milk is relatively small. In order to meet the needs of the baby’s growth and development, whether it is breast milk replacement or artificially fed babies, cod liver oil should be added from the third week after birth.From week on, cod liver oil should be added.

2, summer baby blood sugar activity, long sunshine time, the amount of cod liver oil can be reduced.

Cod liver oil needs to be added in the following cases: if the baby’s breast milk is insufficient or vitamin A and D such as egg yolk, animal liver and vegetables and fruits such as carotene are not added in time after weaning; or suffer from chronic diarrhea, hepatobiliary diseases, etc.The absorption of vitamin A and D; or the chronic consumption of chronic diseases causes increased consumption of vitamins A and D; or certain sunlight; and the growth of too fast and increased demand can cause vitamin A and D deficiency.

The content of vitamin A in milk is higher than that of cow’s milk. If the nursing mother has excess nutrition and a balanced diet, vitamin A in milk can usually meet the needs of the baby.

Vitamin D is replaced in breast milk and cow’s milk, so whether it is human or cow’s milk replacement, from 2-3 weeks after birth, a prophylactic dose of vitamin D400 must be given daily for 2-3 years., Especially for premature infants, twins and children with the above-mentioned factors causing vitamin A and D deficiency, additional vitamin A and D supplements are needed.

After 2-3 years of age, children’s growth rate slows down, dietary varieties and outdoor activities increase, and generally no additional cod liver oil is required.

Precautions Cod liver oil supplements must be taken in appropriate amounts. If the maternal supplement has been supplemented with calcium during pregnancy, the child may appear prematurely closed at about 4 months of birth. In this case, cod liver oil must be used with caution.The doctor issued guidance.

There are many types of cod liver oil. Natural cod liver oil has better quality and contains DHA. Especially deep-sea cod liver oil is better than shark liver oil.

Because cod liver oil contains EPA similar to EPA in breast milk, and shark liver is prone to heavy metal pollution.

High-quality cod liver oil can be found in the author’s information at the top right.

Gree Electric (000651): Or the introduction of public companies without actual controllers is estimated to improve significantly

Gree Electric (000651): Or the introduction of public companies without actual controllers is estimated to improve significantly

The company’s current controlling shareholder Gree Group intends to negotiate the transfer of 15% of the company’s shares through public solicitation of the transferee.

The transfer price shall not be less than the arithmetic means of deducting the average price per day for the 30 trading days before the announcement date.

Gree Group will further study specific plans in the future. The transfer still needs the approval of authorized institutions such as the conventional asset supervision and management department.

Comment company or public company without actual controller: 1) Gree Group currently holds company shares.

2%, only 3 will be held after the transfer is completed.

twenty two%.

2) The transferee is not yet clear, but it is likely to cause the company to become a public company with no actual controller.

Such companies are common in the European and American markets, and the governance structure is mature, and the company is actually controlled by the tandem.

Such companies are vulnerable to hostile takeovers when estimates are low.

3) Air conditioning is a completely competitive industry.

Gree Group’s transfer of 15% of the shares has a demonstration effect on the withdrawal of the original capital from the competitive industry.

4) In the history of the shareholding reform, please refer to our report “Holding rights or changes, will the effects of the previous round of mixed ownership reforms repeat?”

Improvement of the governance structure, it is estimated that there is a lot of room for improvement: 1) Gree’s senior management is diligent and responsible, and has a strong work ability, with a ROE of 37% (2017). The performance improvement brought about by the improvement of the governance structure is not large.

2) The poor governance structure has always been the reason for the obvious discount of Gree Electric than Midea Group. The current PE valuation of Gree Electric is 40% lower than that of Midea Group (the current Gree Electric 10).

6x 2018e P / E, Midea Group 17.

5x 2018e P / E).

3) As a state-owned holding company, the company has few incentives for merger equity, and Tandem has not always paid much attention to it.

In contrast, Midea Group’s interests are related, and it is necessary to consider the market’s feelings in terms of dividends, stock repurchases, 苏州桑拿网 and information disclosure.

If Gree becomes a public company, through institutional arrangements, the company is expected to hold more shares through transfer or equity incentives in advance, at which time the company’s response will be greatly increased, and the interests will be more consistent with the small and medium shareholders.

Some investors have the highest current fundamentals, but we don’t think this is enough to stop Gree from improving.

The current Gree channel inventory is high, and at the same time faced with the advance promotion of the United States to seize market share. These challenges are not the first time in the history of air-conditioning development. Gree has sufficient experience and ability to respond.

It is recommended to maintain the profit forecast. EPS 4 is expected in 2018/19/20.



40 yuan.

Maintain the recommendation level and raise the target price based on the expectation of improvement of the governance structure.

5% to 68.

70 yuan, corresponding to 14x / 13x 2019 / 20e P / E, a 46% increase in room.

The company’s current consensus corresponds to 10x / 9x 2019 / 20e P / E.

Risk market competition intensifies risks; the dividend rate may not meet expectations.

Jiajiayue (603708) 2019 Interim Report Review: Same Store Beautiful Integration Speeds Up

Jiajiayue (603708) 2019 Interim Report Review: Same Store Beautiful Integration Speeds Up

The company deeply cultivated the Jiaodong Peninsula and encrypted it in the hinterland of Luzhong and Luxi. The merger and acquisition of Zhangjiakou Fuyuexiang accelerated the integration, and the general regional expansion logic was gradually verified.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Performance is in line with expectations.

2019H1 company realized operating income / attributable net profit 72.

700 million / 2.

3 ‰, +16 a year.

7% / + 16.

9%; of which, operating income / attributable net profit for the second quarter of 2019 was 34.

600 million / 0.

9 trillion, ten years +16.

7% / + 18.


In 2019H1, the operating income / net profit of Wikipedia is about 3.

0 billion / 11.89 million yuan, Hebei Jiajiayue 深圳spa会所 (formerly Zhangjiakou Fuyuexiang) operating income / net profit1.

800 million / -1630 million; excluding Weiker and Hebei Jiajiayue, the company’s operating income / net profit is +12 per year.

8% / + 15.


2019H1 net operating cash flow2.

600 million, ten years +8.


The same store continued to grow at a high rate, and it is expected to gradually increase the number of stores (including mergers and acquisitions) by 100.

2019H1 company same store +4.

42%, (about + 2% in 2019Q1), of which hypermarkets / supermarkets / professional stores have the same store +4.

74% / + 4.

27% / + 6.


In 2019H1, 40 new stores were added, of which Zhangjiakou Fuyuexiang consolidated 11 tables, and Jiaodong (Yantai, Weihai, Qingdao) / Zhangjiakou / Jinan / Shandong others opened 20/3/2/4 respectively; in terms of division,Stores / supermarkets / other formats will supplement 18/19/3 stores respectively.

In 2019H1, 38 stores have been contracted and the company is expected to gradually add 100 stores (including mergers and acquisitions) and about 60 independent exhibition stores in the second half of the year.

In 2019H1, 14 stores will be closed, and it is estimated that about 20 stores will be closed.

Consolidate the advantages of the supply chain and improve the efficiency of non-Jiaodong District.

The room temperature distribution center of Yantai Logistics Base is nearing completion, and the fresh processing center is expected to be put into use next year; the Laiwu fresh processing center is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 and replaced in stages; the Zhangjiakou Comprehensive Industrial Park will be partially used by the end of 2019, and the supply chain efficiency will be further improved.
2019H1, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin +0 for ten years.

07pct to 21.

55%, of which the gross profit margins of Jiaodong / Nanjiaodong are +0 respectively.


61pct to 17.

29% / 17.

31%.2019H1 sales / management / financial expense ratios were changed to -0.

13 / -0.

16 / + 0.

31 points to 15.

25% / 2.

09% /-0.


Steady progress was made in store renovation, and wikis and Zhangjiakou integration speeded up.

In 2019H1, there will be more than 10 large-scale renovations, and about 20 are expected.

Qingdao Weike Logistics Center has been upgraded. It is expected that Weike will make a profit of 15 million yuan?
20 million yuan (2018A: 1.63 million yuan).

It is estimated that by the end of 2019, there will be 20 Zhangjiakou stores, and the operating income is expected to reach 4 trillion, which is expected to expand 20 million?
25 million yuan.

Risk factors: store expansion, new store cultivation, merger and acquisition integration are not up to expectations; new business formats, start-up companies diversion.

Investment suggestion: Maintain the operating income forecast for 2019-21 to 145.

900 million / 164.

0 billion / 186.

6 trillion, maintaining the forecast of net profit attributable to 2019-21 is 4, respectively.

8 billion / 5.

8 billion / 7.

0 million yuan, corresponding to non-attributable net profit growth of +19.

8% / + 20.

6% / + 20.

6%, corresponding to 1 for 2019-21 EPS.



49 yuan.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

China Inspection Group (603060): New exploration of Zaozhuang Model lays foundation for integration of local state-owned institutions

China Inspection Group (603060): New exploration of “Zaozhuang Model” lays foundation for integration of local state-owned institutions

Introduction to this report: The company and the Zhongshan State-owned Assets Supervision Bureau of Zaozhuang City have increased their capital to Zaozhuang with 7 million yuan in cash and 2.06 million yuan in the assessment of the net assets of Shizhong Construction Engineering Inspection Station.Maintain target price of 24.

23 yuan.

Key points of investment: The company’s new exploration of the “Zaozhuang Model”, maintaining the “overweight” rating and maintaining a target price of 24.

23 yuan.

The company and Zhongzhuang State-owned Assets Supervision Bureau of Zaozhuang City increased their capital in Zaozhuang with 7 million yuan in cash and a net asset evaluation price of 2.0 million yuan in Shizhong Construction Engineering Inspection Station.RMB, of which the State-owned Assets Management Bureau of Zaozhuang City contributed RMB 2.06 million, with a capital contribution ratio of 6.

87%; the company’s capital contribution increased from 14 million yuan to 21 million yuan, with a capital contribution ratio of 70.

00%; Zaozhuang open-source funding increased from 2.88 million yuan to 3.82 million yuan, with 杭州桑拿 a capital contribution ratio of 12.

73%; Zaozhuang State-owned company’s capital contribution remains unchanged at 3.12 million yuan, with a capital contribution ratio of 10.

40%, the new discovery of “Zaozhuang Model” provides the basis for the company’s subsequent cooperation in Zaozhuang and the first-level testing institutions in the country.

It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

76 yuan, 0.

92 yuan, 1.

11 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” rating, the company corresponding to 32 times PE in 19 years, maintaining a target price of 24.

23 yuan.

National policies were gradually liberalized. In 2014, the third-party inspection industry accelerated its entry into the market-oriented stage.

Fund-raising projects have gradually come to fruition. The company’s merger industry has completed the 无锡夜网 qualification for testing, leading the research and development strength to promote endogenous growth.

The related inspections of the construction and building materials industry are the third-party inspection industry with the largest market size, higher marketization, and the strongest regionalization. How can the company have complete inspection qualifications and leading R & D capabilities, and have a nationwide distribution?Institutional reforms to accelerate endogenous growth.

The company increased the concentration of the industry through the extension of expansion and moved towards third-party testing integrated service providers.

The company merged to increase its market share and layout through mergers and acquisitions with other companies in the same industry, and entered the testing fields of environmental protection, consumer products, and industry across fields. It acquired a third-party testing company in Zaozhuang Fangyuan, opened up a new model of local SOE reform, and increased the Shandong inspection and certification market.

Through the acquisition of the entire equity of Sinoma Hong Kong, it has provided a basis for the next international development.

At the same time, the company acquired Beijing Aodaqing Company and entered the field of environmental protection inspection.

Catalysts: Cross-regional expansion continues to land, layout to other sub-industry inspection areas Landing Risk Tips: Gross profit of construction engineering inspection industry declines; M & A falls short of expectations

How to have a degree in outdoor fitness

How to have a degree in outdoor fitness

A survey by the American Medical Center also pointed out that the effect of sauna-day running is greatly reduced.

An excellent runner can run the entire distance in less than two and a half hours at about 10 ℃, but the speed will slow down at a temperature above 25 ℃ 2.


This is because the cool environment puts less stress on the body and the physical exertion will also be transformed.

In summer, there are more inhalable particles such as dust in the air than in other seasons. Due to the shortness of breath during exercise, people may absorb more into the body, which is extremely bad for the lungs.

In progress, Covilant suggested that continuous aerobic exercise should not be performed outdoors in hot, humid weather.

  The sauna is sweltering and steep, and some people will sweat with a little activity. At this time, sports seem to become a kind of “torture.”

  However, for some people who like sports and have long-term exercise habits, the weather will not be a factor hindering their exercise.

At this time, you can use some non-sweat sports instead of running and other sports, reducing the effect of exercise is more obvious.

The US “News Weekly” has written that non-sweat sports can prevent or reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, and there are many possibilities for human health.

The following are recommended for you.

  Lift your head to balance and walk forward with a small bag of rice or a book on your head. To maintain balance, you can hold it by hand.

Feel this feeling of vertical middle stress and time it.

This exercise has a good effect on shaping the spine and improving the shape.

  Lie on your arms and legs with your arms and legs slightly apart, turn your palms to the ceiling, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and focus on the body that is completely empty after each exhalation.

Then from the toes to the top of the head, tighten a little and relax the muscles, and carefully feel each transition.

For shoulder and head muscle movement, use rotation instead of tightening.

This is an effective exercise to develop a soft body, which is very relaxing and can also relieve tension.

  Labor fitness experts at Harvard University and Stanford University in the United States have done a special study on the relationship between housework and health, and listed energy consumption tables for housework.

About 60 calories are consumed in 15 minutes for sweeping; about 190 calories in 1 hour for hand-washing; about 180 calories in 45 minutes for ironing; about 150 calories in 30 minutes for cleaning the window; 120 calories in 30 minutes for vacuumquantum.

Consultation and treatment: Chiropractic Chiropractic

Consultation and treatment: Chiropractic Chiropractic

A few days ago, “National Spine and Chiropractic Techniques Continuing Education Base” and “National Spine and Chiropractic Techniques Academic Committee Training Base” were hung on the door of Tianjin Beichen North Gate Hospital.

Chiropractic chiropractic technology has the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine. It does not require high-end medical examination equipment. The doctor can roughly understand where the patient’s fault is with two hands, and then can be treated by chiropractic.

  The difference between headache treatment and holistic treatment has been previously used in chiropractic technology more than 2000 years ago and has been used in clinical practice.

The meridian essay in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics clearly states that treating acupoints on the Du Mai and Foot Sun Meridian can prevent and treat the viscera.

Beimen Hospital’s chiropractic technique was developed on the basis of inheriting the experience of old Chinese medicine, combining the traditional Chinese medicine theory of yin and yang, the theory of internal organs, meridian theory, holographic theory, and anatomical and biomechanical principles.

The biggest difference between it and the popular chiropractic therapy abroad is that it treats the spine as an organic whole, and believes that each spine and viscera have a certain corresponding relationship. When adjusting the spine, the overall concept of Chinese medicine and dialectical theory are used to guide.In the treatment, a variety of methods are used flexibly, so that the internal and external symptoms can be treated at the same time.

  The spine control of this “human barometer” is to judge the position and nature of the spine by palpating positive reaction points on the spine, and whether it is false or empirical.

The doctor’s hands gently slumped along the spine of a patient, while saying the patient’s problems: “cervical spondylosis, three, four, five hyperplasia of the lumbar spine, insufficient blood supply to the brain, insufficient blood supply to the heart .” he pointed outThe sixth section of the thoracic spine said: “There are positive reaction points here, and the corresponding organ is the heart. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine viscera and spleen believes that the heart and the small intestine are in the surface, so the small intestine of the thoracic vertebrae also appears positiveResponse, such as treatment according to the relationship between the two sides will greatly improve the clinical effect of spine diagnosis.

“Sure enough, the patient admitted that he did have coronary heart disease.

With many years of experience, the hospital has implanted detailed maps of the spine corresponding to the organs or diseases, such as “characteristic diagrams of the relationship between spinal organs and vertebral bodies”, “holographic diagnosis table for back-shu points”, and “holographic relationship table for human body and nature”Wait.

  The principle of chiropractic treatment is to adjust the balance of yin and yang through spine adjustment, correct the facet joint disorders, and restore the balance of muscle ligaments and bones; eliminate the focal point of the lesion and restore the neuromodulation effect; adjust the meridian system to improve local blood circulation and loosen adhesions.

In chiropractic treatment, the hospital focuses on the overall concept of TCM and the principles of dialectical treatment, and highlights the principles of “three small characteristics” and “three simultaneous treatments”, that is, small angles, small efforts, small techniques, and simultaneous treatment of the disease.Muscles, tendons and bones.

The methods used are mainly rotation and side pull. The fixed point is used for cervical spine treatment, and the neck adjustment method is used for positioning. The fixed-position positioning palm push method is used for thoracolumbar spine treatment. While achieving the therapeutic purpose, it ensures the safety of the treatment.

Another innovation of the hospital is: the concept of “1 + 7” “chiropractic”, chiropractic plus massage, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, scraping and cupping, drug fumigation therapy, laser physiotherapy, psychological treatment, etc.

13 ways to live a long life

13 ways to live a long life

According to statistics, the average life expectancy of men worldwide is 77 years, of which 7 years will be spent in severe or chronic diseases, and men are 70% more likely to get cancer than women.

Experts summarized the article and concluded “13 Men’s Longevity”.

Here, we will teach the self-massage methods of the six “special health care points” summarized by the ancients.

  1. Do n’t put your purse on your buttocks. If you often drive or work at your desk, it will easily cause low back pain.

Physiotherapists call it “wallet neuropathy.”

The purse can press the sciatic nerve of the back, causing pain or numbness in the lower legs, toes.

  2. Frequent sex life A new Australian study shows that one week before ovulation, if men have sex every day, they can improve sperm quality and increase the fertility rate of their wives.

  3, tooth protection can prevent alopecia Scientists at the University of Granada in Spain have found that in addition to heredity and stress, alopecia is also related to dental disease, so patients with alopecia should go to the dentist.

  4. Marry a young wife. A recent study by the Max Planck Institute in Germany found that a wife is 9-11 years younger than her husband, and her husband’s risk of premature death is reduced by 11%.

  5, strengthen the pelvic floor muscle training can effectively exercise the bladder and penis function, thereby preventing erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

  6. A survey in the United Kingdom that is expected to advance to the UK found that the death rate of civil servants with the lowest positions was three times higher than that of the highest ranking civil servants.

And gain control at work can be a big reason.

  7. Every day, men over 50 years old who eat apples are more likely to get bowel cancer than women.

The British charity organization “Combat Against Intestinal Cancer” suggested: 18 grams of cellulose every day.

1 banana contains cellulose 1.

8 grams, 1 apple (with skin) contains 4 grams of cellulose, is the most convenient choice.

  8. Eat less meat The latest research from the US Air Force State University shows that eating less meat can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease and help maintain male masculinity.

  9. Don’t let your wife work. The Queen Mary College of Medicine School of Medicine at the University of London has found that the shorter the wife’s working time, the more depressed a man will be.

  10. Backhand brushing. Brushing your teeth or holding a cup with an infrequently used hand can help the brain to generate new memory cells, thereby preventing dementia.

  11. Reducing hypertension Hyperurology experts affiliated with the Temple University Medical School in the United States suggest that quitting smoking, losing weight, and reducing hypertension can improve blood circulation and improve the quality of sexual life.

  12. Sunshine for 10 minutes every day will cause hair loss, joint pain, muscle weakness and low libido in men.

Exposure to the sun for 10-15 minutes every day can avoid vitamin D deficiency.

  13. Less used painkillers. Harvard Medical School involves one.

A new study of 60,000 men found that taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen daily increased the risk of hypertension by 38%.

  In the ancient days of lack of medicine and medicine, the average life expectancy was very low.

Often diseases that seem very small now can beat countless lives at that time.

But ancient doctors can often be as old as they are. Why?

In addition to maintaining a calm and optimistic attitude towards life, self-care is essential.

Pharyngeal discomfort alert to nasopharyngeal cancer

Pharyngeal discomfort alert to nasopharyngeal cancer

Mr. Long from Leshan has been feeling pharyngeal discomfort for a half month, with a slight double feeling of swallowing, accompanied by hoarse voice.

An examination was performed at a local hospital, and no clear diagnosis was made due to limited local inspection equipment.

Taking a business trip, Mr. Long came to the ear, nose, and throat clinic of a large hospital in Shandong. After an expert inspection, he knew that he had cancer!

  Experts said that during the examination, he found that Mr. Long re-inserted the enlarged lymph nodes, so he suggested that he perform a fiber laryngoscope for further examination.

  Under the Japanese Pentax fiber nasopharyngoscope television camera system, inspection revealed that there was 0 above the right nasopharyngeal canal.

3 to 0.

The small 5 cm bulge has a smooth surface with scattered bleeding points around it, and the vocal cord activity on the right side is slightly worse. At this time, Professor Zhuang suspects that the patient is an early stage of malignant tumor and needs a biopsy.

With the consent of the patient, the biopsy result was keratotic undifferentiated carcinoma of the nasopharynx.

  Mr. Long, who was frightened by “cancer”, knew after expert explanation that he belonged to the early stage of cancer. Many patients can recover. Only then he let go of his heart.

  Experts point out that throat discomfort and hoarseness are one of the symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinomatosis. Because the early symptoms are not obvious, patients should go to a professional hospital for a standardized examination once they feel uncomfortable.

In addition, he also reminded the majority of patients that even if there is cancer, as long as they seek medical treatment in a timely manner and reasonable treatment, the cure may be great.

  Early detection and early treatment are key experts to remind everyone that most people with local nasopharyngeal cancer are 30-60 years old. Because the location of nasopharyngeal cancer is relatively hidden, it is also related to the eyes, ears, nose, throat, skull base, and brain.The important organs such as nerves are adjacent, and it is easy to infiltrate or metastasize to adjacent organs under the mucous membrane, so the symptoms are variable or not obvious, and they are often neglected by patients or doctors.

Many patients often go to internal medicine, neurology, ophthalmology for medical treatment, and after many setbacks, they go to the ENT department.

Because the early symptoms are more complicated, it is easy to be misdiagnosed or missed, which should cause people to be vigilant!

  In addition, many symptoms may be early signs of tumors, such as nosebleeds with tinnitus, very early signs of nasopharyngeal cancer, hoarseness, throat discomfort, and early signs of throat cancer.

In case of ear, nose and throat discomfort, you should go to the distance hospital in time for relevant examination and confirmation.

  Prevention of nasopharyngeal cancer In people’s daily life, it is very beneficial to take preventive measures from the following aspects.


Nasopharyngeal diseases should be treated in a timely manner and standardized to prevent long-term complications from damaging the tissue and malignant changes of the tissue.

Avoid ground pollution as much as possible.

Because the nasopharynx is the only way for outside air to enter the lungs, harmful gases first invade the nasopharynx before entering the lungs.


Quit smoking and drinking.


Pay attention to the diet structure, do not favor partial food, eat more vegetables, fruits and other foods containing a lot of vitamins.

Eat less or no salted fish, cured meats, etc.