Eat more ten seasonal vegetables in winter


Eat more ten seasonal vegetables in winter

First, the white radish called “winter to eat radish and eat ginger”, meaning to eat more ginger in the summer, eat white radish in winter!

And the white radish has the reputation of 鈥渟mall ginseng鈥? which shows its nutritional value!

In winter, we generally like to eat greasy and savory food such as hot pot, barbecue and the like, and radish can go to greasy, help us to smooth the stomach and smooth, flatulence and other symptoms!

Second, carrots, this white radish, natural carrots can not be pulled down!

The weather is dry in winter, our skin is prone to water shortage and the eyes are easy to dry, while carrots are used as winter season fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin C and carotenoids.

Third, the oligosaccharides contained in the yam yam can enhance the body’s immunity and thus delay the effect of aging!

Eat more diabetes can slow down the disease, because of its high starch content, it is easy to produce satiety and control food intake!

It contains mannan that stimulates insulin sensitivity and helps to help with diabetes!

Fourth, when the sweet potato arrives in winter, the baked sweet potato stalls can be seen everywhere!

A hot sweet potato in winter will make people feel unlimited warmth, and sweet potato has the function of replenishing qi and strengthening the spleen and stomach, warming the stomach, often eating can regulate constipation, prevention and prevention, and collagen disease. So many effects, we still don’t eat too much?

Five, small cabbage, seasonal vegetables, cabbage, rich in vitamin C, iron and other minerals, you can use the stomach to nourish the stomach, like sweet potatoes are qi and spleen and stomach!

And often eat can prevent duodenal ulcer!

Six, cabbage tomatoes We all know that it is rich in vitamins, but you have to know that the vitamin C content of cabbage is more than three times that of tomatoes, greatly inhibiting the anti-cancer effect!

And it is rich in trace elements, which can promote children’s growth and development!

Seven, bean sprouts summer because of the hot weather, bean sprouts generally have a smell of smelly water, and the weather in winter is relatively cold, the taste of bean sprouts is much better!

Chlorophyll in bean sprouts can be implanted in rectal cancer, and eating more bean sprouts can eliminate fatigue!

Eight, spinach spinach is rich in iron and carotenoids, vitamin C, calcium, etc., anemia, habitual constipation, night blindness, etc. Eat more can improve symptoms, but also beauty skin, make the skin delicate and firm!

Nine, broccoli broccoli is known as the “vegetable crown”, its average nutritional value and disease prevention effect ranked first, in addition to rich in vitamin C can fight cancer and reduce the incidence of cancer, rectal cancer, stomach cancer, stroke, etc.Containing ascorbic acid enhances the detoxification of the liver and also controls diabetes in the axial direction!

When the broccoli is finished with broccoli, it is the turn of its sister “flowers”. Like broccoli, cauliflower is also rich in vitamin C, which can promote growth and development, enhance immunity, prevent cancer and prevent cancer, and enhance liver detoxification.Like broccoli, it can also reduce the incidence of stomach cancer, diabetes, and reduce septicemia!