[How old are men most addicted to women]_Men

[How old are men most addicted to women]_Men

Recently, the public health network from the relative age and absolute age, to interpret the meaning of “marriage age” in men’s hearts.

Generally, marriage seekers will think about their spouse’s age requirements from a global perspective. Although cultures vary greatly from place to place, men generally choose women younger than themselves as wives. Adolescent men prefer women who are slightly older than themselves.

Due to the provisions of the Marriage Law and the Family Planning Law, the survey age sampling starts at 23.

According to the survey chart, as the age increases, the age gap of the spouses expected by men adds up. Men in their thirties prefer women who are about 5 years younger than men in their 50s, and men in their 50s choose to choose their own10 to 20 years old.


[How long and effective is the yam barley porridge drink]_Huashan_How to drink

[How long and effective is the yam barley porridge drink]_Huashan_How to drink

Although people often drink such things as yam barley porridge in life, most people don’t know what kind of effect yam barley porridge has.

The main effect of yam is diuretic and dehumidification, and it can also relieve heat in summer; and the effect of barley is to remove moisture from the human body to achieve whitening effect.

The yam barley porridge neutralizes the effects of both yam and barley rice, so how long can the yam barley rice porridge drink to be effective?

1. Yam barley porridge is a traditional Chinese medicated diet.

Fresh and sweet, it has the effects of nourishing the lungs and clearing heat, strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi, and is suitable for spleen deficiency, lack of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, and limb weakness.

Regular consumption is beneficial to relieve rheumatism, numbness in hands and feet, and is good for skin health.

2. Yam barley porridge is a traditional Chinese medicated diet.

Fresh and sweet, it has the effects of nourishing the lungs and clearing heat, strengthening the spleen and nourishing qi, and is suitable for spleen deficiency, lack of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, and limb weakness.

First wash yam, lotus meat, barley and dried lily, cover with plastic wrap, and soak overnight.

Pour the water strip together into the mixer and break it into powder.

Pour into a casserole, add two bowls of water, boil over low heat, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar according to taste, and cook for 10-15 minutes 3 while stirring 3, making materials: 30 grams of yam, 30 grams of barley, lotus meat (to heart)15 grams, 10 jujubes, and millet 50?
100 grams, several kinds of sugar production process: the above medicine and millet are used to cook porridge. After the porridge is cooked, add a small amount of sugar.

Take on an empty stomach 2 times a day.

For cold stomach: yam, nourishing spleen, nourishing qi and nourishing yin, has no direct therapeutic effect on cold stomach.

Barley, heat-clearing, dampness and spleen, is not suitable for stomach cold syndrome.

Chinese yam barley porridge 1.

Wash yam, lotus meat, barley, and dried lily, cover with plastic wrap, and soak overnight.


Pour the water strip together into the mixer and break it into powder.

Pour into a casserole, add two bowls of water, heat over low heat, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar according to taste, and cook for 10-15 minutes while stirring.

[Is it angry to eat black pepper]_Hot gas_Hot gas

[Is it angry to eat black pepper]_Hot gas_Hot gas

When we make food, we cannot do without seasonings, such as black pepper or chili, etc. Because black pepper is very irritating, it is best not to touch it with your nose or eyes, otherwise it may cause beating.Sneezing, black pepper is suitable for various dishes and can improve the taste of food, but some people think that eating black pepper for a long time will cause the body to get angry, so will eating black pepper get angry?

First, will eating black pepper get angry?

 Pepper is more irritating, can promote appetite, and can maintain the delicious taste in food.

If you eat too much, you will get angry because pepper is a hot food.

Pepper is a fruit of a plant belonging to the tropics, and it is more common in cities in the south and south.

The pepper taste is spicy and hot, so the food can not only be fishy, but also eliminate cold and relieve accumulated food.

However, eating too much can cause congestion in the human gastric mucosa.

Because the pepper is warm, it can alleviate some stomach pain or diarrhea caused by cold stomach.

In addition, it can also treat auxiliary colds and colds.

In addition, pepper has antiseptic and antibacterial effects, so it can be used to remove toxins contained in fish and shrimp.

Second, in fact, pepper can basically be used as a seasoning, and it can also be used as a medicinal material.

If some symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea due to cold are caused by the cold, you can use a few peppers to grind the ground powder and fill it on the navel. After finishing, you need to use the adhesive tape.

After doing the previous work, change the pepper every 24 hours. After using it for two or three consecutive times, the situation will be alleviated.

If you have frostbite in winter, you can use pepper to improve it.

At this time, put the pepper in an appropriate amount of white wine, soak it for a period of time, and then put it in the place where frostbite is applied. Generally, it may be improved in about a week.

Chinese medicine believes that in addition to having a heavy spicy taste, pepper can also improve human blood.

Therefore, patients with a constitution that is hot in Yangsheng or that is yin deficiency and hot, come in to eat less or not to eat.

In addition, pregnant women, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, bad breath, constipation, and patients with frequent nosebleeds also need to ban pepper.

Because of the peppery heat, eating these groups may cause some pre-existing conditions.

Inspur Information (000977): The first quarterly report predicts the major beneficiaries of the cloud computing market opening

Inspur Information (000977): The first quarterly report predicts the major beneficiaries of the cloud computing market opening

Event: The company released a quarterly performance forecast, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 82.46 million to 98.96 million yuan, an increase of 50% to 80% over the same period of the previous year.

Opinion: The first-quarter report is much better than expected.

The company forecasts a 50% -80% increase in net profit in the first quarter, far exceeding market expectations: long-term market development, overall cloud computing vendors ‘server demand growth rate has declined rapidly, and the company ‘s quarterly report growth rate proves that industry demand is still maintaining steady growth;Our Air Force has worked hard many times, and 2019 will be an important turning point for the company’s net profit margin and overseas breakthroughs.

We expect the 佛山夜网论坛 company’s net profit margin to improve significantly in the first quarter.

The Air Force reminded us that the company’s annual report has shown a comprehensive improvement.

Net cash flow from operating activities reached 13.

300 million US dollars, the best level in history, completely eliminated the market’s high-speed expansion of the company’s income scale affects the growth of cash flow.

The company’s capitalized R & D investment accounted for 23% of R & D investment last year.

25% excellence reduced to 2.

At 06%, the amount of R & D investment capitalization decreased by 2 from last year.

1 billion, if the capitalization rate of R & D investment remains the same as last year, the company’s R & D expenses will be reduced by about 400 million, and the net profit in 18 years can actually reach more than 1 billion.

Or become the main beneficiary of the expansion and opening of the cloud computing market.

According to the Wall Street Journal, during the April 2018 trade transaction, Vice President Liu He modified the previous consent on cloud computing access permissions and allocated more licenses to data center-related businesses.At the same time, foreign ownership of cloud computing vendors will be allowed to exceed 50%.

Cloud vendors such as Amazon and Microsoft have contacted officials from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to discuss issues related to the Chinese cloud computing market.

Overseas cloud computing giants have expanded their business in China, and there is a strong need to purchase local IDC services and servers, while overseas cloud computing giants have large-scale demand for IDCs and servers that are far beyond domestic enterprises, and will become a huge opportunity for local suppliers. The company serves as a global server standard.Participate in the formulation or benefit to the greatest extent.

Investment advice: The company is the core target of cloud computing led by our entire market. The annual report data fully fulfills our recommendation logic. 2019 will be the key year for the company’s major overseas customers to break through and the net profit margin to increase significantly. The company reached the topThe first growth path of the global server market is becoming clearer and clearer, and EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2020.

77, 1.

08 yuan, maintain the Buy-A rating, raise the 6-month target price to 35 yuan, and continue to recommend.

Risk Warning: The development of new AI products market is less than expected; the overseas market is less than expected.

Feike Electric (603868): Revenue continues to expand and category expansion is slow

Feike Electric (603868): Revenue continues to expand and category expansion is slow
Investment proposal downgrades Feike Electric to neutral, and cuts target price by 15% to 45.75 yuan.The reasons are as follows: 1Q19 performance exceeded expectations: 1) 1Q19 revenue 8.46 ‰, at least -4.4%; net profit attributable to the parent company1.630,000 yuan, at least -6.3%.2) The company’s revenue slightly replaced for two consecutive quarters.As the 1Q18 company adjusted its channel and exceeded the base number, 1Q19 still experienced slight fluctuations, exceeding market expectations. The growth of shaver sales is slow: 1) The company is already an electric shaver leader. In 2018, it sold 66.76 million shavers, monopolizing the low-end market.China’s electric shaver market has a high penetration rate, and further increase 北京桑拿 in market share has disadvantages.2) The price of Xiaomi’s ecological chain enterprise Xumei technology products is slightly higher than Feike, which has a potential impact on Feike’s product price increase. The category expansion exceeded expectations: 1) The company’s vacuum cleaner and humidifier products have a low market share and slow growth in 2018.2) The market expects that electric toothbrushes will sell poorly on the Tmall platform.3) The patch panel that the company focuses on has low prices and a certain sales volume, but it is difficult to drive the company’s overall growth. What makes us different from the market?The market believes that Feike is a low-end leader in personal care small appliances, and the personal care market has strong potential for category expansion.We believe that Feike’s category expansion 重庆耍耍网 capability is weak, and electric shaver brands have weak brand extension in the personal care market. Potential catalyst: continued low growth or replacement of company performance. Earnings forecast and forecast The company’s 1Q19 performance exceeded expectations, lowering its 2019/20 EPS forecast by 7% / 9% to 2.08 yuan / 2.24 yuan.Reduce the rating to neutral and lower the target price by 15% to 45.75 yuan, corresponding to 22x / 21x 2019 / 20e P / E, 6% increase from the current breakthrough.The company currently corresponds to 21x / 19x 2019 / 20e P / E. Risk Market demand fluctuates and risks, and new product promotion effects fall short of expectations.

Jidong Cement (000401): Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei demand turning point has arrived

Jidong Cement (000401): Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei demand turning point has arrived

Key points of investment: North China Cement leader, sitting in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei market.

The company is a traditional cement power in the north. As of March 2019, the strategic reorganization with Jinyu Group has officially ended, ranking first in the north, third in China, and fifth largest in the world.

At present, 90% of the company’s production capacity is concentrated in the Three North Regions, of which Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei is the top priority, accounting for half of the country.

  Improved shape ironing company supply side disadvantages.

The company’s core battlefield capacity utilization is maximized, and it is the biggest bearer of the continuous decline in market demand since 2011.

Beginning in 2016, catalyzed by supply-side reforms, the industry has entered the era of “hero wars” from “hero wars”. The improvement of the layout has gradually smoothed out the company’s supply-side disadvantages, and effective use can improve and improve the company’s prosperity.
  Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei turning point has arrived and is expected to enjoy regional dividends.

The coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the construction of the Xiong’an New District is a historic change in eastern Hebei. As a national strategy integrated with the Yangtze River Delta and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei is in line with the Yangtze River Delta in regional development progress and balance.There are significant differences in the Pearl River Delta, and the potential space is huge.

2019 is the year with the largest and most intensive construction of integrated transportation construction tasks, and regional infrastructure has given priority to make the North China cement boom enter the historically optimal stage.

中长期看,对标深圳特区和浦东新区发展历程,我们测算雄安新区建设对水泥需求的额外拉动将由2019年的260稳步提升至2035年的约1500年,约占京津冀2018年 年总15% of output is the only region where domestic demand is expected to increase in the medium and long term.

The company sits on the highest quality regional circuit in China and is expected to fully enjoy the policy bonus.

  ”Cost Downward + Estimated Dividend” is the icing on the cake of performance elasticity.

We expect that the company will become the most flexible target among listed cement companies this year. In addition to the increase in volume and price, it will replace the improvements made in two aspects: (1) Cost reduction: Through the use of improvements in production capacity and profitability, the company’s cost per tonThere is further downside to financial costs; (2) Dividend reduction: Benefiting from the low profit base last year and strong pricing power for downstream industries, the company has become the most flexible cement stock under the reduced dividends.Under the pessimistic assumption that sales volume remains unchanged, there is 11% upward space for net profit attributable to mothers. If annualized at the lowest price in the first quarter of 2019, there will be 90% elasticity of net profit attributable to mothers, and the potential performance elasticity is huge.
  Earnings forecast and estimation: The company is the leader of North China Cement, and Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will benefit most from its demand.

We estimate that the 杭州桑拿 company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 36.

5.7 billion, 39.

8.7 billion, 42.

40 ppm, the corresponding benefit is 2 respectively.

71 yuan, 2.

96 yuan and 3.

15 yuan.

At present, the total corresponding PE for 19-21 is 6.

5 times, 5.

9 times and 5.

6 times, which is relatively underestimated by 6-8 times the estimated hub of the comparable company in 2019. Considering that Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei are the only regions where domestic demand is expected to have stable growth in the long term, we give the company 8 times PE in 2019, corresponding to a target price of 21

68 yuan, the remaining 23% of upside, covering for the first time, given a “buy” rating.

  Risk warning: severe easing in supply, less-than-expected infrastructure recommendations, and real estate demand cliff-shifting

Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng appeared in Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Strategy Seminar

Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng appeared in Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Strategy Seminar

On December 2, the 2018 Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Strategic Cooperation Seminar was grandly antiqued at the Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou.

The top domestic experts and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss in-depth topics such as modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical innovation and research, and new policies in the pharmaceutical industry, providing valuable intellectual support for the new core competitiveness of the “post-100 billion” era.

  Guangyao Group has another amazing “red pot”!

  During the conference, the guests crossed the “space-time tunnel” carrying numerous imprints of Guangyao and went to an individual booth with rich corporate cultural characteristics to learn more about the star products of Guangyao Group. The booth that attracted the most attention was the antique booth in front of them-Baiyun Mountain Sanqi powder.

  Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng powder was collected from its own acres of Panax notoginseng GAP plantation base with an investment of 5 billion yuan in Wenshan, Yunnan. It is the first of its kind to use fingerprint technology to strictly control quality.

Guests experienced the taste of Sanqi powder in Baiyun Mountain on the site, tasted the food made from Sanqi powder, and learned about the “past and present” of Baiyun Mountain Sanqi powder. Numerous guests praised Baiyun Mountain Sanqi powder.

  Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng powder at low temperature and ultra-fine activity. On the basis of ultrafine pulverization, Baiyunshan and Huang innovatively merged its core technology of “cold pulverization”, successfully overcoming the “easy and rough” powdering of Panax notoginseng.Score retention puzzle.

  Compared with the traditional pulverization ratio, the ultra-low temperature pulverized Sanqi powder has a finer particle size and a more uniform distribution. The physical and chemical properties of the Sanqi powder being pulverized are stable, and the destruction of the effective ingredients in the Sanqi powder is reduced.

  The smashing process of Sanqi powder in Baiyunshan is carried out under low temperature conditions, and the pulverization time is strictly controlled. Micro-nano-level ultra-fine powder. The organic components of Sanqi powder are not volatile during the processing, and the effective ingredients are completely retained, which is more conducive to full absorption by the human body.

  Baiyunshan Sanqi powder has five advantages1. Raw material Baiyunshan Sanqi powder is raw Sanqi powder, which was collected from Yunnan Wenshan, which owns an investment of 5 billion yuan. It has its own acres of Panax GAP plantation base.37 quality.

  2. The first ultra-micro and low-temperature crushing technology in the production process, strict control of crushing time, micro-nano-level fine powder, and effective ingredients are completely retained.

  3. Quality control standard The first product in the same category adopts fingerprint technology to strictly control quality.

Accurate detection, stable control of the type and content of active ingredients in Panax notoginseng powder.

  4. The international standard drafters Bai Yunshan and Huang TCM collaborated with Kunming University of Science and Technology, Macau University of Science and Technology and the Chinese Medicine Resource Center of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences to prepare the “Traditional Chinese Medicine-Panax notoginseng”, the first since the establishment of the International Organization for Standardization Chinese Medicine Technical CommitteeItem Chinese herbal medicine ISO international standard.

  5. Academician leads the country ‘s first Panax notoginseng Q-labeling study. Baiyunshan Panax notoginseng Q-labeling, which was personally led by Liu Changxiao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the father of Chinese pharmacokinetics, is the first in China.Marker research, based on the fingerprint technology of traditional Chinese medicine, realizes the innovation of the evaluation mode, and at the same time, it can further supplement the process standardization and quality traceability of Panax notoginseng powder, setting a new benchmark for the industry!
  The pursuit of great health products has become a healthy consumption trend.

At present, in the OTC pharmaceutical market, Panax notoginseng has become the first category in the field of Chinese medicine decoction pieces, and the market is huge.

The advantages of Baiyunshan Sanqi powder in brand, product quality, service quality, market resources, marketing team and other aspects will definitely help it become the leading brand in the Sanqi powder market and win consumers’ favor.

This article only represents the author’s opinion, and does not represent the opinion of the old Chinese medicine health network. If it involves copyright issues, please contact the administrator to delete it!

8 beauty habits you need to be a beauty


8 beauty habits you need to be a beauty

In fact, there are many beauties in this world who are not born beautiful and charming, but through the efforts of the day after tomorrow, cultivated by ordinary girls to become beautiful.

If you want to be a beauty, you can’t just know the unfairness of heaven every day. Instead, from now on, you should really develop the following good beauty habits and take care of your beautiful transformation


hzh {display: none; }  美容习惯一:一杯白开水  每天早上醒来的第一件事,就是赶紧喝上一杯白开水。What’s so tricky about this?

  A glass of boiling water in the morning can clean the intermediates.

Replenishes moisture lost at night.

In addition, this glass of water can awaken the stomach, make it ready to eat and digest, trample on the role of warming the stomach and nourishing the stomach.

  With a smooth stomach, your metabolism will naturally be smooth, and your skin will become healthy and rosy.

  However, we must remind you not to substitute boiled water with nutritious drinks or the like.

What you need is not a nutritious drink, but a gastronomy scavenger like plain water.

  Beauty habit two: An apple Apple is a beauty product, which can not only lose weight, but also make the skin smooth and soft.

Its large amount of water and various moisturizing factors have a moisturizing effect on the skin. Vitamin C can inhibit the melanin deposition in the skin.

One apple a day is guaranteed to reduce facial freckles and melasma.

In addition, the rich fruit acid component contained in apples can make pores open and have acne-removing effects.

  Love you, remember to bring an apple every day to go out.

The sweet smell of apples will not only make you feel relaxed and happy, but also make you naturally healthy and beautiful.

  Beauty habit three: a cup of vinegar woman is still a bit “vinegar” good.

Many people want to know how beauty is made.

In fact, although you can’t change your facial features, your skin size can be changed.

To make your skin fair and transparent is not difficult, just follow the 7 daily routines below.

Remember, keep going!

  Beauty Habit 4: From a calcium supplement perspective, women are the most vulnerable to calcium deficiency, and the effect of milk calcium supplementation on any other food, especially yogurt is more easily absorbed by the body, so women should drink a glass of yogurt every day.
  Beauty Habit 5: A bottle of mineral water must be a veritable mineral water. The trace elements and minerals it contains are most needed by the skin.

Lie on your back after washing your face, soak a clean gauze with mineral water, and then lay it on a wooden board. After the gauze is dry, moisten it again. Repeatedly, this is equivalent to supplementing the skin with trace elements.

  Beauty Habit 6: A cup of green tea Green tea is rich in vitamin C, caffeine, and theanine, which can penetrate the antioxidant, neutralize the role of free ions, and help remove wrinkles and freckles.

Women, especially MMs who face the computer all day, are especially in need.

  Beauty Habit 7: A mask before going to bed every night, make a simple mask to drive away fatigue, bring hydration, and make the skin a “tightening exercise”, and then apply skin care products, so at nightSkin can get the most scientific repair.

  Beauty habit eight: Don’t sleep too late. Another thing to note is that women cannot sleep too late, especially after 11 pm, because from 10 pm to 5 am the next day is the best time for skin repair., And sleep repair is effective.

If you fall asleep longer than midnight, even if you get up late the next day and sleep longer, you have missed the best time for skin care.

Introduction of four baby diapers

Introduction of four baby diapers

Product Name: Baby Goods Diaper XL Product Specifications: XL-24 Pack / Box Product Unit: Box Product Price: 45.

00 Product description: 1. Large amount of water absorption: The latest and latest technology in Japan supplements the magic layer of instant absorption, so that the contained polymer doubles the magic power to absorb water (each tablet can absorb water up to 1KG), and it is super absorbent.

  2. Ultra-thin breathable: ultra-thin design, good breathability, will not be stuffy, and reduce diaper rash.

  3, the surface is dry: the core of the film is multi-layer non-woven (usually only one layer), separated by layers, and the three-dimensional leak-proof edge design, to keep the baby’s buttocks dry and durable.

  4, easy to use: with interesting moisturizing display, using universal trousers adhesive tape, easy to care for the baby.

  Commodity name: Mummy baby M male 54 tablets Product specifications: M male 54 tablets Commodity unit: package commodity price: 77.

00 Product description: Mommy Baby M male 54 tablets Product name: Curiosity Extra Large (XL) 32 tablets Product unit: package Product price: 85.

00 Product description: 14KG or more Applicable product name: Kao XL40 tablets Product specifications: XL / 40 tablets Product price: 128.

00 Origin: Taiwan Product Description: Kao’s top care (diaper XL40 tablets) Miao and Shu top care has directional absorber, wet urine display.
Special cotton and soft materials can breathe in the waist area.

Children’s frailty should be pediatric cream

Children’s frailty should be pediatric cream

The pediatric ointment formula should pay particular attention to the physiological characteristics of “incomplete gas, unsatisfactory internal organs, loose and loose palate, and inadequate surface health” and “inadequate spleen and kidney in children”.

Any internal or external environmental stimulus or changes in daily life will cause children to become ill.

If there are children with recurrent respiratory tract infections or coughing, some children have a thin, yellow face, short stature, and unpleasant stomach.

Some children are prone to repeated external sensations, poor immune function, prone to vomiting, diarrhea, insufficient digestive ability, and easy to feel a variety of infectious diseases. It is necessary to target children’s lungs, spleen, kidneys and other internal organs to distinguish between yin and yangThe difference between deficiency and cold and heat is to treat the lungs, spleen and kidney.

Pediatric plaster prescription is aimed at the weak connections of children with insufficient energetic ability, tender and dirty viscera, immature yang, and immature yin. The combination of children’s different constitutions, combined with previous medical history and physical status, can be used to formulate cubic medicines to adjust children’s viscera and yin and yang.Qi and blood, eliminate phlegm, blood stasis, and food product, the formulated tonic formula.

  However, the physiological characteristics of children are often insufficient in the spleen and stomach, and the digestion and absorption of the ointment depends on the normal functioning of the spleen and stomach. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of clinical medication.

Doctors often use Sijunzi Decoction, Shenlingbaizhusan, Yupingfengsan, etc. as basic prescriptions for pediatric creams. These prescriptions are gentle in nature, compatible with each other, edible and medicinal, and focus on conditioning the spleen and stomach.

Then according to their internal organs, qi and blood, yin and yang, as well as phlegm dampness, food accumulation, depression, heat, stasis and other conditions, the prescription should be used, the medication should be warm and not dry, cool and not partial, tonic without stagnation, nourishing and not greasy.

Avoid offensive cutting, dissipation, and poisonous products, thereby avoiding adverse reactions and toxic by-products.

In fact, the traditional Chinese medicine ointment formula emphasizes individualization, strict differentiation of syndromes, and the choice of prescription drugs strives for peace and impartiality.

  Under what circumstances can children take traditional Chinese medicine ointment?

  Some recurrent acute children, children who are in the period of recovery after acute recurrent episodes, can be appropriately treated with plaster for 1 to 2 months, which is conducive to improving physical fitness, enhancing antioxidant capacity, repairing damaged bronchial endometrium, and alleviating airwayResponse to avoid airway remodeling and thus prevent the onset of hypertension.

  Repeated cold child.

Some children have a cold more than once a month. They usually have sweating, poor appetite, thin body, and slow growth. When the condition is stable, they can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine cream.

Traditional Chinese medicine calls it to replenish qi and solidify the surface, and to raise phlegm within the body to increase resistance and prevent repeated colds.

  Slow growth and development in children.

This type of child grows less than 4 cm in height each year, looks pale, has dry skin, and has white spots on the face. This is inadequate with the digestive and absorption functions of the spleen and stomach.The spleen nourishes the stomach to promote the growth and development of children.

  Some children wetting in the bed at night.

After 5 years of age, I can’t wake up at night and urinate on the bed without feeling it. This is enuresis.

Most of the children with this disease have more movement during the day, less rest, deeper night drowsiness, less urination, can not be restrained, and often leak out without being aware of it. The reason is that the development of the urinary system is delayed, and the traditional Chinese medicine diagnoses that the kidney is weak and the bladder is weak.With urination and deep sleep, it is often difficult to wake up at night, and some children have congenital spina bifida.

This kind of child can also use the cream to slowly adjust the body. Generally, when the physique is strong, the urine can be controlled.

  Other diseases such as nephropathy, anorexia, indigestion, ADHD, myocarditis, rheumatism, rheumatoid, anemia, cerebral palsy and other diseases during recovery period, poor development of the body, low immune function, etc.Imbalance of yin and yang, to regulate the weakness of viscera and viscera in children, supplement the lack of qi and blood, and balance yin and yang to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and promoting the healthy growth of children.

  Correctly know that such treatment is not a visible performance in 3-5 days, and you need to take medication for a long period of time.

The traditional prescription of the cream prescription is to flatten, slow down, and long-term effect. In this case, it is appropriate to take the Chinese herbal cream.

Traditional Chinese medicinal cream is delicious and easy to take, easy to adjust.

  The auxiliary materials in the traditional Chinese medicine ointment are mostly foods, such as lotus seeds, red dates, yam, walnut kernels, gelatin, barley kernels, honey, rock sugar, etc., suitable substitutes, sweet and delicious, good for the human body, children also like to take, can reach the medicine tonicCombination of food and supplement.

  When taking the cream, avoid cold, greasy, spicy, difficult to digest and irritating foods, so as not to hinder the digestive function of the spleen and stomach and affect the absorption of the cream.

At the same time, pay attention to avoid pickled food such as radish, mustard, etc., so as not to interfere with the absorption of Qi-enriching drugs such as codonopsis. Pigments containing Shouwu should avoid pig, sheep blood and iron; however, it cannot be taken with milk because of itsCalcium, phosphorus, iron and other substances and organic substances in the tonic medicine are prone to chemical reactions, resulting in difficult to dissolve compounds.

The autumn and winter season is the tonic season. The Chinese herbal ointment is welcomed by patients for its natural and nourishing medicines, strengthening the body, and prolonging life.