Men like women’s performance

Men like women’s performance

Indeed, men are prone to being teased by nude photos, striptease, and sexually excited.

However, this does not mean that men are more lascivious than women.

Correctly speaking, women are more sensitive to touch, while men have one more thing, which is also very sensitive to vision.

In fact, women are more “meaningful” and men are more “ideal.”

  At least when it comes to pornography, men are more imaginative than women.

As soon as a woman in thin clothes is seen, the man will quickly imagine-the nakedness in her clothes.

  The strength of sexual desire is determined by the inherent eroticism of a person and the functional relationship of the difficulty of approaching the object.

  To be more clear, the more women cover their bodies, the more men want to see.

That’s why, compared with a woman who takes off her clothes while blowing a whistle, a woman who wants to take off her cover can cause a man’s sexual organs to be more excited.

Young women must not ignore this, in order to hold the man’s heart firmly, it is necessary to maintain some mystery.

  The best evidence is that when testing men with photos of naked women, men generally prefer naked women in Europe and the United States.

One of the reasons may be that the physique of European and American women is more attractive.

But the biggest reason is that if it is the same as a native woman, the sense of reality is too strong, and there is very little mystery.

At the same time, men like the looming nudes most, but they are not very interested in nudes under the light.

What men are most excited about is the composition that hides the last line.

Because such nude photos can stimulate men to think of the next step.

In other words, the man would imagine that he had taken off the cover and felt an orgasm.

  Ladies and gentlemen, in case you see men at their stays, sticking photos of naked women, it is not appropriate to immediately assess their low quality.

Sometimes, their appreciation attitude is unexpectedly “healthy”!

But then again, if you just stay under the stairs and wait to peek into the scenery inside the mini skirt, then you can’t agree with it!

This kind of pornographic man is best to “freeze” his mind, even if the woman scolded by the dog, it is not worthy of sympathy.


Those thieves who like to peep are really disgusting!

Most women say so.

In fact, it is not only men who have this inferiority.

Do you dare to assert that women do not have this mentality?

An old lady moved to an apartment.

But after only three or four days, she hurriedly called the administrator.

“I don’t want this house, because it’s disgusting to see the man’s bathtub here.

Give me another room!

“The administrator was surprised, so he went into the old lady’s room and took a look.


Where can I see it?

The old lady replied angrily: “You!

抬 Will you raise the bar with your old lady?

You stand on the table and have a look!

Don’t you see it clearly?”