[How to peel quickly?]_ How to peel_How to peel

[How to peel quickly?]_ How to peel_How to peel

It is rich in vitamins. Many people love to eat it. Although it is a much-loved fruit, it is more troublesome for many people to peel it because it has a sour skin.When eating raisins, they are accustomed to squeeze and peel from the gap, but this is dirty and time consuming. Therefore, how to quickly peel the raisins is a problem that many people want to solve. Next, let ‘s introduce the nine tails.How to quickly peel the grapes: tools / raw scissors, warm water, flour, salt method / step 1 First, before washing the grapes, you should use scissors to carefully cut them at the junction of the fruit and the fruit.As far as possible, when cleaning and kneading the raisins, let the hard branches stab other raisins, and avoid polluting the raisin meat with sewage.

2 Wash secondly, it is best to add some flour or salt to soak and wash when washing the extract, this can remove bacteria and residual pesticides on the peel.

The method is very simple, add an appropriate amount of flour or salt in a pot of warm boiling water, pour the raisins into it, and soak for a while, then stir the other side to clean them more.

3 When peeling the peel, you need to tear it up from the bottom of the lift to completely remove the peel.

This is because the skin of the raccoon is actually separated into several layers. The closer to the top, the fewer the number of layers. If all the skins are torn off, it will of course start at the thickest bottom of the skin!

Some netizens think that you can soak the raisins in hot water or freeze-dry them, so that it is easier to peel the raisins. It is edible, and the nutritional value of the raisins is still very high.It is rich in anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a substance with strong antioxidant properties. It can protect our cardiovascular health, at the same time resist aging, and has good health effects on the body.

And when we eat raisins, we will find that raisins are not as easy to peel as grape skins, so many people even eat them together. As long as you wash them, there is usually no problem!

Of course, at least if you eat the skin of the raisin, you must wash it thoroughly. We all know that pesticides are used in planting now. It is not allowed to leave pesticides on the raisins you are eating.Got yourself?

Therefore, the raisins bought by everyone must be cleaned. Wash the raisins with flour or flour to ensure that the harmful substances on the surface of the peel are completely removed. Otherwise, eating the peel will only cause harm to health.