Health problems are no small matter, health must be early


Health problems are no small matter, health must be early

Happiness is important, and having a healthy body is even more important!

Many young people have been scornful about health topics, and now young health is becoming a popular trend, like the recent “fire in the mug”.

Xiao Lian teacher recommended to everyone a fitness exercise that does not go out to exercise – yoga.

Take time to practice for ten minutes every day, stay away from the premature aging vitality forever?

What kind of spark will a mermaid-like yoga mat, a garden, and a woman?

Detailed explanation: First, sitting on the ground, legs stretch forward and straight, the arms are placed separately on the side of the body, and the waist is straight.

Inhale, stretch your right leg to the back, bend your knees up, and point your toes up.

The right arm is straight back, the elbow is bent upwards, and the right elbow is opposite the right toe.

Below the lower abdomen of the left foot, the sole of the foot clings to the right thigh.

The waist is slightly twisted to the right, the left arm is lifted over the top of the head, the elbow is bent, and the left hand touches the tip of the right finger.

The eyes are slightly closed and naturally breathe.


Enjoy a warm sunbathing in the open-air wheel-style yoga on the open-air wheeled variant.

The pursuit of health, and the pursuit of health, the details of the sacral body: first of all, the mountain-shaped protrusions are on the ground, the feet are open about the same width as the shoulders, and the two arms are naturally placed on the side of the body.

The two stretched spine are neutral and keep your body straight.

Inhale, move the center of gravity down to the two feet, while bending the spine backwards and downwards, and the body tilts downwards as the spine bends.

Arms are lifted over the top of the head, and the hands are tilted back to the direction of the heel of the heel, and the two palms are pushed down through the body.

After the center of gravity of the body is stable, the sole of the foot is placed on the toes and the right foot is placed on the knee joint of the left leg.

Hands hold the ground into elbows.

Put your hands on the front side of your head and look at the ground with your eyes and gently breathe.


The pointed beauty 韪?韪?韪?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?韫?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏?灏朣ide support, fingertips forward front side, waist straight.

Place the right leg and the left leg, and insert the right upper bone into the left side of the bone.

Flex the right knee and the sole of the foot in front of the lower abdomen, and the right hand is transferred to the gap between the legs to support the ground.

Inhale, use your left foot to lift your right leg off the ground at the same time.

The right toe touches the ground to support the body, and the elbows are attached to the right calf.

Both eyes look straight ahead and breathe naturally.


Standing against the wall, the clean white wall and the ground lined up the yoga girl’s graceful figure. The heart is full of meditation: first down on the ground, knees against the wall, the upper wall of the calf is stretched upwards and straightenedThe tip of the toe is in the direction of the front ceiling.

The arms crossed and the shoulders stretched forward.

Inhale, the front end is lifted up, and the knees are facing upwards through the wall.

The spine moves up and down the vein, keeping the thigh parallel to the ground.

Keep your eyes open and breathe slowly.


Wildly standing on the reefs that are wet by the waves, practicing wild style, feeling the humid sea breeze, the mood has become comfortable and detailed. The plane is entered, and the hands are lifted off the ground with both hands.

Inhale, shift your body weight to your left and left feet.

The body bends to the right, and the right hand lifts over the top of the head and stretches back naturally.

The left foot above the right foot is inclined rearward near the top of the position, the right side is turned to the left, the eyes are slightly closed, and the breathing is natural.6.

The dance-style beauty shop in the center of the practice yoga dance, the most shining star in the crowd, people’s attention has been attracted to her stupa: first of all, the legs spread together on the ground, the two arms naturally fall on both sides of the body.
The spine neutral fracture tension is tight and the body is upright.

Adjust the breathing slowly and evenly, and raise your right foot to the back and back while inhaling.

The waist is bent forward with the right foot, arms raised above the head, and the tip of the two fingers touched over the head.

The waist is twisted to the right, and the right foot and back are close to the right elbow joint.

Both eyes look straight ahead and breathe naturally.

The handstand girl leans against the wall to practice the handstand, with the wing wall, like an angel falling into the mortal world.

.Detailed explanation: First of all, facing the wall-mountain style, the feet are about the same width as the shoulders.

Inhale, bend the spine forward, lower the upper body, and put your hands on the front side of the body to enter the lower dog.

Transfer the center of gravity between the palms of the hands, the abdominal muscles contract, and lift the left leg up from the ground.

Wait until your body is steady, then raise your right leg up.

The legs are stretched straight up and the right foot is inserted into the left foot.

Look at the ground with your eyes and breathe gently.
Health issues are no small matter, health must be early!

Regular exercise replaces the waste toxins that are metabolized inside the body, so that it does not cause serious illness.

Young people don’t just pursue happiness, their health is good, and they are not happy.

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