Keep your heart and family medicine box with you at the turn of winter and spring

Keep your heart and family medicine box with you at the turn of winter and spring

Entering Guangzhou in the early spring, the cold weather is steep and the climate change is prolonged-the day before yesterday was obviously about 20 ° C in spring, but the temperature dropped suddenly by 10 ° C overnight, as if “flashing” back to the winter.

The reporter learned from the hospital that this changing weather directly caused a sudden increase in patients with coronary heart disease.

“The number of outpatients has increased by at least 20%, and the beds in the inpatient department are full.

“Professor Liu Feng from the Department of Geriatric Cardiology, Guangzhou First People’s Hospital.

  So how to protect your heart in the winter and spring alternate season?

The experts made the following suggestions: 1.

Pay attention to indoor temperature: The proper room temperature is of great significance for preventing angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

Always open windows for ventilation; do not turn on electric blankets, heaters, and heaters overnight, preferably at 1?
After 3 hours, turn off the machine when the proper temperature is reached; keep the room temperature at 15 ° C?
18 ℃; The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 7 ℃.


Keep warm: Wear warm clothes, hats, and feet to keep out of cold air when you go out. The key is to prevent upper respiratory infections.


Maintain a peaceful mood: reduce psychological stress; don’t demand too much of yourself; avoid excessive tension, excitement, excitement or depression.


Scientific exercise: avoid emotional excitement before and after exercise; do not eat enough before exercise; exercise in a gradual and consistent manner, do not exercise normally, do not suddenly press with hands; exercise should avoid wearing too thick, affect heat dissipation, increase heart rate.


Please be unobstructed: pay attention to the habit of regular bowel movements; drink plenty of water, it is best to drink a glass of water before going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning; increase outdoor activities according to your physical condition, promote manual peristalsis; elderly people can do itAnal Lifting Exercise, 30?
50 is appropriate.


Scientific diet and regulating nutrition: Limit animal feces and high cholesterol foods; eat foods high in protein, vegetables, fruits, etc .; pay attention to low salt in the diet; eat foods with more vitamins.


Avoid smoking, drink less in moderation: smoking can cause vasospasm.


Get enough sleep and don’t overeat at dinner.


Have a small family medicine kit: include aspirin, nitroglycerin, antihypertensive or hypoglycemic drugs.

The small medicine box should be carried with you. When an acute event occurs, you should call the rescue phone with nitroglycerin under your tongue.