[How to Make Rice with Potato Pork Chop]_Homemade Method of Rice with Potato Pork Chop _How to Make Rice with Potato Pork Chop _How to Make Rice with Potato Pork Chop

[How to Make Rice with Potato Pork Chop]_Homemade Method of Rice with Potato Pork Chop _How to Make Rice with Potato Pork Chop _How to Make Rice with Potato Pork Chop

We often see some food shows on TV and see ourselves very discouraged.

Let’s introduce the method of rice topped with potato and pork chop. Prepare your own ingredients and start making it1.

raw material.


Wash the pork chops and beat them well with the back of the knife.

Cut onions, potatoes, shiitake mushrooms into small pieces 4.

Beat evenly the pork chop, add soy sauce, cooking wine, black pepper, and taste 5.

Put some oil in the pan and fry the garlic 6.

Duck into the pork chop 7.

Fry until golden, then fry 8 in turn.

From the pot 9.

Pour the oil and fry the onion seeds 10.

Stir in potato and shiitake mushrooms, add salt and chicken essence 11.

Pour in an appropriate amount of water.


Down into the pork chop 13.

Pack rice, pour soup, pour pork chops, get out of the pan. Maybe you have n’t eaten potato pork chops before, and you wo n’t do it. Now obey your heart and quickly learn to cook this dish. You must know the achievementsFeeling joy is really exciting.

[Can I eat cake after eating crabs]_ Crab meat _ Eat the same

[Can I eat cake after eating crabs]_ Crab meat _ Eat the same

The most starch in the cake is cream and egg flour. These foods are especially easy to make our body fat, because it is a sweet food, so it should be eaten as little as possible for some diabetic patients. When we eat cake, we haveThings are not edible. Crab is a seafood we often eat, but he is also very easy to make us feel, so can we eat cake after eating crab?

River crabs cannot be eaten when they die, and sea crabs are okay.

The crabs are not good-looking. They walked up and down, but the taste was extremely delicious. Especially the hairy crabs produced by Yangcheng Lake in Jiangsu, which became fat and yellow in the late autumn, became famous in the world.

Fresh crabs, very tasty.

However, if the caught crabs die, the umami will disappear, and even after people eat them, symptoms of poisoning will occur.

So what is the reason?

Crabs live in the water and like to eat dead carcasses of dead fish and dead shrimp in the water, they will be infected with certain bacteria.

In particular, river crabs mostly grow in dirty river ponds, and there are a large number of germs inside and outside the crabs.

Live crabs can replace bacteria with metabolism in the body; once a crab crab dies, the bacteria in his body will multiply, decomposing crab meat, and some bacteria also produce toxins. If someone eats such crabs, it will cause food poisoning.Common manifestations include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea; in severe cases, dehydration, electrolyte disturbance, smoking, and even shock, coma, and sepsis can occur.

If the above situation occurs, you should be hospitalized immediately, supplemented with glucose saline or intravenous sodium chloride intravenously, supplement fluids, encourage patients to drink more water, drink tea, etc.

Supplement potassium in time to maintain electrolyte balance, and give sensitive antibiotics control and prevent infection.

Those with low blood pressure were given booster drugs and other symptomatic treatments.

Therefore, when buying crabs, you must pay attention to whether they are fresh, do not buy dead crabs, especially river crabs, and cook them thoroughly before use to kill the contaminated bacteria inside and outside the crab.


When cooking crabs, you should add some perilla leaves and fresh ginger to detoxify the crabs and reduce their coldness.

Crab can be used to steam, boil, deep-fried or make snack stuffing; 2.

When steaming crabs, you should tap them to prevent legs and yellowing after steaming.

2. When raw crabs are removed from the shell, first blanch them with boiling water for 3 minutes, so that the crab meat can be easily removed without waste;

After buying the crabs, do not wash them with water, put them in a clean tank, add two eggs with shattered shells with crushed rice, sprinkle two black sesame seeds to cover the crabs, and cover the mouth of the tank with cotton cloth.The air can circulate, but it can’t make the crabs see the sun. In this way, it can be recovered in about 3 days. Because the crabs absorb the rice and the nutrients in the eggs, the crab belly is firm and plump.


Crabs are prone to wind, so they are not easy to eat cold; do not eat dead crabs.

[Can you eat American ginseng after surgery]_Surgery_Impact

[Can you eat American ginseng after surgery]_Surgery_Impact

American ginseng is not unfamiliar to many people. American ginseng is a relatively common Chinese medicinal material. American ginseng is also a health product in daily life. It can treat physical diseases and prevent certain physical diseases. It is very good for the body.Patients after the operation should not take American ginseng as much as possible because American ginseng is a kind of nourishing food. The patient after the operation is weak and can nourish slowly.

Can I take American ginseng after surgery?

American ginseng is cold.

If the operation is abdominal surgery, then try to add these things later.

In addition, just after the operation, do not be irritable, do not make up for it, you can only take it slowly, the body is dependent on nurses.

What to eat after surgery1. Beef beef has more protein content than pork, unfortunately it has less protein than pork, and its amino acid composition is closer to the needs of the human body than pork. Lean beef is used by patients or patients who have undergone surgery to repair tissues and supplement blood loss.It is especially suitable for eating.

Cardiovascular disease is also more suitable for patients with cardiovascular disease.

2. The nutrition of black beans and legumes is very rich. Among them, black beans are the beans with the highest protein content.

Black beans contain fatty acids that our body needs, including biotin, daidzein, and phospholipids.

Black beans are a mild food. Eating black beans after surgery has the effect of nourishing blood and causing wound healing.

3, sea bass sea bass is rich in rich, easily digestible protein, trace amounts, niacin, vitamin B2 and potassium, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus, selenium and so on.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the warm and sweet flavor of sea bass has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing liver and kidney, and relieving cough and phlegm.

Drinking black fish soup is also good for wounds.

4, red dates and jujube have many benefits to the body, can replenish qi, nourish blood and soothe the nerves.

Anemia patients, women who are weak after the illness, and cold hands and feet in winter can all use the jujube to condition their bodies.

Codonopsis 10 grams and 20 jujubes are good for qi and spleen, soothe the nerves.

Boil the two medicines twice for about 40 minutes each.

5. Eggs Eggs are excellent supplements, in which the content of protein, vitamins and minerals are much higher than ordinary foods.

The human body is very weak after the operation. Some mothers, pregnant women, and patients undergoing major surgery, some eggs in time every day can fully supplement the protein and other nutrients required by the human body.

6. Bananas Bananas are easier to digest and have a cooling effect.

Some patients have constipation problems after surgery, and eating bananas at this time can usually be convenient.

In addition, magnesium, potassium and other elements in bananas have anti-cancer effects, which can be used by cancer patients.

But pay attention to eating bananas, unripe bananas will increase constipation.

7, apple Apple can comprehensively supplement the nutrition required by the artificial human body, is a very healthy fruit.

Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals, which have a good effect on protecting blood vessels.

In addition, apples are also usually good foods. Eating apples often can clear the intestines and detox. Returning to eating apples is also a good choice.

8. Patients who have just finished surgery with strawberries will experience symptoms of dry mouth and tongue. Eating strawberries can have the effects of refreshing and quenching thirst, clearing throat and moistening the lungs.

The flowered acid in strawberries also has the effect of resisting vitamins. It is also good for cancer patients to consume after intervention and radiotherapy.

Rising Technology (603601): Increase in gross profit margin optimistic about third quarter revenue growth turning point upwards

Rising Technology (603601): Increase in gross profit margin optimistic about third quarter revenue growth turning point upwards

Semi-annual report.

The company achieved operating income in the first half of 2019. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company after deductions were 6, respectively.

1.6 billion, 0.

98 ppm and 0.

99 million yuan, an increase of 11 each year.

47%, 30.

14% and 37.


In addition, the company’s net cash flow from operating activities during the reporting period was 1.

33 ppm, an increase of 1048 per year.


Gross profit margin increased.

The gross profit margin of the company in 2019H1 is 33.

45%, up from 32 in 2018H1.

Increase by 18% 1.

27 samples, showing that the company has a significant effect of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

At the same time, the decrease in the company’s 2019Q2 revenue is mainly due to the delay in the settlement of the equipment business, which affects the second quarter revenue recognition.

The lawsuit is completed, and the company is not liable for compensation.

The company received the judgment on August 14, and Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court held that the plaintiff requested payment of 1.

05 million transfers and settlements 0.

The US $ 9.2 billion principal and interest debt requirement could not be established, and the plaintiff’s lawsuit was rejected, so the company as the defendant did not bear liability for compensation.

“Clean air” and “efficient and energy-saving” business lines are promising.

The former “clean air” market is still immature and was mainly used in the industrial sector before.

With the increase of society’s requirements for air quality, the demand for air treatment has extended to civilian and commercial fields such as food, biology, medicine, and livestock.

In addition, the vacuum insulation board and its core material, the core material of the vacuum insulation board, has only ten times the insulation performance according 北京夜生活网 to traditional insulation materials, and at the same time has the advantages of high strength, thin size and light weight. It has been maturely used in white appliances and kitchen appliances.Cold storage and other fields have been promoted in medical cold chain, transportation, cryogenic storage, aerospace, and high-speed rail cars.

On June 4, 2019, the NDRC issued a “Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan”, which requires that by 2022, the market energy efficiency level of refrigeration products such as home air conditioners and multi-connections be increased by more than 30%, and the market share of green and efficient refrigeration products be increased by 20%Annual power saving is about 100 billion kilowatt hours.

By 2030, the energy efficiency of large-scale public buildings will be increased by 30%, the overall energy efficiency of refrigeration will be increased by more than 25%, and the market share of green and efficient refrigeration products will be increased by more than 40%, achieving annual power savings of about 400 billion kilowatt hours.

We believe that energy conservation and environmental protection policies help promote the application of high-efficiency and energy-saving materials, and the company’s thermal insulation materials have entered a period of rapid growth.

Give a “first-tier market” rating.

We expect the company’s EPS to be approximately 0 in 2019-2021.

30, 0.

36, 0.

45 yuan for the 2019 PE 25?

30 times, reasonable value range 7.


0 yuan.

risk warning.
New materials replace risks, and downstream development is less than expected.

Bafang shares (603489) 2019 results pre-announcement announcement comments: performance in line with expectations European and American electric treadmill market maintains a high degree of prosperity

Bafang shares (603489) 2019 results pre-announcement announcement comments: performance in line with expectations European and American electric treadmill market maintains a high degree of prosperity

On the evening of January 17, 2020, the company issued a pre-announcement of its 2019 results and achieved net profit in 20193.

14 ppm to 3.

40 trillion, an increase of 0 every year.

82 ppm to 1.

0.7 million yuan, an annual increase of 35%?

Comment: The performance is in line with expectations, and the growth rate remains above 35%.

In 2019, the company attributed a net profit of 3.


Between 395 trillion, it will increase by 0 every year.


Between 0.7 million yuan, an annual increase of 35?

The company expects net profit to be reduced to 3 in 2019.


320,000 yuan, an annual increase of 35?

According to the number of reports, the European and American electric treadmill market still maintains a high degree of prosperity. The company fully grasps the potential of the industry and continues to cultivate the European and American markets.

At the same time, following 无锡夜网 the development trend of electric treadmill motors and supporting electrical systems, we have continued to increase product development and upgrade efforts, forming a continuous technical advantage.

The company’s business is continuous and steady, and the production and sales of its products have increased accordingly.

We believe that the company’s performance is in line with market expectations, and the growth rate is slightly faster than that of the electric treadmill market in Europe and the United States (the market is expected to be 25%?
Around 30%).

The European and American markets continued to maintain high growth, and the company’s market share continued to increase.

In general, the company’s main end markets are in the European and American markets, especially mid-range motor products with higher unit prices. Nearly 80% are sold overseas.

At present, the demand for electric treadmills in the European and American markets is growing rapidly, and is rapidly increasing at an annual growth rate of about 30%.

The company’s market share in Europe and the United States is close to 30%, and it continues to increase.

With the growth of “one-stop” demand from downstream customers, the company’s kit and lithium battery (pack) supporting business has also started to explode, and the matching rate with motor products has rapidly increased to about 55%, and further increase the space, driving the companyBusiness volume growth.

At present, we expect that the sales of electric treadmills in the European market in 2019 will be 250?
About 3 million vehicles, the US market will also grow significantly, and it is expected that sales in 2019 will reach more than 300,000 vehicles.

The growth rate of the global electric treadmill market remains at 30?
About 40%, the company’s perfect global business system is expected to fully benefit.

The company entered a high-speed growth period, with market space and increased market share.

According to our estimates, the company’s mid-mounted motors and in-wheel motors are expected to exceed the 400,000 and 900,000 mark respectively in 2020.

At the same time, the company’s product matching rate will continue to increase: kit product sales growth rate exceeds 30%, battery product growth rate is expected to further double on the basis of doubling growth in 2019.

We believe that with the development of European and American markets and the impact of European anti-dumping policies, the demand for “one-stop” solutions for electrical products by European electric treadmill brands will become mainstream.
The company’s perfect product, technical system and timely service system will further strengthen the stickiness of downstream customers. The company’s market share and market share will continue to increase.

Earnings forecasts, estimates and investment ratings.

Do we maintain expectations for 2019?
The company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2021 can be realized3.

38, 4.

52, 5.

7.8 billion, corresponding to the current highest PE is 38, 29, 22 times.

Taking into account the rapid growth of the company’s downstream market in the next few years, and the continuous increase in market space and market share, the company’s net profit is expected to maintain rapid growth, and combined with the company’s product industry attributes, the company’s 2020 performance will be valued at 35 times (The original target estimate was 30 times. Considering that the growth of the European and American markets is more optimistic than the previous forecast, the target price was raised to 132 yuan, and the rating of “Strong Push” was maintained.

Risk warning: The growth rate of the electric treadmill market in Europe and the United States is less than expected, and the company’s global market development is less than expected.

Agricultural Bank (601288) semi-annual report review: poor performance and double decline

Agricultural Bank (601288) semi-annual report review: poor performance and double decline

Steady growth in profits, pressure on interest margins dragged down the growth of interest income, higher fee income growth, and changes in non-interest income such as investment income.

The net profit attributable to the mother in the first half of the year is +4 per year.

9%, revenue for ten years +5.

5%, the program fee income is better, and the index net income is only +1.

6%, interest-earning assets for ten years +9.

5%, but the net interest margin declines by 19bps each year.

The growth rate of revenue in the second quarter turned slightly negative, mainly dragged down by large changes in investment income.

In terms of cost, the decline in the cost-to-income ratio has made a positive contribution to profit growth; in terms of impairment provisioning, the rate of provisioning has converged in the first quarter and improved in the second quarter.

Loans continued to grow strongly, and the amount of deposits rose and prices rose.

(1) On the asset side, loans increased by more than one trillion compared with the beginning of the year, with the largest increase among the four major banks.

In the second quarter, the assets of the same industry were significantly reduced by 450 billion yuan, and financial investment increased by 280 billion yuan.

(2) In terms of debt, deposits increased in the first quarter and only +0 in the second quarter.

4%, in line with the rules of recent years.

The interest rate on deposits has continued to increase, and we expect that this will be due to the gradual increase in the company’s absorption of high-interest deposits.

Interbank resistance and certificates of deposit grew steadily.

In terms of pricing, the long-term interest margin has fallen sharply by 19bps, and the interest rate on deposits has increased.

On the asset side, loan pricing is up to + 3bps. Yields such as bond investment and interbank assets have declined, and the interest rate has exceeded + 2bps.

On the debt side, the interest rate ratio of interbank debt and other debts decreased on average, while the interest rate on deposits rose sharply + 25bps dragged down the overall interest rate (+ 24bps).

Negative declines and continuous improvement in asset quality.

The non-performing balance dropped and the non-performing ratio was 1.

43% decreased by 16bps and 10bps from the end of the previous year and the end of the first quarter.

The ratio of non-performing to overdue 90 days remained stable, overdue balances, and overdue rates continued to decline.

The proportion of attention categories continued to drop to 2.


Provision coverage was 278.

38%, compared with + 26pcts at the end of the previous year, with a loan-to-loan 北京桑拿洗浴保健 ratio of 3.


We estimate that in the second quarter, the bad net generation supplement 0.

03%, TTM bad net generation rate is 0.

63% remained low.

The quality of ABC’s assets has continued to improve, and its provisions have continued to increase. Through continuous net rate plans in recent years, the NPL index has achieved the same level as the other three major banks. In the future, credit costs will continue to benefit from the generation of substitutionSpeed and relatively stable.

In terms of capital, the ending capital adequacy ratio, tier 1 capital adequacy ratio, and core tier 1 capital adequacy ratio were 15 respectively.

48%, 11.

67%, 11.


We slightly adjusted the company’s EPS to 0 in 2019 and 2020.

60 yuan, 0.

63 yuan, expected net assets at the end of 2019 is 4.
98 yuan, 南京夜网 calculated based on the closing price of 2019-8-30, the corresponding PE for 2019 and 2020 is 5 respectively.

7, 5.

4 times, corresponding to 0 at the end of 2019.

68 times.

We maintain our prudent overweight rating on the company.

Risk warning: Asset quality fluctuates more than expected

It’s easy to love, but difficult to get along

It’s easy to love, but difficult to get along

Marriage is a matter of its own. The Marriage Law cancelled the unit certification and the pre-marital inspection, which caused people’s doubts about the issue of “big marriage”.

Regarding this phenomenon, Chen Wei believes that his very famous and famous marriage expert Chen Xinxin believes that marriage is not a business of the unit, not a hospital, but a personal matter.

Everyone must be responsible for their choices.

Everyone has a responsibility to have a real understanding of the subject before marriage.

  If you marry him or her without even realizing that your marriage partner “contains a second wife” and “big marriage”, it is very rash and irresponsible to you, so you must bear the correspondingResponsibility.

  The state is no longer mandatory, which makes many people likely to opt out of premarital inspections.

Chen Wei believes that such people generally have such a mentality: firstly, they are extremely eager for marriage, but they are afraid that they may have problems affecting their marriage, so they choose to give up; secondly, they believe that they know each other very well and do not need to undergo a marriage check.

  In fact, both ideas are irresponsible.

You must not consider your own future simply because you are cheap and greedy with happiness.

I believe that everyone who really treats love and marriage healthily hopes that their marriage is long-lasting and harmonious.

  This requires everyone to take it seriously before entering the marriage.

Marriage is a personal matter, and individuals have the right to handle it arbitrarily.

But at the same time, it needs to be handled reasonably.

But we must not evade corresponding responsibilities because of this individuality.

  We need to be accountable to each other and to the marriage itself.

Do you really understand him (her)? Consultant Chen Wei introduced that many young people are very confident in their love.

And this self-confidence comes from their self-confidence.

But it must be noted that love often blindfolds your eyes, and you often change some of their opposite personalities and consider them “cool”.

But after getting married, you may find that this is not the case at all.

  You will find that his (her) laziness makes you intolerable, and you will find that her (his) delay is uncomfortable.

You will find that he (she) has so many weaknesses. It turns out that he (she) has such a big gap with the person you want in your dreams.

Chen Wei said that he had received such a case, and a girl married a man he liked despite the opposition of her family.

She considers him the best and coolest man in the world.

He lived very freely and detached, optimistic, without sorrow.

She felt that following him, she had no sorrow.

  But after getting married, the kind of free and easy in his eyes gradually became idle, he was not motivated, did not work hard, and supported her all day without guilt and shame.

So she didn’t think he was an ideal companion for the rest of her life, but she couldn’t turn back.

  In response to this situation, Chen Wei analyzed that before you get married, you must know the person you want to spend your life with, and you must be sure you are willing to tolerate some of his shortcomings.

In fact, proper tolerance is very normal and necessary. Some people said it well: “I can’t bear emotional grievances. Where can I get affection for?

At the same time, we must pay attention to communication.

  Men and women sometimes do not want to communicate, but lack the courage to communicate. After all, there is a big gap between “love” and “accommodation”.

Two people should try to look at the problem from the perspective of each other. Don’t be too stubborn. Don’t be completely stanceless and flexible.

This habit is very useful for emotional communication.

Therefore, young men and women should form such a habit before marriage, transforming their transition to love.

  Marriage is the station of life At the end, Mr. Chen Wei warned young people who lingered outside the door of marriage: do n’t imagine marriage too ideally, where there will be thorns and bumps; do n’t make marriage sovereignty the grave of love.

  ”It is a station in life, a process in which both parties grow together.”

When choosing a spouse, an unloved person should consider whether there is love between the two, and never blindly; when deciding to marry, consider it more rationally, because marriage is a gradual step in life and at the same time it will change the future life.Be mentally prepared.

  Marriage means willing to take care of the other. When the spouse encounters setbacks, you must help him or her carefully until he or she can stand up again; when the spouse has achieved success, you will use him or her) Is proud, and encourage him or her to create another peak.”Everything has a good start, and there must be a satisfactory result, and the combination of two feelings and happiness can only be happy”!

  Love is romantic and marriage is reality. Chen Wei said that such cases are often encountered during the consultation process.

When two young people are in love, they are very harmonious and rarely quarrel with red faces. They always cook together, wash dishes, and are very warm.

After marriage, things changed, and men’s energy was more focused on their careers.

  Because he believes that men should be the first.

As a result, he became more and more romantic with the girly desire.

When women get married, their psychological focus shifts to the family. Whenever the husband comes home from work, she always wants to repeat the romantic scene of working together.

But her husband was very tired and could not get interested.

As a result, the contradictions between them gradually expand, and the quality of marriage is also very unsatisfactory.

  Chen Wei believes that the sweet feeling in love will dazzle to a certain extent, and make you look forward to the future too much.

Among them, there are more women.

Women are naturally more romantic than men, more fanciful, and less courageous to face reality. Therefore, when they encounter changes, it is difficult to adapt to them at once, thus causing family conflict.

So, before you get married, you must realize that love is romantic and marriage is real.

  You must have the courage to face the problems in real life.

Only after understanding the life philosophy of “love easily and get along with each other” can you enter the palace of marriage.

After marriage, both parties must understand and considerate each other, and do not force others to do what they want.

Feet reveals top 10 health issues

Feet reveals top 10 health issues

The human body is an interconnected organism with multiple tissues and organs.

Your feet are a mirror of your health.

Paying attention to the abnormal changes in your feet can help to detect certain diseases early and expect more time for treatment.

The latest article on the “Medical Doctor of the Internet” website in the United States published the “Health Problems Revealed by Two Feet” summarized by Professor Charles Burke of the American College of Retinal Foot Medicine.


Cold feet.

A big cause of cold toes is poor blood circulation, sometimes related to smoking, high blood pressure or high blood pressure.

Nerve damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes can also cause cold feet.

Other causes include hypothyroidism and anemia.

It is best to see a doctor to find out the cause of cold feet.


Foot pain.

Wearing inappropriate shoes for a long time can cause foot pain.

However, foot pain does not yet have a stress fracture of the heart (also known as fatigue fracture).

Excessive intensity sports such as basketball and long-distance running can easily cause foot fractures, and the size of danger for patients with osteoarthritis.

Foot burns are common in diabetic patients with peripheral nerve damage.

Other possible causes of foot pain include: B vitamin deficiency, athlete’s foot, chronic kidney disease, poor blood circulation in the lower limbs, and hypothyroidism.

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis.

Arthritis, too much exercise, poor shoes, etc. can also cause foot pain.


Swollen feet.

Earliest too long, long-distance flights, pregnancy, etc. may cause swollen feet.

Other causes of swollen feet are: poor blood circulation, lymphatic disease, thrombosis, kidney disease, and hypothyroidism.


Itchy feet.

Itching and peeling of the feet may be caused by beriberi complications. In 20?
The 40-year-old age group is more common.

Contact dermatitis can also cause itching, redness and peeling of the feet.

Another major cause may be psoriasis.



Difficult to heal foot ulcers is one of the important signals of diabetes.

People with diabetes should wash their feet and check for abnormalities in their feet every day.


Foot cramps.

Excessive exercise or muscle fatigue are common causes of sudden cramps in your feet (shortening complications).

Other causes include reduced blood flow to the feet, dehydration, or an imbalance of potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and vitamin D deficiency.

Hormonal disorders or thyroid abnormalities during pregnancy can also cause foot cramps.

Moderate exercise can alleviate muscle fatigue. Gradually feet before going to bed and regular drinking milk to supplement calcium can help prevent it.  7.

Pain in the toes.

Gout can easily cause sudden pain in the big toe, accompanied by swelling.

Osteoarthritis and knee stiffness can also cause big toe swelling and pain.

Pain in the small toe (usually the third and fourth metatarsals) is often associated with Moreton neuroma (also called interphalangeal neuroma).

Women are 8 times more likely to develop the disease than men.
10 times.

The cause is usually trauma or excessive toe pressure.


Pestle-shaped, claw-shaped or spoon-shaped toes.

Pulmonary diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer are the most common causes of clubbing toe, but hypertension, liver disease, and digestive diseases as well as certain infections can also cause it.

Possible causes of claw-shaped toes include: diabetes, alcohol or neurological disease.

Exercise stretching, wearing special orthopedic shoes or surgery can be treated.

The causes of spoon-shaped toes include: trauma, iron deficiency, or frequent exposure to petroleum solvents.


Yellow or white toenails.

Flour infections can easily cause yellow and thickened nails.

Yellow toenail may also be a symptom of lymphedema, lung disease or rheumatoid arthritis.

The causes of white nails include trauma and infection.

Nail nails that are intact but mostly white may be symptoms of liver disease, congestive heart failure, or diabetes.

If there is an abnormality, go to the hospital for examination. If treated early, the toenails can return to normal.



Walking and dragging feet may be due to peripheral nerve damage leading to foot dysfunction.

Studies have found that about 30% of dragging is related to diabetes.

Other causes include foot inflammation and cerebrovascular disease.

How long does it take for a man to marry him?

How long does it take for a man to marry him?

Introduction: There is no conclusive conclusion about how long it takes to get married, and no one says how long after marriage you will be able to grow old or die.

How long it takes to get married depends on the person, and it depends on the person’s happiness after marriage.

As long as the two love each other sincerely and live together in life, they can have a happy marriage no matter how long they are in love.

  The current marriage has been given a strong utilitarian nature, everyone regards their marriage as a bargaining chip, and gambles for the future, so flash marriages are a myriad of phenomena.

But getting married is a cautious and solemn thing, it is a big thing in life, so we must take it seriously.

Give men a probation period, and let the relationship blossom and bear fruit after a love delivery, with a happy ending.

  Although flash marriage is a fashionable thing, it is not yet accepted by most people; it seems that it has not been as much as expected after a love marathon.

So, how long does it take to give a man a probation period before he can marry him?

  Why give love to men now, no longer innocent and pure as before.

Love has been replaced by many things, such as money, power, beauty . As a woman, it is generally the most vulnerable to injury in love, and a strong man can heal faster even if he is severely hurt by love.

If you have no money, no influence, and no beauty, then women will also worry that men have cheated their hearts and emptied them . The probation period applies to men and women.

While a woman is trying a man for a period of time, maybe a man is also trying to give you a period of trial to test your suitability to be your lifelong partner.

Both parties tried each other and terminated early when they found exceptions, which also prevented unhappy marriages.

Through the probation period, it does not prevent you from testing whether you truly love each other, whether you can withstand the test, whether your personality is compatible, and so on.

  Give a man a trial period and give yourself a trial period. After all, the marriage of two or two people is still a matter of two families.

In a society with such a high divorce rate, the elderly in the family do not want the marriage of their offspring to be divorced.

The probation period is a good explanation for yourself, each other, and your family.

  How long after marriage depends on how long it takes to get married, everyone will have different statements, because everyone’s situation is different.

  Older men and women ca n’t wait to get married as soon as they fall in love and end the road of being single; younger men and women want to have a longer love period, because marriage, marriage and love will be annoyed by tedious housework after marriage,There is no romance and no pressure during the period of love; some people think that the period of love should not be too long, because love has been long, love has faded into affection and friendship.

Many contradictions have become habits, and they have lost their attachment to the other party, and will never look forward to marriage again.

  Some people can marry to the end of happiness; some people marry after the love marathon, but face the crisis of divorce after one or two years of marriage; some people fall in love one or two years later and also gain happiness . So, loveHow long after marriage is inconclusive, and no one says that after how long marriage will be able to grow old or die.
How long it takes to get married depends on the person, and it depends on the person’s happiness after marriage.
As long as the two love each other sincerely and live together in life, they can have a happy marriage no matter how long they are in love.

  The best time to get married Some people say that they will get married half a year after falling in love. After all, it still belongs to the sweetest moment of love. It can also tell whether the two sides truly love each other.

Some people say that after two years of love, in addition to the psychological protection of love, there are also gradual acceptance and adaptation of living habits and personal ills, which make up a better foundation for the future marriage of the two.

Some people say that they will marry after five years of love, and after five years of hard work, the two have overlapped the economic basis of marriage. At that time, the marriage was probably just to give an explanation to the parents of both parties. For the sake of this, the couple’s status has already been transformed.
  It can be seen that the best love period before marriage is between two and five years.

A compromise between the two, three years of love should be considered the best time to get married.

After three years, the passion may have faded a lot, but it is still surprising and pleasant to remember.

After three years, the economy has also accumulated, and even not enough to buy a house, both parents can help to make a down payment.

Parents urged, friends asked, love rivals stared closely, and thought to themselves, then get married.

  No matter how long you are in love, if you really love each other, if you really want to spend your whole life together, you can really tolerate each other and accommodate each other in daily life, then get married.

No distance without friends

No distance without friends

Some people say that the closest relationship is always the most fragile. The relationship between friends is a kind of interpersonal relationship. Although there is no flesh and blood connection, there is something that cannot be replaced by family relationships. Maybe in lifeAt some instant you will find that the best friend around you was like a copy of yourself at that time, so that you have a feeling of spiritual interaction, but when there is such a heart, you think your good friend knows you well,There are many things that should not be concealed from your improvement, and even some days he suddenly alienated you and made you feel inexplicable. Maybe you would do a lot of things for him, but he didn’t appreciate it very much . the mutual concern among friends isNeedless to say, but everyone has their own way of life. If everything doesn’t distinguish between you and me, will it also surround friendship with some awkward situations?

  True friends are like the ratio of cool white openness to sweet love. Friendship falls into a dull bland; enumerated with a warm family relationship, friendship is inevitable.

Love is like wine, and affection is like a thick soup. Friendship can only be white.

But a person with dry mouth and dry mouth needs the most glass of water for heart and lungs. When a person is in distress, the hand stretched out by a friend is often better than the kiss of a lover and the comfort of a loved one.

Water is the main element of life, and friends are the basic pillars of life.

  The ancients said: “The gentleman’s friendship is as light as water.

“You don’t have to bear the vows of the sea, you don’t have to guard against the changes of” Three Twilights and Four “, you don’t have to pay attention to the politeness, and you don’t have to worry about worrying about it. A friend is the one who is willing to be your audience but does not disturb your heart.

It’s okay to talk on the phone, to talk to the East until the East becomes white, and you can tell the trouble and distress as much as you can.

You appreciate his patience, he thank you for your trust, and then you take each other’s way.

  Everyone in the city is like a hedgehog. Friends should be able to sense the warmth of each other while avoiding mutual harm. You don’t need to identify a friend to share all your joys and sorrows with you.

Enjoy each other happily, set aside when you are busy, have a party when you are free, and say hello when you need it. Friends are so simple.

  Everyone needs a free space. Psychologist Hall believes that the spatial distance maintained by both parties in interpersonal communication is a manifestation of interpersonal relationships. Studies have found that the distance between intimate relationships (parents and children, lovers, couples) is 18 inches.The distance between personal relationships (friends, acquaintances) is generally 1.


4 feet, the social relationship (between ordinary people) is generally 4?
12 feet, the distance for public relations (strangers, subordinates) is 12?
25 feet.

  Speaking this theory, it is not that I also agree with friends and acquaintances that the distance should be controlled at 1.

5?It’s so accurate between 4 feet, but the distance that I can interact with people is indeed a manifestation of human attitude towards objects.

  Friends and acquaintances often establish a close friendship instead of comrades-in-arms through communication, in terms of thoughts, tastes, and other aspects, because they are connected or complementary. In front of them, I will not deliberately conceal my vices, or talk franklyAll my own shortcomings, so friends, acquaintances can and can only intervene is only part of my life.

For parents who live together day and night under one roof, their loved ones must know a series of life details such as whether I wake up early, brush my teeth, or wash my feet before going to bed. Therefore, they are more involved in my life. Such a closeness cannot be compared and replaced by any friend.of.

  For me, if I think of myself as a set and the two types of people above as two other sets, then both sets intersect with me, and the two sets neither contain me nor coincide with me, IThe part where I never intersect with them is my personal space. It belongs to me and is the most personal part of me.

  Whether for friends or parents, my private space will never be open, they can appreciate from a distance, because although it is hidden but not compact, although it is a small space, I need and must fill it with freedomIn fact, this is important for everyone.

  I always divide my friends into three categories when I do n’t like my friends. The first category is the best. I know each other very well, and I confirm that I can share our sufferings with each other.

The second type is better. Under certain conditions, people who know something can say something that they cannot say.

The third category is friends who meet each other.

  I would like to define the name of friends as my first type of friends, because we are the closest, most destined, and really talk about everything, we will all try to think of each other, but I do not welcome my friends to attract my private life,Maybe more often, a friend is out of concern for the purpose of caring about you and fears that you will be harmed. If you do n’t like it, it ‘s best to give him a hint first, but if he still does n’t understand, you can ask him to talkTalk and express yourself properly.

  Some people regard good friends as themselves, and believe that there must be no secret between good friends. In fact, there is a limit to “nothing to say”. There are such things happening around, two particularly good girls, eat the sameLive, as good as one person, they know each other well, because they are too familiar with each other and they do n’t distinguish between you and me. They tell each other ‘s secrets as their own, which seriously affects the normal life of friends and makes it difficult for friends to have relationships.Maintain it, so even for your best friend, keep some of your personal secrets properly. Do n’t try to publicize your private life to prove your sincerity to your friends. Do n’t expect your friends to help you with any personal issues.It is up to you to face it bravely.

  If two good friends can be like-minded in their careers, caring for each other in their lives, but relatively independent in their private lives, and do not disturb each other’s favorite life, then this is a noble friendship. I believe this is what we are.The realm to be pursued as a friend of others.

  What about saying no to friends?

  Last month, my college classmate Jinhui was short of money due to business failure. I lent him the 50,000 yuan I could support him.

Jinhui was very touched. He knew that I was helping out, so he called every night to vomit bitter water. I came back from work late every day and spent two or three hours chatting with him to relieve boredom.He started to talk about my family’s affairs, and he had to comment a few words on everything up and down, and he had to inquire about the big and small things.

At first, I felt that he was in a bad mood. As long as he asked, I would call it more or less two sentences, but one day I came home late, and he and my wife couldn’t stop talking about it from my mouth.My family’s affairs caused my wife to think that I had an opinion on her.

To make matters worse, he would come to me in the middle of the night and ask me to accompany him to the bar. Such a day lasted for nearly a month. I couldn’t stand it anymore. The lives of my wife and children were also affected, and I complained a lot.

I think I can cut a knife for a friend, but I can’t protect myself, and I can’t help him anymore.

One day, I also had a hard time with him. After all, he was my friend. He knew me very well and understood that I didn’t like the way he got along with him.

  It’s really hard to say “no” to a friend, but as long as it’s not “seeing to die”, a friend’s words must be understandable.