Cervical erosion is not a sickness?

Does cervical erosion require treatment?

Cervical erosion is not a “sickness”?

Does cervical erosion require treatment?

The term cervical erosion has been renamed many times by countless experts, but there are always people in the outpatient clinic who have heard that they have had cervical erosion. They feel that they have suddenly been thundered, crying and crying to find a doctor. If they ask, they will always say that they are physically watching.The place that I have not seen has already rotted, it is not a minor illness.

Cervical erosion does not necessarily cause illness, and this naming is just a misunderstanding of history.

The surface of the cervix consists mainly of two types of epithelium: a stratified squamous epithelium close to the vagina and a single columnar epithelium close to the cervical canal.

The single-layered columnar epithelial granules, because of the thin, underlying blood vessels, appear deeper red, not as smooth as the squamous epithelium, so it is artificially described as “smashed”, the more standardized term should be called “columnar epithelial ectopic”.
What do you need to check for cervical erosion?

If the secretion is abnormal, tiny amount of impurities, abnormal color, odor, and itching, it should be checked for pathogens: leucorrhea routine, BV test, mycoplasma, chlamydia, even gonococcus, bacterial culture, etc.

In addition, the area bordered by squamous epithelium and columnar epithelium is more susceptible to HPV virus. Prolonged volts may lead to precancerous lesions or cervical cancer, so cervical cancer screening should be done regardless of cervical erosion.

Cervical TCT + HPV high-risk classification test, can find a small number of cervical spondylosis complications, especially after the intercourse bleeding, bloody vaginal discharge patients must go to the hospital for detailed examination.

Does cervical erosion require treatment?

Since smashing is not a disease, of course, no treatment is needed for smashing.

Why are patients sometimes treated?

Co-infection: Infection with pathogens such as mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and candida, and acute inflammation, treatment for infection.

Excessive secretion: individual patients do not have infection, only because of cervical hypertrophy, columnar epithelial ectopic area, daily secretion of a large amount of mucus, affecting life, it is recommended that Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation, clinical hot and humid bet and spleen deficiency wet type of patient complications, after taking Chinese medicine, the symptoms can be greatly improved. If it is not enough, it is recommended that legal physical therapy can destroy some glands and effectively reduce secretions.

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There is pepper in the house, such as a treasure!


5 kinds of health effects of pepper, you may not know

There is pepper in the house, such as a treasure!
5 kinds of health effects of pepper, you may not know

When it comes to pepper, many people think of spicy hot pot, and the paralysis caused by pepper to the tongue is too strong.

But Xiaobian bet a chicken leg, we must not know, in fact, pepper is just a spice, it also has a lot of health effects.

Today, I will introduce five of them: warm and cold, cold dysmenorrhea, Chinese medicine believes that many diseases of gynecology, some kind of dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, are related to cold syndrome.

Some are caused by cold and stagnation, and some are caused by debilitating cold.

If women often have cold limbs; when the menstruation comes, the stomach is cold, cold and painful, and the heat is relieved; the amount of blood is reduced, the color purpura has a block and other symptoms, usually belongs to cold condensate.

Women with cold condensate are suitable for taking pepper, because pepper has the effect of warming and dispelling cold, promoting blood circulation and dampness, and can relieve cold dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other gynecological diseases.

Chinese medicine recommends taking pepper water or making “Jiangzao pepper soup”, which has certain curative effect.

Aroma and stomach, warming and stopping vomiting pepper can promote saliva secretion, increase appetite, and have aroma and stomach effect.

For functional dyspepsia, patients with abdominal fullness and suffocation, if accompanied by cold pain, hands and feet are not warm and other symptoms of debilitating cold, it is recommended to drink a little pepper water.

Take pepper 25?
30 capsules, chopped, boiled water.

Or add ginger 2?
3 tablets, strengthen the effect of warm stomach and vomiting.

Insecticides and bacteria, expelling parasites, Chinese medicine believes that pepper can kill insects and detoxification.

Modern research has also confirmed that pepper has anti-inflammatory, insecticidal and bacteriostatic effects.

In 2010, a large mudslide occurred in Zhouqu County, Gansu Province. The Disaster Relief Headquarters delivered 200 kilograms of pepper to the front of the disaster area to cause an epidemic of infectious diseases.

We usually take the appropriate amount of pepper water to achieve antibacterial and repel the parasite effect.

Treatment of diabetic skin disease, frostbite just mentioned, pepper has antibacterial and cold-splitting effects.

Therefore, pepper water can treat diabetic skin diseases and frostbite.

Take the appropriate amount of pepper, add water to cook, wait until the water temperature is right, then apply or soak the affected area.

Itching pepper also helps to relieve itching.

It is especially suitable for lungworms and itching caused by haze.

When itching, take the pepper water and apply it to the affected area.

However, it should be noted that the pepper is irritating. If the skin has obvious redness, swelling, heat and pain, it is not recommended to use pepper water. After use, it will aggravate the corrosion reaction.

Finally, we must remind everyone: pepper is a small poison, it is not suitable for long-term consumption.

Yin Huowang, people who are hot and humid, should also eat less, otherwise it is prone to dry mouth, sore throat, swollen gums, constipation and other symptoms.