Office workers’ “time gap” exercise


Office workers’ 鈥渢ime gap鈥?exercise

[Walking or cycling to work]If the company is close to where you live, such as walking or cycling for half an hour, it is recommended to walk or cycle to work, which can save a part of the toll and exercise to your body.

But how to encounter special weather, some kind of snowy weather, heavy rain, it is still safer to use public transportation.

[Using Somatosensory Games to Exercise at Home]There are many somatosensory games that support a lot of exercise methods, such as playing table tennis, tennis, bowling, yoga, dancing, and exercising in your own way.

But be careful not to affect the downstairs, because these sports are more starting point, and do not exercise for too long, to avoid being affected the next day.

[Go to the gym]For qualified friends, you can choose to go to the gym regularly.

In the gym, there are usually professional coaches to guide, and you can arrange your own exercise courses according to the coach’s designation.

Step by step to exercise your body.

[Regular activities at work]When you go to work, don’t sit in front of you in the same place. You can get up and move activities every hour and every hour. You can do exercises for your health and exercise activities to promote blood circulation in all parts of your body.

Be careful to exercise your eyes, do eye exercises, or look to the distance to relieve eye fatigue.

[Doing regular exercise on weekends]Because I usually go to work more often, I may work overtime.

In this case, you can make good use of the weekend time, you can go hiking with the whole family, go to the park and get in touch with nature.

Friends who like sports can go to a game, some play a football with a good friend, or play a basketball and so on.

[Scheduled physical examination]The body should be exercised well, and it should be prevented. Regular physical examination is very important.

If there are hidden dangers or potential problems in your body that need to be treated as soon as possible, you should not drag them back.

Old people may wish to eat sour food during the winter season


Old people may wish to eat sour food during the winter season

Sour food has special significance for the elderly.

After getting old, the digestion and absorption function is weakened, the appetite will become bad, sour food can help the elderly to appetite and increase appetite.

At the same time, in the cold winter, the elderly can eat some acid, and can also lower the fat and protect the blood vessels.

Sour is also one of the weapons to deal with dryness in winter. It has the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing, delaying the aging of the elderly.

銆€銆€Take the most common sour food hawthorn as an example, the hawthorn is sweet, the mild warm acid, into the spleen, stomach, liver.

It contains the functions of digestion and stomach, qi and dispersal, dilatation of coronary artery, relaxation of blood vessels, and lipid-lowering.

In November, when Hawthorn was freshly listed, it was full, sweet and sour.

Old people can use 1-2 teas of fresh hawthorn fruit every day.

You can also make hawthorn sauce, wash the hawthorn, cut it, remove the seeds, cook it with rock sugar, and refrigerate it in the refrigerator to serve as an appetizer after dinner.

銆€銆€Fruit vinegar is also a good choice.

For example, apple cider vinegar beverage contains a lot of potassium ions, which can overcome the excessive sodium salt in the body, thereby reducing the content of sodium salt; the acidic component of apple vinegar is evacuated, softens blood vessels, and helps to remove toxins from the blood.

The easier way is that the elderly can make sour soup at home, such as tomato and egg soup.

Tomatoes have the effect of thirst, stomach and digestion, and are very suitable for the elderly with poor digestive function.

Or eat more sour fruits, some oranges, grapefruit, etc.

銆€銆€It should be noted that two types of elderly people should not eat too much acid, one is anemia and spleen and stomach weakness, the elderly with complications of stomach disease may lead to stomach obstruction, indigestion and other digestive diseases; second, the elderly with bad teeth, sour eatingMore, there may be a feeling of reversing the teeth, and even the situation of excessive liver gas.

Once you feel uncomfortable symptoms in your stomach and teeth, stop eating temporarily.