Health Classic – Ba Duan Jin

Health Classic – Ba Duan Jin

In the development of martial arts in China, many martial arts people have a special preference for Ba Duan Jin, and they have practiced more or less.
Among them, the internal martial arts genre that pays attention to internal cultivation pays particular attention to Ba Duan Jin, and its main practice is different from that popular in society.
銆€銆€First, hands support Tianli Sanjiao With chest pull back, standing naturally, the whole body is relaxed, the feet are separated from the shoulder width.
The palms of the two hands are up, the fingers are naturally separated, and the middle finger points are opposite each other, and are slowly lifted up from the front of the chest and abdomen.
It is really necessary to use dark power like “Towering the Sky” to achieve “the force from the heel, to the mudball palace.”
After reaching the top door, the palm naturally flips outwards and upwards, and the middle finger tip always faces each other. So continue to lift up, and when it can no longer be high, use darkness one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.Top eight times.
Pay attention to the intention, use the dark force to top, the arm can not bend up and down, shake, the elbow is always straight.
After eight movements, the arms naturally hang down on both sides, while the whole body relaxes, naturally let out a sigh of relief.
After a short break, do another exercise and do eight or sixty-four dark movements.
銆€銆€”Mud Maru Palace”, commonly known as the top door, that is, the baby skull is not fit.
銆€銆€Second, the left and right open bow like a carved sculpture with chest pull back, the horse step to achieve “three flat.”
“Sanping”, that is, the calf is perpendicular to the ground, the thigh and the calf are connected at right angles, and the back of the body is perpendicular to the thigh. It is difficult to achieve “three flats”. Old and physically weak people can properly stand according to their physical conditions.Yes, you can’t force it.
銆€銆€After standing, the left hand tiger’s mouth is open, the index finger is on the upper finger, the other four fingers are like a bow-back, and the right hand is like a bowstring, which is pulled away from the chest with darkness.
Keep your left hand to the left and look at the left front, if you want to shoot a big eagle.
After the left hand is fully extended, the left and right hands are still stretched with darkness, one pull, the left hand to the left and then eight times, then naturally loosen and retract, while relaxing and relaxing.
After a short break, change to the right to do it again, and also top eight times.
So do it eight times.
銆€銆€Note that when using the dark top to the left and right, the straight arm can’t bend or shrink back and forth, always using darkness, not visible from the outside.
銆€銆€涓夈€佽皟鐞嗚劸鑳冨崟涓炬墜銆€銆€銆€銆€骞舵鐩寸珛锛屼袱鎵嬪眻鑲樻姮鑷宠兏鍓嶏紝鎵嬪績鍚戜笅锛屽乏鎵嬪唴鏃嬩笂涓捐嚦澶撮《涓婃柟锛屾墜蹇冨悜涓嬶紝鐪肩湅涓婁妇涔嬫墜锛涘悓鏃跺彸鎵嬩笅鎸夎嚦鍙宠儻渚he palm of the hand is down, this is called “left hand.”
Then, the left hand falls, the right hand is lifted, the hands are flat to the chest, then the right hand is lifted to the top of the head, and the left hand is pressed down to the left side to make a “right hand.”
銆€銆€With the exhalation and lifting up, press the inhalation with both hands to the chest, and then repeat it several times to return to the preparatory potential.
銆€銆€After four or five labors and seven injuries, the whole body relaxes and stands naturally. The feet are separated from the shoulders.
The fingers of the two hands are naturally separated, facing each other, starting from the front of the abdomen, the palm of the right hand is up, slowly lifting up; the palm of the left hand is down and slowly pressed down.
When the right hand is attached to the side of the head, the palm naturally flips outwards, gradually lifting up like a “carrying the sky” shape, the arm is stretched until it can no longer stretch, the left hand is also pressed down, the middle finger tip naturally points to the front, when pressed until it can no longer be pressed,The waist moves the upper body to the left, and when it turns to no longer turn, the two hands use the dark force to lift up one, and one presses down, while the two eyes force the right heel.
This way, pressure, squat, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, after doing eight times in a row, the two hands loose, the upper body also turned positive, while the whole body relaxed.
Take a short break, then change your left hand and press your right hand.
So do the left and right sides and do it eight times.
銆€銆€Traditionally these two paragraphs have been done separately.
My many years of practice prove that the two paragraphs are combined and the effect is better.
When doing these two movements, the legs are always straight and cannot be bent slightly.
The waist can’t be twisted back and forth, but always turns in one direction.
銆€銆€浜斻€佹€掔洰鏀掓嫵澧炴皵鍔涖€€銆€椹绔欑珛锛屽惈鑳告嫈鑳岋紝涓婅韩銆佸ぇ銆佸皬鑵垮仛鍒扳€滀笁骞斥€?涓ゆ墜濡傚嵎楗煎紡鎻℃嫵锛屽苟浠ュ唴鍔茬揣璐磋叞闂达紝鎷冲績鍚戜笂;涓ょ洰鎬掕鍓嶆柟;With the darkness, the right fist is slowly rushed out, and the fist heart naturally flips down.
When you can’t rush again, your arm is straight, and you can use the darkness to move forward eight times.
Then the whole body loosens and stands, naturally let out a sigh of relief.
After a short break, switch to a left hand punch.
So do it eight times.
銆€銆€Such as the burritos-style fist, it is also dark, so that the fist can be tightened.
Not only “sportsmanship” but also “roaring eyes”, “two hands holding the sky”, “left and right opening bows”, “one-handed lifting”, “backward squatting” and the “shaking the head and tailing” and “starting squatting” to be explained later, etc.”.”Rage”, can lift the whole body spirit, make a body, gas, God, and exercise eyesight.

Masters such as Mei Lanfang’s eyes are also trained.

The word “glare” cannot be ignored.

銆€銆€Sixth, both hands to climb the solid kidney waist, the body is naturally relaxed and relaxed; the feet are separated from the shoulder width.

Both hands use the darkness to move backwards, upwards, forwards, downwards, and slowly, and the fingertips extend to the front of the foot; when the arm is arched downward, the upper body is also drawn along with the same waist.

When the hand reaches out and can’t stretch any more, press the darkness to the front of the foot eight times, then release the whole body and restore the original position. At the same time, let go of a breath, take a short break, and do the next move.

Do it eight times.

銆€銆€In this movement, the legs are always straight and cannot be bent; neither arm can bend.

Some people lack exercise, are relatively stiff, and begin to “crawl” less than enough, but exercise for a long time and gradually, but also gradually “crawl” to the foot.

Some people are soft and soft, and the hand can easily “crawl” to the foot. At this time, the ground can be pressed with both hands, or the arm can be slightly curved, and the two elbows can be “climbed” to make the legs and the waist tight.Feel the effect of exercise.

銆€銆€There are still two essentials in this section that must be mastered. When the two hands are climbing, the head and neck must be completely relaxed. The head is like a melon and the arms should be completely relaxed.

When pressing down the “crawling”, you can’t bend up and down, or press down with the darkness.

銆€銆€I believe that such a movement in accordance with the law can not only “solidify the kidneys”, but also effectively prevent “cerebral palsy”, that is, diseases such as cerebral thrombosis, because this set of exercises can keep the cerebral blood vessels open and strong for fitness.Virtuous.

However, when the elderly do this exercise, they should be as slow as possible, and the body feels comfortable and slowly reach the required standard.

Before getting out of bed, two fingers (not available nails) cling to the scalp, combing the hair 50 times from front to back, making the blood smooth, and then getting out of bed to do this set of sports, it is more appropriate.

銆€銆€Seven, shake your head and go to the heart to relax, with your feet apart, slightly wider than your shoulders.

Move the upper body with your waist, such as Tai Chi Chuan’s “Kneeling”, turn right, while the right hand is drawn to the right, the left hand is pushed to the right, the right foot, the left foot is centered on the heel, the natural outer swing, the inner buckle, the two legsNaturally curved into a lunge.

When the left hand is pushed to the point where it can no longer be pushed, the right hand naturally presses down on the body organ.

Then the left hand is pushed forward eight times with dark power.

Then use the “Kneeling and Kneeling” method of Tai Chi, the left hand is drawn from the front of the body, the right hand is pushed to the left, and the upper body is turned to the right with the waist. Note that the upper body should be turned as far as possible, left foot,The right foot is naturally placed outside and buckled inside. This is the real “shaking his head and tail”.

When the right hand is pushed to the point where it can no longer be pushed, use the darkness to push forward eight more times.

Repeat this way, do eight times each.

銆€銆€Some teach people to do this festival, shake their heads, and put their ass to finish, this can not achieve the purpose of the real “to the heart”.

After receiving the work, the whole body is relieved, rest for a while, and then proceed to the next action.

銆€銆€Eight, in the end, the improvement of the whole body is relieved, and the feet are naturally separated and shoulder width.

The body slowly rises, the heel is naturally off the ground, and when it can no longer lead, use the two toes to support the whole body forward, until the support can not be supported, the heel slowly touches the ground, then immediately relieved, so do eight times.

In the past, this paragraph was made “the back of the seven revolutions,” and lifted the ground with the heel, even for seven times.

This method is not good, and the heel is easy to make the brain oscillated.

I changed the “seven-bend” to “starting” and changed the way of exercise, so that it is good for health.

銆€銆€When doing this set of eight-segmented brocade, you should always remember the teachings of “Tao Fa Nature”.

Whether it is lawful or not, there is one heart.

Practice repeatedly and carefully, until you can use it freely.

Breathing should be natural, and you must not suffocate.

The action should be natural, stretch, and generous.

Intention, use dark power, internal strength, no effort, stiffness.

Everyone should practice step by step according to their physical condition, practice with perseverance, and gradually reach a pure position.

Exercise for many years without interruption, there must be miraculous effects.

銆€銆€In terms of exercise volume, it is best to do it twice a day, morning and evening.

If it is difficult to arrange in the morning and evening, each person can flexibly choose some of them according to their own conditions and practice at any time and place.

If you walk, you can often pick up your heels. It will take a long time to happen.