[Homemade potato noodles]_How to do_How to do

[Homemade potato noodles]_How to do_How to do

Potatoes are a very nutritious food. Many people also like potatoes very much. There are many ways to cook potatoes, which can be used as a single dish or as a pasta ingredient.

For example, for those who like vegetarian food, they can try potato marinated noodles, which have a nutritious taste and are very delicious.

What is the common practice of potato marinated noodles?

May wish to take a look at the specific introduction and learn how to make a potato noodle dish at home.

1 Take an appropriate amount of flour into a container, add an appropriate amount of water, salt, beat an egg and harden the dough, wake up for 30 minutes, then roll into a thick and even dough and cut into thick and even noodles.

You can also buy processed fresh noodles.

2 Leeks, green onions choose to wash clean and control the dry moisture, cut into leeks, green onions.

Rinse the pork belly properly and cut into thick and uniform pork belly slices.

Potatoes are immersed in water for an average of 30 minutes to better remove pesticide residues, and cut into small pieces after controlling moisture.

The water fungus chooses to clean the impurities from the roots, and control the moisture to spread the larger fungus into small flowers.

Rinse the shells of the three eggs, then beat them into a bowl and stir with chopsticks to form the egg liquid.

3 Add the right amount of peanut oil in the hot pan to stir-fry the pork belly. Add the green onion and fry the fried wine and soy sauce. 4 Add the potato shreds and fungus and stir-fry until it is dry. Then add the right amount of water to cover the pot.Cover and boil. 5 Boil until boiled and potatoes are cut off. Add an appropriate amount of salt to taste. Pour the egg liquid evenly. When mature, turn off the heat and sprinkle it into the leek section. Add a little chicken essence and gently evenly according to your taste.That’s it.

Remove the cooked noodles according to your preferences and cool them down. Drain the water into a bowl and pour in the soup. Stir evenly and start enjoying the deliciousness on the tip of your tongue!

The method of this dish is quite simple, and the ingredients are easy to put together. As long as you follow the method described above, you can make the original potatoes with marinated noodles.

I hope everyone enjoys this food the more you eat it.