[How to fry tofu non-stick pan]_fried tofu_nutrition diet_production method

[How to fry tofu non-stick pan]_fried tofu_nutrition diet_production method

Tofu is rich in nutrition, tastes tender, and is cheap. It is a common ingredient in many families, especially fried tofu slices that are golden in color. They are delicious and delicious. They are common dishes on many people’s tables.

To tofu is delicious, you must pay attention to master certain skills, can not let tofu stick to the pan, become burnt, then it will become bitter, and eating is not good for the body.

Ingredients Tofu 500g Tofu is not broken and non-stick skill 1, the tofu contains a lot of water is the first thing that will be broken when fried tofu, so it is best to remove the tofu moisture after buying tofu, common methods are: 1) Flatten the tofu, put a moderate amount of weight on it, and press it for 20-30 minutes.

2) Put the tofu in the salt water and soak for about 20 minutes. The water in the tofu can also be soaked out (high concentration of salt water).

3) Cook the tofu in hot water.

2. It’s best to buy large pieces of tofu, don’t be afraid of crushing, the tofu is quite pressure-resistant, and there will be a lot of water overflow after pressing.

3. After the tofu is pressed, it starts to fry. In order to make it non-stick, put more oil and salt in the oil so that the oil will not splash.

4. Put the tofu into the pot side by side and let the tofu slide naturally into the pot. Do not pour the tofu directly into the pot. It may splash oil and break the tofu.

5. The temperature should not be too high at the beginning of frying. Tofu grabs and shakes the pan (moving back and forth, left and right, left and right) during the keying process. At this time, do not use a shovel to move the tofu because you are afraid of the tofu sticking.Shake the tofu more and it will follow the pot instead of sticking to it.

[Principle: Move the pan without moving the shovel]6. Fry for about 5-10 minutes and fry it on one side. Use a shovel to turn the tofu to the other side to fry. Shake the pan the same way.Once it is fried, you can pick it out and put it in a plate. After both sides have been fried, check whether they are not fried. Finally, pick them up for cooking.

The nutritional value of tofu The main ingredients of tofu are protein and oil, which can effectively prevent osteoporosis, diabetes and prostate, and help prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Taboos: elderly and kidney disease, iron deficiency anemia, gout, and arteriosclerosis patients should control their consumption, and those with gout should fast.