Office workers health care: how to reduce radiation damage


Office workers health care: how to reduce radiation damage

First, reduce the radiation volume from the source, the largest radiation source in the office is the computer.

So how do you minimize computer radiation?

Please see the following tips: (1) If there are multiple computers, use a newer computer, because the old computer will emit more radiation than the new one; (2) add a color filter to the computer monitor, and it is wrong.Under the refractive index of the quasi-reading, try to reduce the brightness of the display, which can minimize the radiation of the display; (3) The seat in the office is also very particular. If you sit face to face with a colleague, it is best to leave the colleague from the opposite side.The back of the computer monitor is far away, because the radiation on the back of the monitor is also very large; (4), although the LCD monitor has been greatly expanded, it is not excluded to use the crt flat screen monitor.

Remember, the LCD monitor is much smaller than the flat screen. If the pocket is full, change the LCD.

Second, radiation from radiation to reduce radiation damage can be reduced, but in general it is impossible to 100% isolation, so as an office family, working for a long time more or less will be affected by radiation.

Eat a cup of green tea every day to reduce radiation. If you want to choose the simplest and most effective anti-radiation food, green tea is definitely the first.

The tea polyphenols contained in green tea can counteract the harmful substances produced by radiation in the body. The catechins and tea polyphenols can improve the hematopoietic function and enhance the body function. The vitamin C and steroids replaced by green tea can also scavenge free radicals.

Foods that eliminate radiation hazards include carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal livers (called Va, Vc), sesame, malt, eggs, lobsters and other alternatives to selenium.

Enhancing the barrier function of the skin Our face is used as the first barrier to face radiation every day.

Keeping your face clean and using some skin care products to increase your resistance to radiation is the most important part of the entire radiation-resistant process. Let’s see how it works.

Wash your face frequently: Friends who often face the computer have had such feelings. The freshly washed face is quickly oiled against the screen.

This is because computer radiation causes a lot of dust to gradually get on us, much faster than not facing the computer.

Therefore, to clean the face frequently, it is best to use a facial cleanser with degreasing effect.

Face cream Some brands of face cream have some anti-radiation effect, specifically can be understood in the cosmetics counter, and then apply the cream evenly on the face before using the computer, should not be too thick, so as not to affect the normal metabolism of the face.

Third, other small experiences about radiation resistance: If it is a pregnant woman inside the office, remember to buy an effective radiation-proof wearer, so as to avoid the radiation effect of the baby in the abdomen.

The human body is the most sophisticated “instrument”. In the face of computer work, you must also remember to get up and exercise regularly.

Increased limb strength, increased blood supply to the body, and oxygen supply to the brain can enhance the anti-radiation effect above.