Shi Quan Da Bu Tang

Shi Quan Da Bu Tang

[Recipe]Codonopsis 10 grams amber yellow 10 grams cinnamon powder 3 grams cooked rehmannia 15 grams fried atractylodes 10 grams fried Chuanxiong 6 grams angelica 15 grams wine white spoon 10 grams Poria 10 grams date licorice 6 grams cuttlefish 50 grams pork 500 grams pork belly 50克 生姜30克猪杂骨,葱,料酒,花椒,食盐,味精各适量。
  [Efficacy]Shuang Bu Qi and Blood.

Applicable to qi and blood deficiency or chronic illness, physical weakness, paleness, mental fatigue, waist and knee weakness and other symptoms.

  [制作工艺]  1.The above traditional Chinese medicine is supplemented into a clean gauze bag, and the mouth is set aside.


Wash pork, cuttlefish, and pork belly; wash pork bones and smash them; smash ginger for later use.


Put pork, cuttlefish, pork belly, pork miscellaneous bones, medicine bags into an aluminum pan, add an appropriate amount of water, add ginger, pepper, cooking wine, salt, boil on a fire, and stew with simmered fire until the pork is cooked, Remove the cut strips and add to the soup.

Remove the medicine bag without using it.


When taking, put the soup and meat into the bowl, add a small amount of MSG, eat soup with meat, eat one bowl in the morning and evening, 2 times a day, after taking all, take it every 5 days.

  [Taking taboos]People with colds and colds fast.